Kingdom of New Europa and New Antrim

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Kingdom of New Europa and New Antrim

Collapso communismo iam defecit nostrum
Capital citySloanston and Neilston
Official language(s)English (de facto, unofficial)
Official religion(s)Christianity, Crusader (July), Thanosim (August)
DemonymNew Europans/New Antrians
GovernmentFeudal Federal Executive Constitutional Monarchy
- KingKing Eoin I (August)
- Second-In-CommandLord Jude (August)
LegislatureHouse of Lords of New Europa and New Antrim

The Kingdom of New Europa and New Antrim also known as New Europa or the Kingdom of New Antrim and New Europa upon New Antrian Nationalists was a micro nation in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, it was made up of Two Constituent Countries and Nine Lordships

Goals: The goals of the KNENA where to create a Micronation to untie the New Europan and New Antrian Peoples under one flag which they failed at doing

Territory: Like said in the introduction the NEFSR was made up of 4 (3 Controlled) they are made up of houses of the Lords it has Two Capitals, Sloanston (housing the Executive and Judicial Branch) and Neilston (Housing the Legislative Branch)

Government: The KNENA's government was a Feudal Federal Executive Constitutional Monarchy with a King, Lords, Minsters