Intermicronational Court

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Intermicronational Court
Intermicronational Court Logo
Established24 October 2023
JurisdictionAll member states
LocationOfficial Discord Server
Authorized byIMC Charter
CurrentlyBenjamin Levinson of Levinia
Chief Judge

The first edition of the IMC's charter was published on 24 October 2023[1], and the court began promoting for new membership on the same day[2] however the actual server and idea for the IMC was created on 7 September 2023.


The Intermicronational Court is composed of a President and Vice President, any number of Judges led by a Chief, and multiple public defenders, who offers free legal counsel. The position of Vice President is currently vacant[2].

The current President is Benjamin Levinson of Levinia.



Micronations may join the Intermicronational Court by posting a statement saying that they recognize the authority of the IMC and that they agree to follow, comply, and recognize all rulings of the IMC. IMC members must also;

  • Maintain a stable government;
  • Be a nation that is "not a territory or subject under another nation"[1];
  • Possess a delegate representing them to the IMC.

Intermicronational organisations cannot be members[3].


There is no formal legal structure to observer membership; individuals and organisations may simply join the Court's Discord server and announce they are observing the Court's affairs in the #verify channel[4]. The IMC does not have any jurisdiction over observers, only full members.

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