United Federation of the Terra Excelsior Republic

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United Federation of the Terra Excelsior Republic
Estados Unidos da República Terra Excelsior  (Portuguese)
Vereinigte Staaten der Republik Terra Excelsior  (German)
Flag of Excelsior
Coat of arms of Excelsior
Coat of arms
Motto: "Pacem, Felicitatem, Intelligentia!"
Government motto: "¡Venceremos!"
Royal anthem"Praise the Queen"
Anthem: "Excelsior Till the End"

Government standard: "Peace and Justice"
Grand Seal
Maps of the Excelsioran Archipelago, with Excelsioran claims circled, and maritime claims shown by border. State of Praia and Grandsia not shown.
Maps of the Excelsioran Archipelago, with Excelsioran claims circled, and maritime claims shown by border. State of Praia and Grandsia not shown.
CapitalAlis City
Official languages
Recognised national languages
Ethnic groupsUnknown
ReligionBelieved primarily Athiest
GovernmentRepresentative Federated constitutional monarchy De jure, Semi-Presidential Dominant-party Representative Federated Republic De facto
• Sovereign
HRM Queen Finny I
• President
Silas W.
Nicolas Wiedemann
• Premier-General
Felix R.C.
• Chief Justice
Micah W.
LegislatureFederal Parliament of the Republic
Federal Assembly
People's Senate
Independence from the United States
• Excelsioran independence conference
28 August 2020
• Excelsioran constitution
6 May 2021
• Treaty of Gaplan recognition
17 January 2021
• Entrance to the NMI
18 May 2021
• Reformation as a Federation
6 April 2022
0.35 km2 (0.14 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• 2022 estimate
GDP (nominal)2021 estimate
• Total
1,200,000 Excels
• Per capita
30,000 Excels
Time zoneEST (UTC-5)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Drives on theleft
Calling code+1
Internet TLD.ex (planned), .us (de facto)
  1. The United States of the Terra Excelsior Republic was a member state of the New Micronations Internationale until its dissolution in October of 2021.
  2. Official Government Website Citizenship Application Youtube Channel Instagram
  3. The national meal of Excelsior is wild boar ragu.
  4. The national sport of Excelsior is Calvinball.

The United Federation of the Terra Excelsior Republic, formerly known as the United States of the Terra Excelsior Republic and more commonly known as Excelsior, is a self-proclaimed sovereign state that is more commonly known as a micronation by external observers. Located near the New England region of the United States of America, Excelsior is primarily formed by a small chain of "islands" in the Long Island sound, known as the "Excelsioran Archipelago". Formed of five highly autonomous Republics, the nation is a federation with a strong central government. The capitol republic, Grandsia, and most populous Republic, Invictus, are the centers of government, and are located in "Capitol Excelsior", near New York City.

Excelsior was founded on 28 August 2020 by the current Chancellor of the Republic, Nicolas Wiedemann. It follows a Representative Semi-Presidential Semi-Direct Federated government system, with elected leaders and a direct-democratic lower house of legislature, and an upper house comprised of representatives from each republic.

The Queen is the Sovereign and serves as Governor of the Capitol. She rarely is seen or makes statements and has no constitutional power in government. The current monarch is Queen Finny I. The head of government is the Chancellor. The Chancellor, currently Nicolas Wiedemann is elected by the people through a popular vote and serves as head of government. The Chancellor appoints secretaries and ministers to run government services, work with the President in determining government policy, and oversees the day-to-day functioning of Excelsior. The President, currently Silas Wurnbash, is the Head of State and supreme commander of the armed forces. They hold the power to veto and sign laws bills into law, work with the Chancellor to determine government policy, and issue executive orders. The nation's Parliament is divided into two houses, the People's senate, and the Federal Assembly. All citizens of excelsior can propose laws and vote in the People's Senate. Once a law passes the Senate it is sent to the Federal Assembly.

Excelsior is a republic as well as a federation. Split into five highly autonomous "Republics", much like the Countries of the United Kingdom, each Republic has its own government and distinct laws. However, all Republics are under the jurisdiction of the federal government and must abide by federal law. Most citizens are active in both the politics of their republic and the federal government. Each republic is led by a Premier and is assigned seats in the Federal Assembly proportional to population. PRemiers appoint Representatives to fil those seats. Once a law has passed the Federal Assembly, it may be signed into law or vetoed by the President. The Assembly is presided upon by the Premier-General, currently Felix R.C, who acts as a delegate between the Republics and federal government, and holds the power to recall legislation and bring it to. arevote in the Federal Assembly.

The economic system in Excelsior is described as a mixed market economy under Democratic Socialism or State Capitalism, as the education, healthcare, energy, military, government, banking, finance, and housing industries are nationalized by the government.


The full name of the nation is The United States of the Terra Excelsior Republic. The "terra" in the name means land in Latin, and "Excelsior" means higher, or "ever upward", in Latin. The name was created to signify the greatness of the nation, proving that it truly is "higher land." Ever upward also signifies the the "great progress made by the nation since founding", according to the government.

The motto of the nation is "Pacem, Felictatem, Inteligentia!", which roughly translates to "Peace, Happiness, Intelligence!".

Stan Lee Catchphrase Accusation

Many citizens claim that the name of the nation plagiarized Stan Lee's catchphrase of "Excelsior!". The government maintains that this is untrue, and they did not intend to overlap with the catchphrase. Another common theory is that the name was copied off of the New York State motto, "Excelsior".



This was the Flag of the DCROW.

Before Excelsior was conceived, the current chancellor, Nicolas Wiedemann, had read a book on micronationalism which introduced him to the subject. He loved politics, and so it was his dream to one day rule some sort of country. With one of his friends, he founded a nation he called the DCROW. The DCROW was formed on April sixth, 2019. The nation was an oligarchy, with no elected officials, and two co-presidents who served as dictators. Power was also shared with the chief justice of the supreme court, making these three oligarchs. On April 30th, The Republic of Codak, a rival nation, declared war against the nation. The DCROW was victorious, but after an uprising of the people, the government disbanded. Realizing that this autocratic system of government could never work, Nicolas resigned.


The cover of Wyatt Baek's book.

On August 27th, 2020, after reading another book on micronationalism written by Wyatt Seungri Baek, President of Gapla, Nicolas decided to start his own new nation, this time focusing on checks and balances, and democracy. He devised a system of government roughly based on that of Germany, where the chancellor has the most power, but a president is there to balance out the power. After the provisional government swore him in as chancellor, he went to work appointing members of the government. The first president, Emma G, was sworn in on August 28th, 2020. Silas W, who is now the president, was appointed to the role of defense secretary. Due to mounting political pressures, Emma G resigned from her office and was appointed senate majority leader. Afterwards, there was a short power gap where a different president was instated for around an hour before he resigned and Silas W was appointed president. He has served since.

Early Days

In the days following the founding, the population rose from just three to about nine. The chancellor and president worked tirelessly creating the groundwork for the nation and wrote a constitution, as in the first day they were on a call for 9 hours straight. On August 30th, 2020, the official government website was created. The website was for the use of citizens and was therefore private. However, this website was later decommissioned in favor of a newer, public version. The Chancellor began to appoint his cabinet, and a Senate was created. Originally, the Supreme Court was created as the upper house of the legislature. For a bill to become a law, it would have to pass through Senate and the Court. However, this was later changed.


Excelsior was founded during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. With communications happening mostly online and over the phone, an essential part of the government of Excelsior, the nation was and has been able to function completely fine throughout the pandemic, with no cases or deaths. The health department released precautionary measures in August. The chancellor and president have already been fully vaccinated, and Excelsior has approved the Pfizer-BioNtech, Astrazeneca, and Moderna vaccines for use within the nation. With no vaccine program, the nation receives vaccines from the United States. In late July of 2021, Excelsior updated its mask mandate to let the vaccinated be able to not wear masks outdoors. Currently in Excelsior, the unvaccinated must wear a mask at all times when outside of their homes and the vaccinated must only wear masks indoors and may choose to wear them outside, due to the Delta variant. If you are over twelve, you must have proof of vaccination to enter the nation.

Gapla Crisis

The nation of Excelsior was, in part, inspired by Federated States of Gapla. After his original failure with his micronation of the DCROW, Nicolas Wiedeman, the chancellor, realized he could create a second nation after reading Wyatt Seungri Baek's book on micronationalism, which was a history of Gapla, the nation her served as president of. Excelsior looked up to Gapla, and as a result, Excelsior prioritized diplomacy with them. However, realizing Excelsior did not meet the criteria for Gaplan diplomacy, the chancellor refrained from reaching out and requesting it. On August 29th, the president sent an email to Gapla requesting diplomacy, against the orders of Nicolas. According to the president, the email response was classified as rude and defamatory. This was later revealed to be a miscommunication. However, at the time, it was not known that the email was misunderstood, and therefore, the president no longer supported diplomatic relations with Gapla as he viewed the reply email as an insult. This sparked the first political disagreement within Excelsior, which was over the state of Gaplan-Excelsioran relations. Before this, there was some disagreement between the chancellor and president over the military, but now, the president and chancellor were "political enemies". Nicolas broke off from the coalition between he and Silas, and formed his own party, which he called the Gaplan-Diplomatic Party. He felt that the emails were in no way rude or offensive, that diplomacy with Gapla would be a good thing, and that the other side was misinformed and unprepared. The president, Silas, broke off as well, and formed the Democratic-Militarian Party.

The DMP stood for militarizing the government and called for more funding and power to the military. They were opposed to diplomatic relations with Gapla, and at one point even suggested war. After the Gaplan-Diplomatic Party changed its name to the Democratic-Diplomatic party, or DDP, advertising campaigns soon began, and both the DMP and DDP created websites. The DDP was known as the left party, with the DMP being the centre-left party. There was extreme political discord, with senators taking sides in the conflict despite the conflict mostly being between President Silas and Chancellor Nicolas. There was about an even divide, with half of the senators being for the DDP, while the other half were DMP. The chancellor and president began to refuse to work with each other, and the discord intensified. The chancellor threatened to engage in diplomacy without permission, and the president retaliated threatening to use military force. At one point, the president even admitted to considering a coup. Due to his aggressive action, support for the chancellor began to falter. He continued to argue that war with Gapla was a pointless conflict, and would cause more harm than benefit. The president, however, not only wanted revenge due to the offensive email, but also believed war would secure military dominance, and boost morale. Nicolas introduced many new policies to try to sway voters, including a federal minimum wage, as at the time there were no government salaries. Conditions began to soften, and president Silas began to work with chancellor Nico again. They were, however, still staunch enemies over Gapla. This all changed on January 10th of 2021, however. The president had previously sent a few complaints about email to Gapla, with no response. The chancellor threatened to sue, but never actually went ahead with it. However, a few days before the tenth of January, the president, while on a teleconference with the chancellor, wrote a discord message to Gapla, complaining about the email which had been sent months ago. On the tenth, they responded over email. The then Deputy President, Wyatt Seungri Baek, sincerely apologized, saying the email was a mistake. The minister of foreign affairs for Gapla was using his personal email and wrote the message. He said he found it quite offensive and was sincerely sorry for the email. He also inquired about possible international relations and recognition. Upon hearing this the chancellor quickly responded, apologizing as well for the discord message, and used the presidential hotline to call the president. Upon hearing the news, the president conceded and dissolved the Democratic-Militarian party. Excelsior issued a full state apology and began relations with Gapla. Today, relations are extremely close, with Gapla and Excelsior communicating regularly and participating in trade deals.

Here is a microball satirizing the events of the Gapla Crisis, and the ensuing political battle over the military's role in the nation.

Development And Prosperity Era

The Gapla crisis, oddly, was a time of great development and prosperity in Excelsior. Despite contentious politics, the website became fully finished, and a number of other, smaller websites were launched. The nation reached ten citizens around October, and writing of the constitution also began around this time. (The constitution was finished in April of 2021.) Departments were set up, and the government began taking a large form. In November the Excelsioran economy crashed, leaving the government with around 67% of their previous assets. A state of emergency was declared, and the government slowly regained funds. This became known as the great panic of November. In late November, Excelsior launched its Microfandom page, and days later, on December 4th, got its first diplomacy request from the Forwardist Republic of Eastasia. However, due to a lack of response from the Eastasian government, this request took a long time to process. Christmas in Excelsior, despite not being a national holiday, is a large holiday, so during the Christmas of 2020, Excelsior issued official state ornaments to be put on the state Christmas tree. In early January, the Gaplan Crisis was resolved, and the months-long political battle over Gapla halted. The Democratic-Militarian Party dissolved, making Excelsior a temporary one-party state. A federal income tax was introduced around this time. In early February, the deportation of Justice Felix of the supreme court made national headlines, as it was the first ever criminal charge against a citizen of the country. Excelsioran politician Secretary August of the Department of Transportation has appointed his replacement. Around the time of the middle of the development and prosperity era, a political battle erupted yet again between the chancellor and president. With the Gapla crisis resolved, the chancellor saw no use for the military anymore and began to push reforms to unravel it. The president wanted to strengthen the military, and this erupted into a large battle that continued through the Excelsior-Dylanland war.

Excelsioran-Dylanland War

At 8:32 AM on the morning of April 8th, 2021, senators Camille H. and Dylan Y, and associate justice Rand H seceded from the republic, forming their own state, Dylanland. This action was immediately retaliated against by the government of excelsior by declaring war, and exiling the secessionists. As retaliation, Dylanland captured the president of excelsior, Silas W, and held him hostage. After multiple attempts for a ceasefire, the Chancellor of Excelsior, Nicolas Wiedemann, staunchly refused to surrender, but finally did, on the terms that Dylanland would gain independence but not be recognized as sovereign. This, however, was a fake surrender, and once Silas was released, war was declared again. Excelsior rallied and the the military called its soldiers to arms for the first time.

The state of Dylanland were, quote, "self-declared terrorists" who, quote, "worship [their] deranged version of satan [they] call skyboat."

War Era

As tensions were high in terms of the anti-military battle, the battle only got worse during the war. The chancellor was in support of the war as Dylanland was the aggressor, and because he believed he could help preserve excelsior's losses through winning the war. However, president Silas believed that this was the perfect time to request more funding for the war effort and secure military dominance. On April 10th, 2021, the census was re-evaluated, and it was discovered that a large amount of the population is age 9 or under. Nicolas, the chancellor, began to propose sweeping legislation to impose an age limit on voters, which eventually became a compromise between the president and chancellor, who agreed to shorten the vote-counting time to just one week. Another small political disagreement was created on April 11th, when the president suggested contacting allies about the war effort. The chancellor, Nicolas, saw this as an embarrassment and decided to try to place limits on the contacting of allies. The president refused to comply with the new limits, and this erupted into quite a large battle as well. This same day, Chancellor Nicolas proposed a new plan for the war effort. Under his plan, no combat would happen, and slowly, due to lack of attention, Dylanland would burn out, and the crisis would be resolved. This tactic was used in the DCROW-Codak war in 2019, which Nicolas won. The president opposed this idea, as he believed the war would boost state morale.

An advertisement for the Democratic-Socialist faction.

Political instability

Due to the war, political divides began to widen even more. With the introduction of Chancellor Nico's new Codak plan, Nico began to become an opponent of the war, arguing that if the nation just halted all fighting, Dylanland would dry up and die due to lack of attention. This caused Silas to temporarily break his faction off of the DDP and form his own party, but after discussion rejoined the DDP, and renamed his faction to the Democratic-Directive faction. Though many consider factions to be political parties in themselves, as they have sharply contrasting ideas and values. While Nico and the DS faction had a senate majority, Silas and the DD faction had, as Silas put it, the "will of the people". According to government records, this is a true statement. According to the May census, more citizens were registered as part of the DD faction, and by a large margin. However, since most of these citizens, excluding party elite like Silas or Minister Lola G., were at the age of 9 or younger, and served in the military, they were underrepresented in the senate, resulting in what is expected to be a large amount of vetoes from president Silas on laws passed by the Democratic-Socialist controlled senate.

Accusations of Communism and Fascism

Due to his economic plan for excelsior resembling socialism, Chancellor Nicolas W. began to be accused by the tabloid newspaper "the Excelsioran", and President Silas W. as, as Silas put it in his own words, "a commie". Nico denies these claims, stating his ideology is democratic socialism to idealist socialism. In light of these allegations, Silas began writing opinion articles in his newspaper about, as one title puts it, "the communists among us". In response, because Silas had previously stated he supports a more militarian state, and according to an opinion piece by Nico, said he would prefer excelsior to be a dictatorship (these claims are disputed). Nico began to accuse Silas of being a fascist. Silas, too, denies these claims. Both began writing opinion pieces, with Silas printing out ads in his newspaper that stated "How do you know your neighbour isn't a communist? you DON'T! talk to Silas today.", and Nico retaliating by writing an opinion piece titled "fascists akimbo!". This conflict, however, was mostly between Nico and Silas, and the public never got involved.

Senate Loss

In May of 2021, the Excelsioran senate entered into a government crisis. With, at this point, the constitution finally finished, after an almost 7-month period of writing, it was ready to be ratified, but ratification, due to the chancellor visiting Nantucket during the planned ratification day, had to be delayed. When the chancellor returned, The Excelsior-Dylanland War broke out, and since senators Dylan and Camille left the nation, there were only 13 senators left. To ratify, 15 needed to be present, so Nicolas scrambled to find new senators. It was at this point that Senator Owen resigned his office, leaving the senate with only 12 senators. These senate losses loss greatly changed the political climate in the nation. The Democratic-Institutionalist faction, now the democratic-directive faction, lost 2 seats in the crisis, resulting in a majority for the Democratic-Socialist faction. At this point, people also began shifting towards political extremes, and the independent faction was essentially gone. By this point, citizens were either members of the DD faction, and pro-military, or the DS faction, and anti-military. At a loss for senators, on May 8th, 2021, President Silas and chancellor Nicolas used emergency power to ratify the constitution without senate approval. After this, senator Isaac was appointed to quell the senate loss while Nicolas and Silas scrambled to find more senators. After the constitution was in place, this stripped them of their emergency power. Before the ratification, as there was no base for laws, government dealings were agreed upon by the president and chancellor. Now, that power shifted to the senate. The president and Chancellor still hold all the power they used to have but have lost influence. On May 13th, 2020, the Democratical Empire of Dharmapura officially recognized Excelsior as sovereign. Their honorable Emperor, Sourya S., agreed to become a senator as well, as he was already a citizen of the nation. This also filled a senate seat that was needed. More importantly, however, was the fact that Excelsior now had recognition from another nation, making them recognized now by two nations.

Immigration crisis

in April-May of 2020, Excelsior experienced an unprecedented wave of new citizens, most of the ages 8-9, enter the nation as citizens and join the military. As almost every member of the government is 12 or older, this caused panic throughout the government. This, coupled with a recent economic recession which plunged the economy down by 60%, created a new crisis, along with the war effort and mounting political instability. This issue was put to the side, however, to deal with the recession.

Benjastan and the New Micronations Internationale

in September of 2020, Excelsior was approached by the Forwardist Republic of Eastasia and was given the offer to join the New Micronations Internationale, a micronational organization for leftist nations. When Chancellor Nicolas responded to the request, no response was received, and there has been no response since. Due to the relative leftism of the NMI, president Silas was reluctant to try to join again, but chancellor Nicolas, who is much more left than the majority of the population, persuaded him. Contacted over Discord by diplomats, President of the Democratic Republic of Benjastan Benjamin Pickles directed them to the server for the NMI, and then approved their entrance, making Excelsior a member state of the NMI. Throughout this, some mild diplomacy was achieved between Excelsior and the Democratic Republic of Benjastan, but no official recognition or diplomacy has been made.

Surrender of Dylanland

On May 21st 2021, president and major general Silas negotiated the surrender of Dylanland in return for their president, Dylan, to get a seat on the Supreme Court. Dylanland is now a subjugated colony of Excelsior.

Breakup of the parties

This is an advertisement run by the Democratic-Socialist Faction protesting the Democratic Party's militarianism.

In May of 2021, after long negotiations, President Silas and his Democratic-Institutionalist faction broke off from the DDP, forming their own new party, currently the majority in terms of registered voters, and now the majority in the senate. Around this time, justice Jasper s. created the Excelsioran communist party, which soon became a very influential party, while still maintaining an incredibly small voterbase. Later, the Democratic-Directive party was renamed and rebranded to the Democratic party.

Gaplan Trade Deal

After Gaplan President Wyatt Seungri Baek was appointed a senator, Gapla reached out to Excelsior about a possible trade deal. In exchange for help with diplomacy, website editing, and more, Excelsior did graphic design work for their government, creating medals, a military rank chart, and more. The trade deal was very helpful for Excelsior and helped expand their international outreach.

Launch of the Excel

In late June of 2021, Excelsior launched its currency, the excel, used to pay government workers and all for transactions within the nation. The excel is currently pegged at $0.25 to the United States Dollar. This boosted the economy and created ExcelsiorBank, the only bank in Excelsior and a branch of the department of the treasury. Currently, the Excel comes in denominations of 10, 20, 50, 200, 20,000, and 500,000, with plans for a 10,000 and 100,000.

Culture era

In late June of 2021, Excelsior appointed Ben O.S. to Vice Chancellor, and Nicolas Wiedemann appointed him Minister for Public Relations. Lola G. was promoted to the new role of Minister for informational Services, and the ministry of foreign affairs merged with the ministry of public relations and became the ministry for foreign affairs and public relations. The new ministry of information services was also created. The role of speaker of the senate was also created, and Ben was appointed to it. This role will soon replace the chairman.

In early July of 2021, The Excelsioran Academy Awards for Film and Television, where citizens can vote on the best movies and TV shows of the year, was created to strengthen culture. The results have not been tallied yet.

In late July, former senators Camille and Rand H. were pardoned and let back into the nation after being banished for treason in the Excelsior-Dylanland War.

The Forest War

On August 1st, a holiday in Excelsior which marks the first day of the month long independence celebrations culminating on August 28th, independence day, President Silas W. was on a diplomatic mission to Connecticut when he was able to chat with a micronationalist, known only by his first name, “Anders”. Anders was the presumed leader of the nation of “Duckland”, a small and, according to military intelligence collected by the Army and Air Corps, incredibly secretive micronation located in Connecticut. After a short discussion, Anders declared that a state of war was to exist between Excelsior and Duckland, and formally declared war.

In the first battle of the war, a small skirmish occurred in the woods near the home President Silas was staying in for his diplomatic mission when Ducklandian forces crossed paths with a few Excelsioran officers. Commander-General Silas led Excelsior to a self-declared victory, in a battle later to be known as the battle of the forest. After a teleconference with the chancellor, Excelsior formally declared war.

After just 6 days of combat, Excelsior won a quick and decisive victory over Duckland in the Forest War. Duckland surrendered at 11:23 AM, on August 6th, 2021. The surrender marked the second victory in a war for Excelsior in a row, leaving Excelsior undefeated in any conflict. After tense negotiation, Anders, the presumed leader of the state of Duckland, accepted an offer from the government for compensation in turn for a formal surrender. $0.11 USD was provided from the Excelsioran government for compensation in return for the surrender. The surrender was negotiated by the president, Silas W., and chancellor, Nicolas W., who have both been awarded the victory medal. Duckland became a subjugated territory of Excelsior. The war is generally regarded to be non-serious and humorous.

Dissolution of the DDP

After a long struggle between the DDP and its very dominant Democratic-Socialist Faction, the General Secretary of the DDP, Nicolas Wiedemann, dissolved the DDP in favor of the new Democratic-Socialist Party of Excelsior, and with it its long history and influence in Excelsioran politics. Many analysts had believed that the DDP dissolution would have to occur at some point, but were surprised it happened so quickly. All former members of the DDP were also renewed as DSP members.

Era of Civil War

On the 8th of august, 2021, after learning that senator Issac had left his party, the Democratic Party, for the Communist Party, President Silas's state of Invictus declared war on the State of Granola, which was controlled by governor Dylan, who convinced Issac to defect to the communist party. The reactions from the public were mixed.

"What kind of insanity is this!?! Declaring war on someone because they left your party?!? This is insanity at its peak.

This is the most petty conflict of all time. Can't we just be peaceful for once?" - Chancellor Nico

"He betrayed me... I need to set an example, nobody can do that and live. FOR INVICTUS!!!!" - President Silas W.

Soon after, Senator Lola, with her state of Odysseus, declared war on them as well. In the hour that followed, chief justice Jasper has his state of Hreysivísla declared war on Odysseus and Invictus. Silas contacted senators Arlo and Leo, and got them to have their respective states of Frazirioberg and Praia declare war on granola and Hreysivísla. Much threatening was exchanged, with the democratic-socialist party, and their states of Grandsia and Poyais vowing not to get involved, declaring the conflict to be "petty, childish, and honestly quite stupid.".

After several incidents where several members of the communist party refused to follow the law or orders decreed by president Silas because of the war, Silas declared that the only war for the country to remain under control was to have the war cease. He contacted Jasper asking for a surrender, but he refused. Silas then asked Chancellor Nicolas to officially mobilize the government to stop the war through law. Seeing an opportunity to end the war he hated, Nicolas agreed, and the government declared that the war was over and there would be no winners. Chancellor Nicolas ordered that the war be halted and both sides back down. Silas's side did so, but Jasper refused to surrender.

Nico then called for the military to step in to solve the problem, but jasper still refused to back down, even when Dylan left the communist party and backed down himself.

Silas decided that the only way to stop jasper was to attempt to bring him to charges for illegal actions during the conflict. This move is now regarded as being controversial, as at the time the DSP was opposed to it. After being placed under arrest, jasper agreed to back down and surrender the victory to Invictus and their allies, and the charges were dropped.

Fall of the Communist Party

On August 19th, 2021, due to the ensuing minor civil war and the limited cooperation of the Communist Party within the war with the government, Senator Dylan of the communist party, a senior member and political ally of Jasper, the general secretary, left the communist party, stating that he had only joined believing it was a joke, and that the popularity of the party had escalated to the point where it was no longer a joke. Other members of the party followed suit, with Senator Isaac defecting to the democratic party, until the communists were left with one senate seat and lost status as a major party. This loss gave the Democratic Party a supermajority in the senate. a coalition opposition was formed between the Democratic-Socialist Party, Communist Party, and Senator Dylan in opposition to the supermajority, which the group describes as a "monopoly".

Wyatt Baek and the LCP

In early August, Wyatt Seungri Baek, President of the Federated States of Gapla, was approved to create the Libertarian-Conservative Party of Excelsior, Excelsior's first right wing party[1]. A libertarian party, the LCP has not been able to gain much influence due to the current establishment of leftism in Excelsior, but the party cemented Baek as a powerful force in Excelsioran politics. Approved as a senator shortly before creating the party, Baek began to toss up the Excelsioran political field. Excelsioran citizens are divided over if this shift is good or bad. Jasper S., general-secretary of the Communist party, professed his support for the LCP in its early days, despite being political opposites. However, Silas W, President, has recently started an opposition campaign to the LCP, under the hashtag #cancelthelibertarianconservativeparty. The DSP did not take a position on the conflict.

State territory organization

Up until September of 2021, many states held no territory at all and existed virtually, while only the most powerful states were entitled to true territory, the largest of which being Grandsia, which consisted of half of all Excelsioran land claims. Goose island and the DCROW maintained a large land claim, each claiming half of the Excelsioran archipelago, Excelsior's largest geographical feature consisting of a group of ten, very small "islands", spanning 0.5 miles. In an effort to claim more land to grow influence, the government claimed a larger maritime area and two more islands to add to the archipelago, putting its size at 0.8 sq. miles. in early September, this land began to be divided up, with each state and territory receiving one island within the archipelago. around half of these islands only protrude 0.5 feet above sea level, legally not meeting certified height to claim, but Excelsioran law disregards this, stating that in their belief any island should be able to able claimed. The islands within the archipelago, which sits just mere meters of of us soil on the long island sound, were the historic claim of the DCROW, chancellor Nicolas Wiedemann's first micronation. when Excelsior was founded, the claims were shifted to the Excelsioran government. Due to each state receiving territory, the overall nation became an overwhelmingly island nation in terms of area. However, the majority of the populace resides in "Capitol Excelsior", an area consisting of Excelsior's largest cities, and the states of Invictus and Grandsia, as well as the capitol, SAERTC City.

The First Praia-Frazioberg War

On August 30th of 2021, Senator Leo, who also serves as governor of the federal state of Praia, declared war on the Federal state of Frazioberg, led by Arlo, President Silas's brother, mostly due to the fact that within the military's force 14, his dog, Izzy, was denied entrance by Arlo. He also stated he did it for money through war reparations. Frazioberg soon built a major alliance with states including Odysseus.

After mounting pressure, President Silas, Arlo's Brother and ally, urged him to surrender before more allies were drawn into the conflict. He did, but during peace talks, in which silas spoke for him, silas refused to let arlo pay any war reparations or abide to any of the terms of surrender. Leo was now a political enemy of silas, as Leo believed this was wrong. Things escalated quickly, and Silas filed a case in the supreme court to try Leo on charges of terrorism, treason, and "threatening to overthrow a key part of the government". Chancellor Nicolas now stepped in, and told Silas if he didn't back down on what he called the "absurd charges", his peaceful state of Grandsia would fully side with Praia.

The Second Praia - Frazioberg War

Within a week of Frazioberg's surrender, Praia declared war on Frazioberg again for refusing to pay war reparations. After Odysseus joined on the side of Frazioberg again, Invictus, under Silas's command, finally joined with their ally Frazioberg. Seeing an opportunity to finally defeat their rival, Hreysivísla, led by Jasper, the main political rival of Silas, declared war and joined the side of Praia. A day later Invictus reached out to their ally, Goose Island, and they joined the war on the side of Frazioberg. At this point, Nico, the chancellor, approached Silas with a deal. If Silas dropped all charges from Leo, his historically peaceful state Grandsia would join the side of Invictus, but would not engage in combat. Silas agreed. After one more failed peace attempt, it was agreed that the sides would meet to settle the war in the nearby prospect park.

Battle of the Hill

A diagram showing the advances of both forces. Red is the Praian forces, blue the Fraziobergian forces.

Both sides marched forces to the park, where the commanders met, shook hands, and walked to opposite ends of the park. Fraziobergian, and Invictusian forces, who were an ally of Frazioberg and the largest power engaged, defended against an assault by forces of Praia. The Chancellor's office then stepped in and declared that, despite the alliance between Invictus and Grandsia, Chancellor Nicolas Wiedemann's state, Grandsia, would fight with Praia, as Leo's ally, Hreysivisla, was not present and therefore needed an ally. Grandsia decided as well that they would try their hardest not to engage in combat, and to only take surveillance with an end goal of stealing Invictus's prize possesion, the Invictusian standard. Grandsia was also the de facto moderator of the battle. With this, the official battle began. The Fraziobergian forces split off to attack the main encampment of Praia, located on the southern side of the park. Invictusian forces settled down to defend their encampment on a hill later to be known by the invictusians as "berserker hill". Nicolas W. led Grandisan forces around the back of the Invictusian camp, and encircled their encampment. He then led a charge where Grandsian forces ambushed Invictusian forces, and caught them off guard. Invictisian forces fought them off in a series of Berserker-style charges that left the Grandisan forces bewildered and retreating. They retreated but stayed near the encampment to plan another attack. Praian forces left their post defending the encampment to assist the Grandsians, but were abushed by fraziobergian forces, who took them hostage and brought them back to the Invictusian forces for peace negotiations. In the ensuing chaos, while negotiations were taking place, the Grandsians stole the Invictusian standard from the Invictusian encampment. No one noticed, and the Grandsian forces slowly proceeded back to their encampment. If they were to be able to bring the standard to their encampment, legally they would win. After negotiations failed, the Praians retreated back to their encampment, while the Grandsians slowly made their way to the Praian encampment with the stolen Invictusian standard. Suddenly, the invictusians made a brute-force charge towards the Praian encampment to steal the Praian standard. Realizing the Praians were unprepared for battle, Nicolas and the Grandsians distracted the Invictusians with the stolen invictusian standard. After the Invictusians realized that it was now possible they could lose, they launched a huge offensive, chasing the Grandsians back to their encampment. It looked like Invictus and Frazioberg would be victorious. However, In a miraculous and unexpected move, the Grandsians charged incredibly fast towards their encampment, where they were able to successfully bring the stolen Invictusian standard back to their base, After the victory, the Invictusians and Fraziobergians retreated, defeated.

The hill upon which the battle took place, shown here in winter.

However, after the terms of surrender and the victory was disputed by Silas, it was decided by the Federal Government that the battle would not determine the outcome of the war, and that Praia and Frazioberg would have to continue with a more legal competition to determine a victor.

Duel of Champions

After the defeat at berserker hill, Invictus, Frazioberg, and Praia settled down for negotiations, moderated by chancellor Nicolas. It was arranged that a duel would be held between Leo W. of Praia and Arlo W. of Frazioberg. If Arlo were to win, Praia would surrender. If Leo were to win, Frazioberg would be dissolved as a Federal State. After many small duels with disputed victors, Nicolas, the moderator, declared that the war was to be culminated in a duel in which a circle was drawn in the sand and both opponents were to be unarmed. Whomever pushed the other out would be crowned victor of the war. After a tense match, Arlo was able to shoved Leo out of the circle. He was crowned victor and the 5-part alliance was victorious in the war. War reparations were paid, and Leo gave his surrender.

After the war was thought over, Jasper of Hreysivísla claimed that the surrender of his ally did not speak for him, and he proclaimed his continuation of the first civil war, the Invictus - Hreysivísla civil war, declared that his war was to continue against Invictus. Seeing that Invictus would never stop being hounded by jasper, Silas W. gave a surrender to Hreysivísla for 5,000 Excels, to satisfy jasper and the age of interstate wars was thought to be brought to a close.

The Wolf Party and UFP

in late September, Micah W., a friend of chancellor Nico, ascended to the senatorship after joining as a citizen prior to September. He was appointed minister of finance shortly after. Within days of becoming a senator, he quickly created the "Wolf Party of Excelsior". The party was a socially progressive, bipartisan party, and Senator Annabel of the Democratic-Socialists left the DSP to join the party. After negotiations, coupled with the extreme senate majority of the Democratic Party and President Silas's power, Chancellor Nico joined his party, the DSP, with the Wolf Faction to create the United Front Party. In October the DSP changed its name to the Democratic-Socialist Labour Faction, or the DSL. The UFP was then the official opposition party, being the second largest in the nation. There was some disagreement within the party, as the two factions occasionally opposed on bills, but overall the party was generally united. The party was seen as an in-between for the Democratic Party in terms of the political threat it poses, with the party cooperating with the Democrats whilst being in their direct opposition.

Second Rise of the Communist Party

After regaining citizenship in September, Felix R.C., a former supreme court justice, known within the nation by his pseudonym of "political chaos", joined the Communist Party. After the Federal Party Leader, Jasper S., stepped down from many government positions and took a leave of absence, Felix ascended to senatorship and joined the Communist Party. Gaining quick influence, he became known for always siding with the side that would result in the largest gain for the Communist Party. Ideologically a Socialist, Felix helped grow the Communists back into a majorly influential party. Felix was then appointed to Minister for Internal, Home, and Political Affairs by Chancellor Nicolas Wiedemann.

Accusations of Corruption

In late September, Minister for Information Services Lola G. defamed the nation's MicroWiki page. Chancellor Nico, who was previously upset with her for scamming him into giving her 15,000 Excels, demoted her from her position as Minister for Information Services to Minister for Military Communications. President Silas threatened to impeach Nico for this action, despite it not being a crime (It is the constitutional right of the chancellor to "appoint and depose of members of cabinet") and thus began the "campaign of anti-corruption", in which Nico accused Silas of being corrupt, due to what he called the unfair charges. Mostly a conflict between Silas and Nico, the citizens rarely got involved. Nico threatened to resign if immediate action wasn't taken. After Silas backed down, and agreed to pass an anti-corruption bill, and amends were made between the two politicians.

Era of Conflict

In late September to mid October of 2021 Excelsior experienced multiple minor civil wars, many of which were politically driven to settle differences, mostly instigated by the state of Invictus between it and smaller states like Goose Island. Invictus was victorious in all conflicts. State war within the nation is a common occurrence to settle differences between states. However, the only state war to ever go into a physical state with combat was the second Praian-Fraziobergian war.

Supreme Court Snap Election

In early October, a judicial reformation act was passed by the Socialist Labour Faction to create federal elections for the supreme court. After the motion passed and was signed into law by President Silas, a snap election was called for the court and the court was dissolved. Immediately, senators Micah W. and Jasper S. announced candidacies for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. For Associate Justice, Wyatt Seungri Baek, Gus H., Leo W., and Rand H. announced their candidacies. In early polling, it showed Micah has ~79% lead over Jasper. Primaries for the parties occurred on the 9th of October. However, on the 8th of October, Minister for Information services and Commanding General of the Army Lola G., a large political ally of the President, Silas, declared her candidacy. In polls by the ENNC, she was immediately favored to win, as the Democrats hold 70% of the nation's voterbase.

General Election

After Lola won the Democratic Party Primary, Micah won the UFP primary and Jasper won the Communist primary. In the primaries, the LCP endorsed only Wyatt, the Communists only jasper, the UFP endorsed Leo, Wyatt, and Micah, the engineering Party endorsed only Gus and Micah, and the Democrats endorsed Lola, Leo, and Rand. In polls, it showed Micah with a 5% lead over Lola, and Jasper with 0 votes. However, the polls were run by ENNC, and since much of the Democratic voter base is disconnected from the national happenings of the nation so they were unaware about the poll. The election was scheduled for the 20th of October. On the 19th, early voting opened at 9:00 PM EST. The earliest results were from the State of Grandsia - 5 prefectures reporting, with 100% voter turnout. Micah won 60% of the Grandsian vote, with Lola getting the Queen's vote as well as 40% of the Grandsian vote. Jasper scored no Grandsian votes. The election was also the first where at least 20% of all citizens voted on a paper ballot. On the first day of the election, Micah maintained a lead by 3%. On the second day, however, it was clear that the Democratic voterbases's votes would soon pour in, and, realizing defeat, Micah conceded. Soon afterwards, ENNC projected that Gus and Leo were elected to the seat of associate justice, and that Lola would be elected chief Justice. Lola was sworn in on October 25th. Micah won the states of Grandsia, Yeltsackir, goose Island, and Praia. Jasper won Hreysivisla, and Lola won the states of Invictus, Odysseus, and Granola.

Accusations of Voter Fraud

After the election results, Jasper S., Leader of the Communist Party, brought a case to the supreme court alleging that Lola G. and Silas W. had committed voter fraud, a class A felony. According to his testimony, his vote was cast at 7:26 AM on October 20th. According to government records, this testimony was true. Voting records showed that he cast his vote for Lola, Leo, and Rand - a ballot identical to that of President Silas's ballot. He said that Silas "hacked into his email account" and "cast the vote for him". He testified that at 7:26 he was at home, eating breakfast, and that his internet was out so it would have been impossible to cast his vote. When asked if he could bring a witness to the stand to prove his accusation, he was unable to. Silas testified that it was impossible for him to have committed voter fraud because he was attending a high school tour. when asked for a witness's testimony, his father was able to vouch for him. More evidence, including a text string that Jasper sent to Silas claiming he was "planning a big twist" for the election proved that Silas was innocent. In the end the Supreme Court refused to hear the case, and Silas was ruled innocent. It became abundantly clear after that that Jasper was lying as he admitted to creating the lie. He admitted to framing Silas and Lola for their "crimes" as well.

Breakup of the United Front

After the UFP was founded in September of 2021, President Silas W. viewed it as a threat and repeatedly asked Chancellor Nicolas Wiedemann to "break up" the party. Nicolas, originally refusing, ended up wanting to break off his faction from the party for more political independence, but didn't want to lose Micah's support and friendship, so he abstained from breaking the party. After negotiations conducted in secret with Silas, it was agreed that he and Nicolas, in an effort to provide a reason for the breakup, would stage a fake threat from Silas, where Silas would threaten to impeach him if he didn't break the party, and the Nicolas would agree. When Micah witnessed the plot, Nicolas immediately confessed to the true reason he was breaking up the party, and revealed the plan. After tense discussion, amends were made, and the party was broken up. Socialist Labour and the Wolf Party, however, still maintained a political relationship.

Growth of Democratic-Socialist Labour

In late October of 2021, Socialist Labour began receiving more senators. With originally just three senators, being Chancellor Nicolas, Governor Leo, and Governor Miles, that total rose to four with the introduction of Benjamin Pickles to the Excelsioran Senate. After gaining citizenship around October 31st, Pickles was appointed to the senate, and joined the DSLP. Ben O.s., the Governor-General, then also re-joined DSLP, as he became an independent in August. This put the DSLP at 5 senate seats, making it the official opposition, one seat behind the Democratic Party.

Benjamin Pickles and the introduction of the Riel Islands

In late October of 2021, Chancellor Nicolas became a citizen of the Social Republic of Georgienstine, and resumed communication with Benjastanian President Benjamin Pickles. Pickles also became a citizen of Excelsior, and joined the Discord server. After being appointed to Senate and joining the DSLP, Pickles became a very active Senator, voting on the Holiday and Worker's Act, Languages Act, and an Abolition of Civil War Act in his first few days as a senator. After the DCROW was inducted into the union as a state, Pickles ran for governor against Felix R.C. of the Communist Party. However, Felix later became Governor of the State of Dave, and dropped out of the race, leaving Pickles unopposed. Pickles won the election on the 9th of October. After renaming the state to the "Riel Islands", after Louis Riel, he began plans for the new state, which includes a fully direct-democratic system of government.

Presidential Election preparation

On November 2nd, 2021, registration opened for the 2022 Excelsioran General Elections. While the race for Chancellor failed to garner much attention, the early registrations for president gained much attention due to the recent low support of President Silas from government. After Governor of Praia Leo declared candidacy under the DSLP, Silas also launched his campaign. Gus H. was chose by Leo as his running mate. Micah W. soon entered the race, seeking the Wolf Party nomination. the race then began to shift in public opinion as Micah versus Silas, with the relations between the two being extremely tense. Both politicians are known for expressing a dislike for eachother in government, with some describing Micah as Silas's new rival, referring to Chancellor Nico as his old rival. Gus then switched to the Micah campaign. The election is still ongoing.

DSLP Merger

On November 15th, for 2 days, the Wolf Party joined the DSLP, giving the DSLP its first majority since January of 2021, a feat which was previously thought to be impossible. The merger did not last long, however, as on the 17th for unknown intent Micah pulled the Wolf Party out of the DSLP.

Impeachment proceedings of Silas W.

On November 15th, Micah W. sent a Discord message to Chancellor Nico Wiedemann with the words "I'm running". Nico had previously made an announcement in the nation's Discord server asking all politicians running for chancellor to direct message him that they were running. Assuming this is what Micah meant, which meant that an internal member of his party was challenging his position, Nico contacted President Silas W., who pressured him to relieve Micah from his government positions for his "betrayal". After Nico contacted Micah with the information, Micah cleared up the message, stating it was just a reminder that he was running for president, and that he would not be running for chancellor. At this point, it was too late, however, for Nico to rescind his previous warning about Silas, so Micah screenshotted his message and then told Nico his intent to use the evidence to impeach Silas. Shortly after, he opened an electoral impeachment inquiry on Silas on charges of "threatening a member of government". After failure to retain proper evidence for the proceedings, he called upon Nico and Silas to testify. Silas refused, and Nico said he would not testify until he had more evidence proving if Silas was guilty. After a conversation with Nico, Micah ended the impeachment inquiry, apologizing to Silas.

Second Gaplan Crisis

In November of 2021 General-Secretary of the Libertarian-Conservative party Wyatt Seungri Baek, who many had noticed had been "shifting politically to the right" over the past few months, made pro-life statements in the Discord server of Excelsior. President Silas W., who found the statements offensive, temporarily banned Baek from the server. After he was reinvited to the server by Chancellor Nico, a debate errupted in which most of the government engaged with Baek, arguing the pro-choice side of the abortion conflict while Baek argued for pro-life. After Baek made statements deemed offensive to certain members of the nation by the Senate, he was kicked from the server. For what Baek called a free speech violation, Excelsioran diplomats were kicked from the Gaplan Discord Server, Gapla severed diplomatic tied with Excelsior, and took the Excelsioran website, which it hosted, offline. After negotiations between Chancellor Nicolas Wiedemann and Gaplan President Baek, a treaty was signed reinstating diplomatic relations and both sides apologized, with Baek releasing an apology to the citizens that felt offended by his statements. However, the event soured relations with the two nations, with President Silas W. strengthening and solidifying the Democratic Party’s moderate anti-Gaplan stance. Wyatt and Gapla also went from well liked to incredibly controversial, and Gaplan relations being one of the largest issues coming up in the current 2022 Federal Elections.

Worker's Party Merger

In November of 2021, the Communist Party and the DSLP merged together to form a communist-socialist union party, the "Worker's Party". The Wolf Party joined but then quickly left due to political pressure from the democratic party, though many speculate that the true reason was because the ideology of the Wolf Party didn't fit the Worker's Party. The Worker's Party is the only party with collective leadership.

End of the War of Retribution

The War of Retribution, the longest interstatal civil war in Excelsiorian history, ended in December 2021, when the last Goose Island forces unconditionally surrendered to Invictus and its allies.

Invasion of Goose island

On December 14th, 2021, after Goose Islander officials repeatedly antagonized invictisian diplomats, invictus declared war and launched an invasion of goose island. Forces soon joined both sides.

Granolian independence

In early December of 2021, the state of Granola peacefully left Excelsior to form a new Micronation, the Republic of Granola, with former Senator Dylan as its President. Following a much more "laid-back" model of governance than Excelsior, many Excelsioran citizens went to Granola to apply for dual citizenship.

The Excelsioran - Granolan war

Main article: Excelsioran-Granolan war

In December of 2021, former Supreme Court Justice and 3rd place finisher in the supreme Court election Jasper S. rescinded his Excelsioran citizenship and fled to Granola. He then colluded with President Dylan to declare war on Excelsior. The Granolan Government sent a declaration of war to Excelsior, with Excelsior soon following with the same, and Excelsior launched an evacuation campaign for its Granolan-Excelsioran citizens. After Senator Isaac briefly defected to granola, the conflict died down for a few days, with Granola being treated as a very low threat. In mid December, the first battle on Invictisian territory was held. A couple Invictisian soldiers of the invictisian 1st company as well as the majority of the strength of the goose island scratch company held rank at the Fortress of Invictus facing repeated granolian charges made at the defense line. After a few hours of battle, Excelsior was declared victorious. The battle later became known as the battle of Park Slope. For his bravery in battle, President Silas's High Order of the Chancellor was upgraded to the High Order of the Chancellor with distinction.

Surrender of Granola

Shortly after the battle of park slope Granolan officials met to secure peace with Excelsior at the Treaty of Alis City. Granola is now a subjugated territory of Excelsior.

Winter Coup Attempt

Main Article: Winter Coup

In January of 2022, the Excelsioran government recieved multiple email and text message threats. After the email threat was launched, a task force was assembled, consisting of National security Advisor Nicolas Wiedemann, Commander-General Silas W., Bureau of Intelligence and Cybersecurity Commander Felix R.C., and BIC Operative Micah W. to determine who was behind the malicious emails and coup attempt. After the military threat level was raised to Threat Level 2, the National Military was mobilized and a state of emergency was declared. After an investigation in which a text chain between members of the group attempting the coup, the "Flower arrangers", was revealed, the military began arresting those involved in the coup. After a landmark Supreme Court case, Felix R.C., Lola G., Alice C., and Jasper S. were all charged with Class B Felonies in the Supreme Court, by acting Chief Justice Micah W. The coup greatly affected the Excelsioran political structure and resulted in a large Senate gain for the ruling Democratic Party of Excelsior.

2022 Gaplan Election

in early 2022, Excelsioran politics began shifting to the upcoming 2022 Gaplan Presidential Election, with President Silas Wurnbash vowing to declare war on Gapla if Anti-Excelsioran politician Emma Bunnell was elected President over Chelsea Chen, a pro-Excelsioran highly popular in Excelsior. Nicolas Wiedemann opposed this, causing a split between Wiedemann and Wurnbash which would last until the conclusion of the election. After Excelsiorans were kicked from the Gaplan Discord server following a new national security bill, Excelsioran public opinion on Gapla became very hostile. Many Excelsiorans also disliked Gapla out of personal hate for their President, Wyatt Baek, due to the second Gapla crisis. Bunnell, who is generally disliked by the Excelsioran populace, also made statements claiming she wanted to unite Excelsior and Gapla under Gaplan control, creating worry amongst many citizens. On the day of the Gaplan election, the Excelsioran military was premptively mobilized and most government function sin Exelsior stopped as citizens waited for election results. When Chancellor Wiedemann was informed by Gaplan President Baek that the election had ended in and STV tie, this was announced to the Excelsioran populace, who began to worry Bunnell would win. The results of the election were then determined randomly, with Chelsea Chen being elected President of Gapla. Excelsioran celebrations began in the capitol and across the nation and many citizens rejoiced at the news. Chen was awarded the Grand Order of Excelsior and Nicolas Wiedemann delivered a live speech on her victory.

Attempts to overturn the election results

After the election, multiple attempts were made by President Wyatt Baek and Emma Bunnell to overturn the election results. The attempts worried the Excelsioran populace and the military was once again put on alert, fearing a Gaplan invasion should Bunnell have been declared President. Shortly after the election, President Baek ordered a recount for votes coming from Venado Middle School in Irvine, California. Excelsioran intelligence suggested that Bunnell would win the recount resulting in a state of emergency being briefly declared and the government locking all websites and online assets that could be harmed by the Gaplan Intelligence Agency of IAGF. However, when the recount ended in Chelsea Chen's favor, the state of emergency was stopped. Since then, there have been multiple attempts to overturn the election, but most were ignored by the Excelsioran government.

Invasion of Excelsior and the Gaplan civil war

On March 7th, 2022, a terrorist group called "the Emersyos" in Gapla took over the government rapidly after former president Wyatt Baek started to attempt reform to the country's political system.

The new Emersyo government then proceeded to take down Excelsioran online assets and invade Excelsior held soil near gapla. Excelsior responded with a declaration of war. A couple hours later, President Silas Wurnbash delivered a speech, vowing that he would leave the Emersyos as "ashes and blood." Excelsioran enlistment rates skyrocketed as former pacifist politicians in Excelsior took up arms to defend the nation. Martial law was declared and the military was given temporary supreme authority. However, after a long media blackout from Gapla where little information was given, the Government of Excelsior determined that the threat was not as severe as had been expected, and the military demobilized. The government was later informed the coup was over and martial law ended.

Era of unprofessionalism

In March 2022, President Silas Wurnbash began to invite many new citizens to Excelsior, many of whom lacked basic understanding of micronationalism. Among those citizens were Chet and Henry Dalzell, two friends of Wurnbash who co founded the "Juche-Thatcherist Party", a joke party centered around North Korean Juche and British Thatcherism. They party was a joke and took Excelsioran politics as a joke as well, breaking Discord rules on a regular basis and following Wurnbash in a cult-like manner. Around this time, Wurnbash also introduced new rules to the Excelsioran Discord server, including a "no memes in general" rule which sparked protests from many citizens. the protests, which spammed memes, combined with the nonserious actions from the Juche-Thatcherist party resulted in a crisis of unprofessionalism. Many Excelsioran politicians who took Excelsior very seriously, such as chancellor Nicolas Wiedemann and Vice Chancellor Gus H. became upset from the "lack of respect" for Excelsior. As Excelsior devolved into unprofessionalism, thee situation became more dire until President Wurnbash and Chancellor Wiedemann reached an agreement to kick out many members of the Discord if they continued to break Discord rules.

March coup attempt

On March 30th, 2022, leader of the Juche-Thatcherist Party, Chet had gone on a rant about how the Excelsioran government should denounce France because "[The] Eiffel Tower is ugly," which devolved into racism towards French people saying "The French are dirty and poor and marry their teachers." Seeing a lack of response from the President and Chancellor Chet declared himself the "new President of Excelsior as a temporary president" until Wurnbash returned. He then held an "election", winning 2 votes with 1 vote for opposition in order to certify his rule as president. During his fifty minutes of time as "president" he declared martial law because the Excelsioran government was under a coup, proceeding to enact only three policies: That a 37 excel bill be created with his face, the denouncing of France, and the removal of all ministers, previous cabinet members and the Chancellor, all in order to maintain Wurnbash's rule as he saw them as opposition. Once the government realized what was going on, Chet and other members of the party were banned from the server and the era of unprofessionalism began to die down.

Gaplan breakoff

In March 2022, President Silas Wurnbash spontaneously created a motion in the Excelsioran Senate to declare war on Gapla. He said that President Chelsea Chen was controlled by former President Wyatt Baek and that Gapla needed change. The motion, which took many by surprise, received a furious response from Chancellor Nicolas Wiedemann, who delivered a speech in response containing multiple explitives which later became a meme within Excelsior. After demanding to speak with Wurnbash and calling him via telephone, negotiations took place and Gapla was informed. The motion was killed, and Wiedemann proposed that Excelsior breakk ofo all relations with Gapla and instead "live and let live" to avoid further conflict, He said that there had always been conflict between Excelsior and Gapla and that it was time to end it for the good of both nations. Wurnbash reluctantly agreed, as well as Minister of Foreign Affairs Wyatt Baek of Gapla, and the treaty breaking relations was signed later in the month.

The move marked a major turning point in Excelsioran history. Excelsior and Gaplan history have always been close as the two nations have often been tense allies or rivals. Excelsior relied on Gapla for much of its existence and the breakoff of relations was celebrated as "independence from Gapla" within Excelsior. Gapla day is still celebrated as well.

April reforms

In early April of 2022, multiple problems with the Excelsioran government system began to pile up, including multiple states which only had 2 citizens, or Senators who never voted. President Wurnbash and Chancellor Wiedemann held a conference to discuss the problems, and ended up drafting a proposal for an overhaul of the Excelsioran government, the "April Reforms". Excelsior would reform to a confederation of 4 highly autonomous "Republics", each with a Premier. The Senate would become direct-democratic, with any citizen being able to vote in it, and the Governor's Council would be reformed to the upper house of the legislature, the Federal assembly, with representatives, proportional to the number of citizens in each republic, appointed by the Premier. The reforms also abolished the Presidential Committee as a house of legislature, opting instead for bills to go directly to the President. Later, a 5th Republic, Dave, was added.

The reforms were introduced to the Excelsioran public with great fanfare on 6 April 2022, and were adopted by the Senate the same day. The reforms solved many of the institutional problems in the Excelsioran government, including some inactivity and much of the "unprofessionality" in government. directly after the reforms, the "new golden era" of Excelsior began.

Rise of monarchism

After the April reforms, Excelsior politics took a turn to a new issue, being monarchism. Since January 2022 support for the monarchy, specifically from the dominant Democratic Party and the Invictus Republic, has grown, which has brought greater relevance to the monarchy as a political issue. In March 2022 Andrew Brotherton established the Republican Front, an anti-monarchist and Christian democratic political party opposed to the monarchy. The Democratic Party also added monarchism as an official ideology. in March and April, President Silas Wurnbash attempted to pass two new laws, one outlawing speaking out against the monarchy, and another making it illegal to remove the monarchy. Both bills failed in the Senate, but Wurnbash used an executive order to pass the latter bill into law. Since then Wurnbash has vowed to protect the monarchy at all costs, and it usually political opponents with anti-monarchists.

Monarchy of Townsville

The Special Administrative region of Townsville briefly became a localized monarchy in April of 2022, with Joshua Schnurman becoming Archduke of Townsville. Silas Wurnbash originally vowed to protect the Townsvillian monarchy, seeing it as an extension of the national monarchy, but when it was revealed the Townsvillian monarchy had no ties to the national one and was legally considered to be illegitimate, Wurnbash attempted to remove the Townsvillian monarchy as it was in opposition to the national one. It was later legally removed and Townsville reverted to a republican system.

New Golden era

Directly after the April Reforms, the "New Golden Era" of Excelsioran politics began, which brought about changes to the Excelsioran government in its professionality, with the government being much more organized and formal than before, and changes within the regional politics of Excelsior too, further isolating states, now Republics, and leading to active regional politics within each republic. During this era, Excelsioran culture also flourished, and Excelsior gained multiple new diplomatic allies. During the new golden era, the Excelsioran government was also modernized, updating old laws and historical records, which eventually led to a new constitution being drafted. Political unity also became more prevalent than ever before, when the Democratic Party and Worker's Party, famously political rivals, formed the National Coalition to lead government, as well as the alliance between the communist Faction of Dave and the Democratic Party as well.

During this era, the Excelsioran government also became more streamlined and efficient, with Chancellor Nico Wiedemann announcing new initiatives around active government departments, and cutting the number of ministries from 12 to 5. Detailed laws surrounding the monarchy of Excelsior were put in place to prevent confusion about its existence in conjuncture with a presidential republic. Chancellor Nicolas Wiedemann also went to the first official summit with an Excelsioran ally in-person on 16 April 2022, when he visited micronationalist and President of Benjastan Benjamin Pickles in Paris, Ontario, for the Benjamin Pickles-Nicolas Wiedemann 2022 summit. The summit was highly publicized and lasted 2 days.

Secularity debate

Excelsioran Constitutional Reforms

Departure of Micah

Excelsioran National Elections

Return of the Juche-Thatcherites

On 16 April 2022, private negotiations between Silas Wurnbash and Chet opened up a micronational "deal" where New Brooklyn, then the Democratic People's Commonwealth of Brooklyn, would become a city state, having an independent government while being a territory of Invictus. The negotiations were rather one-sided, with Wurnbash refusing to accept the deal and were henceforth closed. The negotiations opened back up on May 5th, where after hours of specifications, the then Democratic Peoples Commonwealth of Brooklyn, and all its residents, where permitted to re-enter excelsior as a city-state of Invictus. The residents included its founders Chet, and Henry Dalzell, who were also responsible for the March 30th Coup attempt. These two now serve under a faction of the Democratic Party, the National Faction, but also rule as the semi-autonomous "Supreme Leaders" of New Brooklyn. The deal did not affect excelsioran politics as its effects were mostly centered in Invictus, but it did bring back the Juche-Thatcherites to national politics.

Sidewalk War

Invictisian Sovereigntism movement

Political Parties

Logo Name Spectrum Ideology Secretary Federal Assembly
Worker's party logo.png Worker's Party

(Also called the "Socialist Union")

Left to Far-left Official:

Socialism (DSLP Wing) Communism (CPD) Anti-fascism

Factions: Federal pluralism, Communal Socialism,

Direct Democracy, Eco-socialism, Social Democracy,

Demcoratic Socialism, Pan-leftism, Marxism-Leninism

Collective leadership
6 / 14
CPDlogo.png Communist Party of Dave

(Faction of the Worker's Party)

Far-left Communism, Marxism,

Davish Nationalism

Collective Leadership
1 / 14
As member of WPE.
DPE1.png Democratic Party Left-wing Social liberalism, social democracy, progressivism,

militarianism, anti-fascism

Silas W.
6 / 14
Engineeringlogo.png Engineering Party Left-



Anti-Militarism, Democratic Socialism

Gus H.
0 / 14
Flag of the JTP.png Economist Party Off-compass Thatcherism, Free-market communism,

Extreme monarchism

Chet & Henry Dalzell
0 / 14
LCP Logo.png Libertarian-Conservative


Right-Wing Libertarianism, Minarchism, Social conservatism Wyatt Seungri Baek
0 / 14
Logo of the Republican front (Excelsior).svg Republican Front Far-right Republicanism, oligarchism, social conservatism, Christian Democracy Andrew Brotherton
1 / 14

Administrative Divisions


Interstatal conflict

Many states can become engaged in interstatal conflict, where states declare war against each other. These conflicts are common, and often arise over personal disputes or monetary issues. States also form their own militaries, except for Grandsia, which, despite engaging occasionally in wars, only fights in wars when instructed to by the federal government. The state wars are often moderated by the government, and the government can step in and end them if they get out of hand, though states have been known to even fight the federal army on occasion, such as in the invictus- granolan civil war.


A territory is classified as a state more than 50 miles from the capitol, or if the chancellor and president agree to deem it one. Territories have mayors, who effectively serve as governors, but can not impose taxes. Mayors also do not have to serve as senators.

Special Administrative and Economic Regions

A special administrative and economic region, or SAER, is a small piece of land with a governor, that acts as a special region of the nation more autonomous than a territory but not large enough to be a state. There is currently one SAER, Alis City.

Subjugated Territories

For any nation absorbed into Excelsior in a war, they are made a subjugated territory as a act of humiliation. These territories hold no rights or power. The territories are very disputed, as the Worker's Party, being anti-imperialism, is opposed to them. Chancellor Nicolas Wiedemann has called Excelsior's policy of subjugating absorbed states "abhorrent" and "colonialist".

Administrative Divisions of Excelsior
Name Flag Emblem Capital Administrator Government Population Representatives Photograph
Special Administrative and Economic Regions
SAERTC City AlisCityCoA.png Alis City Queen Finny I Constitutional Monarchy 5 N/A Capitol gardens - excelsior.jpg
Townsville Administrative Region Townsvilleflag.png Coat of Arms Townsville (Second Design).png Palacio de la Región Especial Joshua Schnurman Mayor-Council Government 7 N/A
Constituent Republics
Socialist Grandsian Republic


Flag of the Grandsian Republic.jpg Grandsian emblem.png New Codak Nicolas Wiedemann Direct Democratic


20 4
Invictus Republic


Invictus Emblem.png
Fortress of


Silas Wurnbash Military Government 30 6
Goose Island Republic

(Goose Island)

Goose island flag.png
Goose Island Emblem.png
Chesterville Gus Hoyt Direct Democratic


10 2
Riel Islands Republic

(Riel Islands)

Flag of the United Cantons of Concorde.jpg None designated Spider Island Benjamin Pickles Direct Democratic


7 1
Dave Republic


Dave.jpg None designated Davenport Felix R.C. None designated 5 1
Subjugated territory of dylanland Subjugated territories are not entitled to flags n/a n/a n/a n/a 3
Subjugated territory of duckland Subjugated territories are not entitled to flags n/a n/a n/a n/a 1
Subjugated territory of granola Subjugated territories are not entitled to flags n/a n/a n/a n/a 4
Duckland Notes Dylanland Notes
After suffering a brutal defeat at the hands of Excelsior, Duckland surrendered 5 days later for the price of $0.11 cents USD in war reparations. After being defeated by Excelsior in the Excelsior-Dylanland War,

Dylanland was absorbed into Excelsior as a subjugated territory. "Dylanland Sucks Day" is now a major federal holiday.


Premiers are the leaders of the Republics, elected or appointed by the state government, and are allowed to create and run state governments. They maintain authority over their states unless their state government is formed in a way in which they do not, such as if the state's constitution gives all power to an elected assembly. Premiers appoint Representatives to serve in the Federal Assembly and work with the Premier-General in Republic meetings.

Premiers of Excelsior
Governor Party Republic Term
Nicolas Wiedemann Workers Party Grandsia August 28th, 2020 - incumbent
Silas Wurnbash Democratic Party Invictus August 28th, 2020 - incumbent
Felix R.C. Workers Party Dave No data
Gus H. Engineering party Goose island January 15th, 2021 - incumbent
Benjamin Pickles Workers Party Riel Islands No data

Government and Administration

Excelsior has a very rich government system, with numerous checks and balances to ensure democracy. As well as being a constitutional monarchy, Excelsior is a democracy as well. Presidents, Governor-Generals, and chancellors are elected. There are five main branches of Excelsioran government, with each one helping balance the others' power.

Executive Branch

The Executive branch of Excelsior consists of the Chancellor at its head, and the national cabinet. The executive oversees the day-to-day operation of Excelsior, regulates government services, creates ministries, and runs and operates the interior government. The executive branch also presides over other branches to make sure they are running according to the instruction of government. Ministers are appointed to assist the Chancellor in specific divisions of the interior government. The branch works closely with the Presidential branch to ensure cooperation and preside over the general national operation of Excelsior. All public services and government services are controlled by the executive branch. The branch also controls the federal reserve, but it requires substantial senate and judiciary oversight to carry out any action.


The Federal Vice-Chancellor of the Republic, or the Vice-Chancellor, is a federal officer appointed by the Chancellor. They are second in the line of succession to the chancellorship, and assume office if the chancellor dies, resigns, or is incapacitated. The Vice-Chancellor can be made acting chancellor by executive order; however this has never occurred. There have currently been 4 Vice-Chancellors. Since the Vice-Chancellorship retains no executive power the office is often seen as a ceremonial gift, and the Chancellor selects a politician they believe worthy of the honor. The Vice-Chancellor acts as a special adviser to the chancellor, and oversees any ministries or assignments the Chancellor appoints them to. The Vice-Chancellor is traditionally one of the top level cabinet ministers.

Vice-Chancellors of Excelsior
Name Political Party Term Notes Chancellor
Peleg DDP August 28th, 2020 - January 1st, 2021 Discharged Nicolas Wiedemann
Miles b. DSL January 1st, 2021 - June 2021 Discharged
Ben O.S. DSL June, 2021 - October 28th, 2021 Discharged
Gus H. Engineering October 28th, 2021 - incumbent Youngest ever federal officer.


The Excelsioran Interior Government is split into 6 departments, each specializing in a specific government sector or service. The departments are led by Secretaries, appointed by the Chancellor. The chancellor is responsible for the oversight, creation, and operation of the Departments and has control over all departments except the Department of Homeland security and Defense, which is controlled by the President as part of the military. The departments work together, as well as with the Chancellor, to determine government policy, coordinate government services are responsible for the wellbeing of Excelsioran citizens and the operation of the Excelsioran Federal government. Often, Secretaries simply assist the Chancellor with small tasks while the Chancellor operates the majority of the department.

Seal Department Minister Term
Department of Home Affairs Excelsior Logo.png Department of Home Affairs Micah W. 21 May 2022 - Incumbent
Department of the Treasury Excelsior Logo.png Department of the Treasury Chet 21 May 2022 - Incumbent
Department of Foreign Affairs logo Excelsior.png Department of Foreign Affairs Gus H. 20 April 2022 - Incumbent
Department of Conservation Excelsior Logo.png Department of Conservation Felix R.C. 21 May 2022 - Incumbent
Department of Homeland Security and Defense Excelsior Logo.png Department of Homeland Security and Defense Silas Wurnbash 27 August 2020 - Incumbent
Department of Civil Security and Law Excelsior.png Department of Civil Security and Law Dylan Y. 21 May 2022 - Incumbent

Presidential Branch

The logo of the Parliament of Excelsior, consisting of the People's Senate and Federal Assembly.

The Presidential branch consists of the Federal President, currently Silas Wurnbash and Vice-President, as well as the National Defense Department, National Defense advisor, and the National Military. The branch is responsible for Defense and security, as well as state affairs. The President is active in government and appoints multiple government officers, as well as issuing executive orders, working closely with Republic Premiers, and working with the Chancellor to run the government. The President's main function is the power to veto or approve laws passed by the senate and federal assembly, and thus the branch works closely with the legislative branch. The Federal President is head of state but has a lower seniority than the Chancellor, an uncommon arrangement unique to Excelsior.

Legislative branch

The legislative branch of Excelsior consists of the Parliament of Excelsior, which is separated into two houses, the People's Senate and the Federal Assembly. The branch is responsible for voting on motions and bills, lawmaking, and determining major government policy, structure, and regulation through law. Every citizen of Excelsior is allowed to participate in the Legislative Branch as members of the People's Senate, making the branch an active part of the Excelsioran government. The Parliament is led by the Chancellor as Chair. The Chair oversees Parliament and ensures its proper functioning.

The logo of the Federal Senate.

People's Senate

The People's Senate of Excelsior is the lower house of the Excelsioran Parliament, where motions for new laws or other government actions are submitted and voted on, to send to the Federal Assembly. Any Excelsioran citizen present on the official government Discord server may propose and vote on motions in the Senate, making Excelsior a semi-direct democracy. Once a motion passes the Senate, it becomes a bill and is sent to the federal assembly to be voted on. Before the April Federative Reforms, the Senate consisted of appointed Senators, first appointed by the President and Chancellor and later by "Electors". This system was abolished in favor of direct democracy in April 2022.

Federal Assembly

The Federal Assembly is the upper house of the Excelsioran Parliament. The Assembly consists of Representatives from each constituent Republic appointed by Republic Premiers, proportional to the population of their respective Republics. The Assembly votes on bills that have passed the People's Senate, works with the Premier-General to communicate with the federal Government as local government representatives, and convenes to recall or amend laws at the Premier-General's will.

Judicial branch

The judicial branch consists of the Federal Court System, formed of the Federal Constitutional Court (FCC) and the Federal Supreme Criminal Court, or the Supreme Court (FSCC). The branch is responsible for guiding appeals, ruling on civil suits, ruling on and determining punishment for criminal cases, and determining the interpretation of constitutional and federal laws.

Government services

The Government of Excelsior offers a wide range of services to the nation's citizens, from healthcare advice to weather data. A national weather monitoring station is set up in Capitol Palace, and provides weather alerts, warnings, and updates for citizens. Along with the essentials services provided by ministries, departments, and bureaus, Excelsior has some services that don't fall into a specific department, and are dealt with purely as a service to the people.

Postal service

Excelsior has a rudimentary postal service which can be used through a secure form and sent to government members. The government does issue commemorative postal stamps which may be attached as a file to emails, but these are completely free, and are simply commemorative.

Excelsior National News Channel (ENNC)

the ENNC is Excelsior's government-run news channel, broadcast on Youtube and through a newsletter. While many citizens prefer to read private newspapers, like The Excelsior or The Excelsioran, many citizens do tune into ENNC. ENNC is run by Senator Gus and Chancellor Nicolas Wiedemann, and their slogan is "Excelsior's network for news!", though recently the government has begun to hand over the ENNC to Lola G., Minister for informational services.


Elections in Excelsior occur at the Federal and Local level, With local elections in each republic as well as national election for some high-level government officers. All national executive federal officers, being the President, Chancellor, and Premier-General, and the executive judicial officials, being the Justices of the Supreme Court are elected at the Federal level. Within the five constituent Republics, positions up for election are decided by the local governments. Republics may choose to either have their Premier appointed by the President and Chancellor or have them elected.

Monarchy of Excelsior

Despite being a republic in name and government, Excelsior is still de jure a kingdom under the reign of Her Royal Majesty Queen Finn. The Monarchy is enshrined in the constitution of Excelsior, but is guaranteed minimal powers. The monarch, or sovereign of Excelsior is granted the title of Mayor Alis City, the Capitol of Excelsior, and may issue royal decrees that hold no legal standing. The Queen is not the head of state, with the head of state being the President. It is illegal to attempt to remove the monarchy within Excelsior, a highly contested law which was passed via an unpopular executive order by President Silas Wurnbash after the bill failed in the Senate. Queen Finny is not active in the Excelsioran Government or Excelsiroan politics and rarely exercises her powers. Since the monarchy has such little power, Excelsioran Government has designated Excelsior to be a republic, and today the Excelsioran Monarchy only exists in government de jure while still holding influence in politics. Formerly, Excelsior was known as the United States of the Grand Kingdom of Excelsior.


The current monarch is Her Royal Majesty Queen Finn I, also known as Queen Finny. There is no data on when she assumed the throne, but government estimates suggest that it was around 1 January 2021. Assuming the throne at age 5, Queen Finn is the first monarch of Excelsior, and has reigned before the official adoption of the Excelsioran constitution.

Crown Jewels and other artifacts

Royal artifacts officially designated by the Department of the Treasury as being priceless artifacts essential to Excelsioran history are recognized as Crown Jewels of Excelsior and are housed in the Federal Treasury. Today, the collection includes multiple crowns as well as other ornaments.

Coat of arms of the Excelsioran Military.

Military and defense

The National Royal Military of Excelsior is the armed forces of the Excelsior Republic. The military consists of 3 branches, the National Army, the Naval and Aerial Force, and Force Fourteen. Led by Commander-General Silas W. as President of Excelsior, the military has often been used to put down civil conflict, such as the 2022 Excelsioran Coup d'état Attempt. The Commander-General is the supreme leader of the military, and is assisted by the Defense Advisor, and the Branch Leaders.


The supreme leader and commander of the military is the President of the Republic of Excelsior, given the title of Commander-General. The current Commander-General is Silas W. The Commander-General performs and authorizes military operations and appoints generals. The Commander-General is assisted by the Defense Advisor, currently Nicolas Wiedemann, who advises the Commander-General on procedure and military policy. The military is divided into 3 branches, the National Army, the National Air Force, and Force Fourteen. Each is led by a Branch Leader, who holds the rank of Major General, and commands their respective branch. The Commander-General, Branch Leaders, and Defense Advisor make up the Military High Command.

National Army

The Army of Excelsior is the ground force of the Excelsioran military. Comprised of over 15 servicemembers, the branch is responsible for on the ground combat and most military action. As the largest branch in the Military, it oversees most military operations. The branch has the most engagements and traditionally fights in live combat. The National army is the oldest branch and has heavy influence from the state of Invictus. It is led by Major General Lola G.

An Excelsioran soldier of the National Army in the Forest War.

Aerial and Naval Force

The Aerial and Naval force of the military is responsible for military action on sea and in the air, as well as aiding the National Army in combat. Comprised of a fleet of two ships and one drone, the ANF, as it is commonly called, carries out surveillance missions and operates in areas where the army can't reach. The Radio and Signal Corps., which are responsible for monitoring radio waves, are integrated into the ANF. The ANF is led by Marshal Nicolas Wiedemann.

Force 14

Force 14 is the special operations unit of the Excelsioran military, and assist the National army in special operations. To be accepted into the force you must have passed the trials to become a member of the EWI, an external group outside of Excelsior that trains soldiers for the Excelsioran Military. Those that pass the EWI it are tested in armed and unarmed combat in all conditions, with tests of battlefield tactics and military history being taught as well. Once one transitions to Force 14, they are assessed on their strengths and given a specific battle role.

The force acts as a united squad and is led by their leader, Major General Arlo W.


The military is completely autonomous from the Government of Excelsior, as its responsibility is to serve the people. This allows the military to carry out foreign operations without authorization from the government, which occasionally leads to military operations that are condemned by the Government of Excelsior. The Military is an arm of the state, and not the government, according to Excelsioran law, and is only bound by Excelsioran federal laws, Federal Rulings, and legislative orders such as passed motions by the Senate.

Foreign relations and policy

Main article: Foreign Relations of Excelsior

Excelsior has open foreign policy and has diplomatic relations with multiple other nations. Excelsior maintains close diplomacy with the Federated States of Gapla and established first contact with them as the first diplomatic treaty signed by Excelsior. Excelsior has also entered into a mutual defense pact with the East Galway Commune. In February of 2022, the Excelsioran Senate passed a bill stating that Excelsior shall seek to attain either GUMor Cupertino Alliance membership, depedning on which organization is favored by the public by 2023. Excelsior is not recognized by any UN member states.


The Federated States of Gapla is currently Excelsior's largest and most influential ally. After the Gapla crisis was resolved a treaty between the two nations was signed, with each promising to support eachother, and to not engage in war with eachother. Today, relations are close, with many Gaplan politicians such as Wyatt Seungri Baek participating in Excelsioran politics, and large trade deals being accomplished between the nations as well. Excelsior operates the ministry of Gaplan affairs, a ministry dedicated to Gapla, and maintains a virtual embassy in Gapla. Gapla has done the same, with a minister of Excelsioran affairs, and an embassy and consulate in Excelsior.

Unilateral Recognition

Mutual Recognition and diplomatic relations

Mutual recognition and no diplomatic relations

Unrecognized and denounced nations


Excelsior has ambassadors to other nations, with one being macronational. Ralf M.M. Stultiëns, a member of the dutch local government, serves as Excelsioran ambassador to the Netherlands, and recognizes the nation. Excelsior views this as "partial recognition by a member of the Dutch government". Excelsior has also received a request for ambassadorship from an unknown source in India.

Diplomatic Missions

Excelsior occasionally sends ambassadors on diplomatic missions to other nations. The chancellor has served on a diplomatic mission in Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico.


Excelsior has varying scores in terms of different micronational classification systems. Excelsior usually scores average to well on these classifications.

Boodlesmythe-Tallini System of Classification:

Excelsior scores "Bricks-and mortar, small, statehood" on this scale, and therefore would be a 5th world nation. This is the third highest score available.

Dresner's System of Classification:

on the Dresner's System of Classification, Excelsior scores a 3.6, with the answers 3+5+3+2+5 = 18/15 = 3.6. this is classified as "A very average micronation, they exist en masse. No need to ignore them, but they probably aren't very special or interesting. Often it is hard to tell the difference between them, and if they stay at this level for a long time it is probably because of a lack of population, time, effort, and/or interest.". This score is usually noted as high.

Economic Potential Index:

Excelsior scores low on the EPI, at only a 1.8.

Freayth's System of Classification:

excelsior scores a 4.7 on the Freayth's System of Classification, with the answers of 3+2+3+2+3+1 = 14/3 = 4.7, describing it therefore as "An influential and advanced micronation".

Linden's Revised System of Classification:

Excelsior scores a 5+5+5+5+3 = 23/5 = 4.6, an amazing score. This, however, is considered to be an anomaly. Under this score, if true, excelsior would be described as "One of the most significant micronations (eg. St.Charlie, the Nemkhav Federation etc). There was a lot of effort involved in getting the micronation to this level. Once here, it is quite difficult for the nation to fall back down unless it becomes inactive, like Petorio."


Flag of the Excelsioran Archipelago

Excelsior is split into two main geographical regions: "Capitol Excelsior," and the "Excelsioran Archipelago." The latter is a small string of rock "islands," locate in a 0.5 mile area along the coast of the north fork of Long Island, ranging from 9 to 356 feet off the coast. the islands fluctuate in size, from smallest being 9 square feet to the largest being 500 square feet. The archipelago is the largest landmass of Excelsior, consisting of 12 islands. The archipelago also consists of Excelsior's maritime claim, which extends 1,000 feet from the coast for a length of 0.5 miles. Capitol Excelsior, on the other hand, is a landlocked region of the nation located in the middle of New York City, USA. The Federal government is seated here, in the states of Invictus and Grandsia. The Capital city, Alis City, is located in Capitol Excelsior, and is the region's namesake.

A satellite photo of the archipelago, with states circled. Note that the state of Praia, located far from the main archipelago, is not shown in this picture.

Excelsioran Archipelago

The Excelsioran archipelago is Excelsior's largest landmass. With the maritime claims included, it comes in at around an area of 98 acres. Each state is given an island within the archipelago. Most states only maintain their archipelagic claim, with only 3 states maintaining claims outside of the archipelago. Despite this, the area is low in population. Its average elevation, as most of it is at sea level give the fact that it is made up of islands, is relatively low, ranging anywhere from 6 inches to ten feet. The islands are primarily formed of stone.

Capitol Excelsior

Capitol excelsior is the main urban and landlocked region of the nation, consisting of two houses in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Park Slope. While most citizens do not reside on the Excelsioran territory in Capitol excelsior, with only 9 permanent residents, many citizens reside in the Excelsioran "sphere of influence", which includes the neighborhoods of Park slope and Windsor Terrace.


The climate of Excelsior is generally a humid-subtropical climate. On average, it rains 119 times per year in Excelsior. Snowfall is rare in Excelsior, with an average of 12 days a year receiving snowfall. in 2021, Excelsior experienced 8 days of snow.

Excelsioran climate data:

Average Temperatures of Excelsior (source: NOAA)
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Mean maximum °F (°C) 59.6


























Average high °F (°C) 38.3


























Daily mean °F (°C) 32.6


























Average low °F (°C) 26.9


























Mean minimum °F (°C) 9.2


























Climate data for Excelsior
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average precipitation inches (mm) 3.65


























Average snowfall inches (cm) 7.0


























Average precipitation days (≥ 0.01 in) 10.4 9.2 10.9 11.5 11.1 11.2 10.4 9.5 8.7 8.9 9.6 10.6 122.0
Average snowy days (≥ 0.1 in) 4.0 2.8 1.8 0.3 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.2 2.3 11.4
Source: NOAA

These are part of the Capitol gardens of Excelsior's Capitol Palace.

Urban region and architecture

Main article: Excelsioran Cities

Excelsior has many cities, spread across its territory. New Codak, the Capitol of Grandsia and seat of the Federal and Grandsian state Governments, despite not being the capital, is located in the state of Grandsia. The fortress of Invictus, the second most populous city, consists of the military training grounds and Fort Excelsior, and produces all supplies for the military. Alis City, the capital of the nation and seat of the monarchy, consists of Capitol Palace, the official residence of the Chancellor, and the Capitol Gardens, as well as the government centre, the Chancellor's office, and Excelsior labs.

Smaller cities

In addition to many major cities, Excelsior has a few smaller cities as well. Chesterville, the capital of the State of Goose Island, is located on the south side of Goose Island, and was founded by Vice-Chancellor Gus H. Praia City, a small town just bordering New Codak, was created by Leo W., Praia's Governor, and has since been left in a state of abandonment.

Capitol Palace

Capitol Palace is the official residence of the Chancellor, located in Grandsia and Alis City. It is a city home with the office of the chancellor and the government centre, as well as the Excelsioran embassy, and the residence, where the Chancellor and their family live. It is also known in Excelsior for its gardens, which produce raspberries, a large product of Excelsior. The chancellor works and resides in the southern wing, and the Queen in the north wing.

Collapse of the Joshua L. Schnurman Foundation Bridge

The Joshua L. Schnurman Foundation Suspension Bridge after its collapse, at around 11:53 AM.

The Joshua L. Schnurman Foundation Bridge was a suspension bridge in the Townsville territory in Capitol Excelsior. Built by Joshua Schnurman, it was completed on 21 January 2022 to great fanfare. Made out of "scandalous amounts of tape," twine, and playing cards, it connected the two main regions of the Townsville territory and was the largest bridge ever built in Excelsior, after the S.I.D. Memorial Bridge in Grandsia. On 25 January 2022, the bridge’s load limit was greatly exceeded, causing the deck to buckle. The bridge was quickly closed. At 11:49 on the same day, the road deck bowed even further down, pulling the left tower with it and causing it to collapse on top of the deck. The bridge was demolished later.

Scientific research and development

With the creation of the Ministry of Scientific Advancement and Research in April, the government began to invest large sums of money into scientific advancement. With a $168 grant from private donors, and about $170 in government money, a lab was constructed in capitol palace. Studies and experiments have since been regularly carried out to greater advance the Government's scientific knowledge.

A government Scientist working on a Vitamin C test experiment.
Chemical storage in the Capitol Palace lab.

Chemistry Department

The main focus of the Ministry of Scientific Advancement and Research is on chemistry, with many experiments, such as copper sulfate crystallization, or capsaicin extraction being connected to that topic. Currently, the government plans to begin a program to extract capsaicin from peppers. A larger experiment, set to end in late June of 2021, is directed at studying and subsequently creating a scale for Vitamin C measurement.

Space Program

While no such program is in place, the government planned to launch a space program in early July of 2021, with test flight planned to reach an altitude of about 300-600 feet. Already, a prototype of the government's planned DBA-1 rocket is under construction.


The Excelsioran economy is a mixed-market economy, primarily based in government, with around 90% of the economy being government-controlled. It is quite regulated, with some political factions calling for more regulation. The economy is currently valued at around $760-860.

Democratic Socialism

Excelsior is a mix of democratic and state socialism, with the education, healthcare, energy, military, government, and housing industries nationalized by the government. Private industry is permitted and many small companies trade virtual goods for excels.

Economy Over Time

A chart showing the Excelsioran economy over the past year.

The Excelsioran economy is subject to high fluctuation as the government limits its trades to high-risk, large-profit investments. The Excelsioran economy reached an all-time high on October 19th, 2020, when it was valued at about $1160. On November 10th, 2020, the economy fell by 33%, resulting in losses up to $200. Three days later, a 22-day national emergency was declared via executive order by the chancellor, and the government pulled out of all investments. The economy recovered and has since stayed relatively stable, increasing on December 26th, 2020 by $170. In April of 2021, Excelsior ceased investing in the market.


Currently, Excelsior uses the Excel, its own currency pegged at 0.25 to the USD. Excels are used within the nation for transactions between citizens and to buy goods. Excels are printed by the federal reserve and stored at ExcelsiorBank in SAERTC city. All transactions are controlled by ExcelsiorBank, the nation's only bank, which is operated and controlled by the ministry of finance. Government workers are paid in Excels, which can the be used to buy goods around the nation.[2]


Currently, Excels come in denominations of 10, 20, 50, 200, 20,000, and 500,000, with plans for 10,000, 100,000, 1,000,000, and 18,000 notes. The 10 EX$ dollar note features the New York Skyline, the 20 note features the national bird, the Eurasian Kestrel, the 50 features president Silas W., the 200 and 20,000 feature chancellor Nicolas W., and the 500,000 features HRM the Queen Finny. Each note is equiped with anti-counterfeit measures such as secret fingerprints. the 500,000 notes are signed by the queen and have a 18k gold strip.[2]


For companies that are registered in Excelsior and hold a permit, there is a 25% corporate income tax on income in USD. There is a 10% income tax on excels, and for those who earn more than 600 excels a day, a 17% tax. Tax is collected every other month. There are currently plans to introduce a %10 federal sales tax as well, but currently, there is no federal sales tax. Governors may set their own taxes in their respective states.[2]


Excelsior recognizes companies, but the process to become one is hard. Reforms have been suggested to ease the process, but currently, there are none. To be allowed to operate in Excelsior, you must first apply for a permit, either online or through email. This permit must be approved by the Chancellor and president, and overseen by the secretary of the economy. Once your permit is approved, it must be renewed yearly. To sell goods intended for consumption by a living entity, you must obtain a second permit through the same process. The largest two companies are hayes industries and Bobo Enterprises, with the latter being satirical, and not intended to generate a profit.

Culture and media

The culture of Excelsior is one that takes influence from Britain, Italy, Germany, and the United States. It is quite diverse, and is shaped by its citizens, though it takes heavy influence from the decisions of the government as well. Excelsior is a very patriotic nation, having over 10 different national symbols, and a national drink, meal, bird, toy, and much more, as well as being very proud of its culture. Excelsior also has a rather important news and media section of its culture, with most citizens watching the ENNC, Excelsior's main broadcasting channel, for national news. Excelsior does have a variation of the english language as its official state language, Excelsioran English, but British and American English, Brazilian Portuguese, and German are also official languages. Excelsior also has a national sport, Calvinball, which is among the only sports allowed to be played within the nation.

Cuisine of Excelsior

The cuisine of Excelsior, while still developing, stems from southern European cuisine, specifically Italian. The national dish is wild boar ragu, which is a dish native to Tuscany, and other commonly consumed meals, pasta bolognese with rigatoni, the official meal of Grandsia, is native to Bolonga. The national Drink of Excelsior is black tea, enjoyed by most citizens. The queen's favorite dish, macaroni au gratin, is native to southern Italy. Lots of Excelsior's cuisine is heavy in spices like basil, oregano, and black peppercorns. However, Excelsior's cuisine does take many formats, with a very traditional Excelsioran dish, most commonly popularized by the Queen, being caramelized pork over rice. The national cuisine also takes some influence from the United States, as the national dessert and most consumed dessert is mint ice cream, which is a staple food in New Codak. Another very commonly consumed meal in Excelsior is steak with chimichurri, which is customary to serve with guests. Considering the location of the nation, another traditional meal would of course be manhattan clam chowder, which is the official national soup. Meat is quite commonly consumed within the nation. Salads are also very popular, with Multiple variations that can be found only within Excelsior. Sanders prefecture of Grandsia is known for Strawberry salad, a salad consisting of romaine, strawberries, and parmesan cheese, with a cranberry dressing. The government grows basil, mint, and thyme in the Capitol Gardens, as well as raspberries, the main exported good of Excelsior. One commonly consumed vegetable within Excelsior is the sweet potato, again most consumed in the Grandsian Republic, which is usually served cubed and roasted. In terms of fish, Salmon is quite commonly enjoyed by the Excelsioran populace, usually with a small salad or potatoes.

Media and Television

Excelsior has a government-owned news channel, the Excelsior National News Channel, or ENNC, which is regularly broadcast on the nation's Youtube channel. This studio also broadcasts messages from officials to citizens. So far, no other alternatives to this news exist. Wohlfensohn Studios, a film studio created by Micah W., is the largest film studio in the nation, producing films for commissions. Literature is underdeveloped, with only a few books ever written by Excelsioran authors, but currently in development is a large biographical book of multiple Excelsioran figures, published by the Government.

A common Grandsian outfit.


A Trachten vest, commonly worn by the Chancellor for day to day use, and a facet of Excelsioran formal attire.

Excelsioran dress is influenced by German and American culture, with a traditional garment being a Trachten Vest, commonly worn in the Grandsian Republic. The Chancellor is wearing a trachten vest in his former official portrait, and regularly wears one for day-to-day use. Some other traditional garments include a cravat, which was in high popularity in late 2020. A common outfit which can be found in the capitol is a long-sleeve button-down shirt with a tie, and Bermuda shorts, usually worn by the chancellor during summer or by Grandsian citizens. In other regions of Excelsior such as the Invictus Republic, shorts and a simple t-shirt are common for citizens.

Visual Art

This is the official microball of Excelsior.

Art in the visual form is not a large part of Excelsioran culture, except for art in the form of Microballs, which is quite popular. The chancellor, Nicolas W., enjoys creating microballs.

Sports and Recreation

main article: calvinball

Excelsior has a national sport, Calvinball, which is the most-played sport in the nation. Calvinball is a deliberately absurd game created by Bill Waterson and his friend Calvin. In Excelsior, the game has been adapted a bit, but still resembles the original sport. When playing calvinball, players make up rues as they go. The only permanent rule is that the rules of one game may not be used again. Besides that, the only other permanent rules are that everyone must wear masks over their eyes, and the rules of the game will be reversed if you touch the opposite pole at the end of the field. Also, at the beginning of every calvinball game, the calvinball theme song must be sung. Here are the lyrics, written by the co-creator of the game, Calvin:

"Other kids' games are all such a bore!
They've gotta have rules and they gotta keep score!
Calvinball is better by far!
It's never the same! It's always bizarre!
You don't need a team or a referee!
You know that it's great, 'cause it's named after me!"

National symbols of Excelsior

The national symbols of Excelsior were chosen at its inception by Nicolas Wiedemann. The flag of Excelsior is red, black, and yellow, with red symbolizing life, yellow symbolizing hope, and black symbolizing power. The laurels on the flag symbolize peace. The bird featured in the center of the flag was originally intended to be an Eurasian Kestrel, but today most citizens interpret it as an eagle. When interpreted as a kestrel, it was intended to symbolize power despite small size, as kestrels are the smallest bird of prey in terms of size. The national symbols of the nation can be changed at any time by the chancellor and president, but the flag must be changed through a nationwide referendum.

National holidays

  • 15 January - Gapla day
  • 23 April - Chancellor day
  • 8 April- Dylanland sucks day
  • 9 April - prisoner of war and veteran's day
  • May - Victory over Dylanland Month
  • June - pride month
  • 4 July - America Sucks Day
  • August - independence month
  • 6 August - Duckland Sucks Day
  • 27 August - founder's day
  • 28 August - Independence day
  • 29 June - President's Day

*Bold denotes a major holiday.

National symbols

Flag Coat of Arms Sheild
FLAGOFEXCELSIOR.png Grand shield of Excelsior.png National tree Olive tree
The flag of the nation, featuring yellow

for hope, red for life, black for power, laurels for

peace, and a kestrel to symbolize the

deceptively small size of the nation.

The Coat of Arms for the nation, with

flags for sovereignty, a yellow rose for

friendship, oak laurels for New York,

wheat laurels for prosperity, an eagle

for power, the 5 original islands for the

founding, a star and sun for leadership,

a sword-scale, for military and justice,

a forest for the environment and a

crown for the queen.

The national shield, with a tree for

nature, a bear for power, wheat for

economy, and a crown for the monarchy.

National animal Eurasian kestrel
Grand Seal Legislative Cockade CoA of the Sovereign National bird European house sparrow
GOVSEAL.png Excelsior Cockade.png Coat of arms of Excelsior monarchy.png National meal Wild boar ragu
The grand seal features the national

shield, lady justice for justice, wheat

laurels for prosperity, a yellow rose for

diplomacy, and flags for sovereignity.

The legislative cockade features

national colors and is featured on

all motions in the senate.

The Coat of

Arms of the sovereign has a yellow rose

for diplomacy, and a crown and cape for

the monarchy. It is heavily based off the

Coat of arms of Lithuania.

National drink Black tea
National flower Yellow rose
National sport calvinball
National colors Red and yellow
National toy Classic Teddy Bear
National Anthem

O Fortuna, Lyrics by Silas W.

Standard of the government

Imagine, by John Lennon, adapted by epic orchestra.

Orchestral version.

Royal Anthem

Praise the Queen, Lyrics adapted by

Nicolas Wiedemann.

Awards and Medals

main article: Awards and Decorations of Excelsior

Excelsior has a large system of awards, with civilian and military awards. these awards are usually awarded by the chancellor.

Civilian awards

in order of prevalence, here are the civilian awards of Excelsior:

Award Awarded by Number Awarded Civilian bar or medal
Trimedal JCCP 2 Trimedal.png
High order of the Chancellor The chancellor 1
Order of the President The president 1
High Cross of her Majesty HRM The Queen 2
Order of honor the chancellor 2
Order of merit the chancellor 0
Order of High Achievment the chancellor 1

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