United Federation of the Terra Excelsior Republic

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United Federation of the Terra Excelsior Republic
Federação Unida da República Terra Excelsior (Portuguese)
Vereinigte Föderation der Republik Terra Excelsior (German)
Flag of Excelsior
Vectorized Coat of Arms of the United Federation of the Terra Excelsior Republic.svg
Coat of arms
Motto: "Liberty, Comradery, Democracy"
"Liberdade, Camaradagem, Democracia" (Portuguese)
"Freiheit, Kameradschaft, Demokratie" (German)
Anthem: "We Shall Advance"
Emblem of the United Federation of the Terra Excelsior Republic.png
Excelsior Map Improved green.png
Map of Excelsioran territorial claims.
CapitalAlis City
LargestFortress of Invictus
Official languages
Recognised national languages
Ethnic groups
No data
Demonym(s)Excelsioran Excelsorian (Disputed)
GovernmentDe jure: Semi-presidential representative federated republic
De facto: Semi-presidential anocratic federated republic
• President
Silas Wurnbash
Nicolas Caiazzo
Dante Winchester-Thanos
• Speaker of Parliament
Connor Hetner
• Chief Justice
Ben Olson
LegislatureFederal Parliament of the Republic
Federal Assembly
People's Senate
Independence from the United States
• Excelsioran independence conference
28 August 2020
• Excelsioran constitution
6 May 2021
• Treaty of Gaplan recognition
17 January 2021
• Reformation as a Federation
16 April 2022
• 2nd Constitution adopted
30 April 2022
30 July 2022
0.35 km2 (0.14 sq mi)
• 2023 estimate
GDP (nominal)2021 estimate
• Per capita
50,000 Excels
CurrencyExcelsioran-Libertasian Mark
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideleft
Calling code+1
Internet TLD.ex (planned), .us (de facto)
  1. The United States of the Terra Excelsior Republic was a member state of the New Micronations Internationale until its dissolution in October of 2021.

The United Federation of the Terra Excelsior Republic, formerly known as the United States of the Terra Excelsior Republic and more commonly known as Excelsior, is a self-proclaimed sovereign state, more commonly known as a micronation by external observers. Located in New York City in the United States of America, Excelsior is primarily formed of "occupied territory" in Brooklyn, New York. Divided into five highly autonomous "Republics", the nation is a federation with a strong central government. The "capitol republic", Grandsia, and most populous republic, Invictus, are the centers of government, and are located in "Capitol Excelsior," in Brooklyn.

Excelsior was founded on 28 August 2020 by the current Chancellor of the Republic, Nicolas Caiazzo. It follows a Representative Semi-Presidential Semi-Direct Federated government system, with elected leaders and a direct-democratic lower house of legislature, and an upper house comprised of representatives from each republic.

The leader of the Excelsioran Government is the Chancellor. The Chancellor, currently Nicolas Caiazzo, is elected by the people through a popular vote and serves as head of government. The Chancellor appoints secretaries to maintain and operate government departments, works with the President in determining government policy, and oversees the day-to-day functioning of the Interior Government. The President, currently Silas Wurnbash, is the Head of State and Commander-General of the Military. They hold the power to veto and sign laws bills into law, and work with the Chancellor to determine government policy, as well as issue executive orders. The nation's Parliament is divided into two houses, the People's Senate, and the Federal Assembly. All citizens of Excelsior can propose motions and vote in the People's Senate. Once a motion passes the Senate it is sent to the Federal Assembly, and is then approved or vetoed by the President. Despite a technically semi-direct democratic government, corruption and intimidation in government, as well as military influence, is common. Elections within Excelsior are officially free, but with limitations on certain parties and on some speech, as well as population structures which favor certain parties, Excelsioran elections are not necessarily fair. Excelsior scores 6.0 on the micronational democracy index, between a hybrid regime and a flawed demcoracy.

Excelsior is a federation of five highly autonomous "republics" much like the individual states of the USA, with each republic having its own government and distinct laws, yet under the jurisdiction of the federal government and must abide by federal law. Most citizens are active in both the politics of their republic and the federal government. Each republic is led by a Premier and is assigned seats in the Federal Assembly proportional to population. Premiers appoint Representatives to fill those seats. Once a law has passed the Federal Assembly, it may be signed into law or vetoed by the President. The Assembly is presided upon by the Premier-General, currently Dante Winchester-Thanos, who acts as a delegate between the Republics and federal government, and holds the power to recall legislation and bring it to a vote in the Federal Assembly. The Premier-General also serves as "Head of the Federation".

The Excelsioran economy is a mixed market economy under regulated capitalism, as the education, healthcare, energy, banking, and housing industries are nationalized by the government. Excelsior uses a joint currency, the Excelsioran-Libertasian Mark, for transactions made digitally.


The full name of the nation is The United Federation of the Terra Excelsior Republic. The "terra" in the name means "land" in Latin, and "Excelsior" means "higher" or "ever upward" in Latin. The name was chosen to project an image of Excelsior as a "progressive land". The motto of the nation is "Long Live the Republic".


Map of New Netherland, which included modern Excelsioran territory.


Excelsior was founded on land in Brooklyn, New York. The history of European settlement in Brooklyn spans more than 350 years. The settlement began in the 17th century as the small Dutch-founded town of "Breuckelen" on the East River shore of Long Island, grew to be a sizeable city in the 19th century and was consolidated in 1898 with New York City, the remaining rural areas of Kings County, and the largely rural areas of Queens and Staten Island, to form the modern City of New York. The territory claimed by Excelsior, covering large swaths of the neighborhoods of Park Slope and Windsor Terrace, became Excelsioran following its establishment as an independent state.

Independence and early expansion (August 2020 - April 2021)

Excelsior as a nation was founded 27 August 2020, by micronationalist Nicolas Caiazzo. Caiazzo had decided to found his own micronation after reading about micronationalism, and asked his friends to join his new nation, which he called "Excelsior". The communication of the founding of Excelsior to its original members was done via email, however to this day no official declaration of independence has been formally sent to the United States of America, from which Excelsior would secede on 28 August 2020, establishing itself as an independent nation. Emma G. was selected as the first President of Excelsior, however after her resignation after 24 hours, she was replaced briefly with Akash V.K. before Nicolas Caiazzo appointed then-defense secretary Silas Wurnbash to the role of President. Caiazzo selected himself as Chancellor and began working with Wurnbash to create the basic foundation for Excelsior. This involved creating a website, writing an independence declaration, and the drafting of a constitution. Today, the two are regarded as the co-founders of Excelsior.

Caiazzo and Wurnbash began to declare provisional government positions and bodies beginning in September 2020, however the nation soon fell inactive until November 2020, when new citizens began to join. Caiazzo and Wurnbash also declared provisional joint power over all national affairs until the drafting of a constitution was completed. During this time, a monarchy was established to further develop the government, and Excelsior was made a crowned republic. The monarchy, despite little inlfuence or attention, was able to survive under its first and only sovereign, Queen Finn I, and lasted throughout most of Excelsior history until her exile in the 2022 Excelsioran Revolution. However, the monarchy never influenced Excelsioran government by a substantial amount and was largely forgotten by most citizens.

The development of Excelsioran politics arose during this time, and was centered around the establishment of diplomatic relations with the Federated States of Gapla, one of the micronations which inspired Caiazzo to found Excelsior. Following what President Wurnbash found to be a "rude" response to a request for diplomatic relations made by him, he adopted a position of opposition to relations with Gapla, while Caiazzo began to push for relations. This would evolve into the "Gapla crisis", the first real political disagreement in Excelsior. The events of the "crisis" led to the creation of the first two political parties in Excelsior, the "Gaplan-Diplomatic Party", later the "Democratic-Diplomatic Party", and the "Democratic Directive Party", later the "Democratic-Militarian Party", the latter led by Wurnbash and the former by Caiazzo. The "crisis" ended after 3 months on 15 January 2021, when Gapla apologized for the diplomatic response and offered to establish relations with Excelsior, which was later finalized into a treaty. This strengthened the bond between Gapla and Excelsior, which would become a leading issue for the next year in Excelsioran politics. following this, the Democratic-Militarian Party dissolved into the Democratic-Diplomatic Party.

The first Constitution of Excelsior was adopted by Wurnbash and Caiazzo using provisional power on 6 March 2021, and with it the Excelsioran Government was officially established as the government of the Excelsioran state. The constitution's adoption also saw a significant shift in government function with the inclusion of Excelsior's first non-provisional legislature, the Excelsioran Senate. Senators were appointed by the President and Chancellor and could motion new laws as well as vote on them.

First era of development and further expansion (April 2021 - June 2021)

As the Excelsioran Government slowly began to develop and grow, so too did the population of Excelsior, which rose to about 30 citizens between April and June 2021. Excelsiorwas and to this day is a federal nation, and was divided originally into "states", which were often "created" by citizens and inducted into the union with little oversight. The development of state culture and influence has always been central to Excelsioran history, and larger states began to dominate Excelsioran federalism. Invictus, led by President Wurnbash, adopted a warrior culture and began to seek greater influence and power, while other states such as Grandsia, led by Chancellor Caiazzo, opted for a policy of pacifism.

In April 2021, a group of Excelsioran citizens led by Dylan Y. declared their secession from Excelsior, establishing the "Nation of Dylanland". Excelsior declared war on Dylanland with the intent to reabsorb it into the union. Under the command of President Wurnbash, Excelsior drove Dylanland to surrender on 21 May 2021. In the interest of promoting activity in the Excelsioran government, the secessionists were allowed back into Excelsior. Throughout the war, the main focus of Excelsioran politics shifted to policy on war and conflict, which eventually led to the breakup of the Democratic-Diplomatic Party into the militaristic Democratic Party, led by Silas Wurnbash, and the pacifist Democratic-Diplomatic Party, led by Nicolas Caiazzo. New parties were also created by citizens, most notably the Communist Party of Excelsior, led by Jasper Smith.

Discord establishment and expansion (June 2021 - November 2021)

Beginning in June 2021, a Discord server was established for citizens and the Excelsioran Government moved almost entirely from email to Discord, a move which would radically change Excelsioran politics.The server existed in a rudimentary state and began to become the center of government activity, with the Senate voting on bills through the server.

Silas Wurnbash commands troops in the Forest War.

From July to August 2021, Excelsioran government activity significantly diminished while Chancellor Nicolas Caiazzo was on vacation. From 1 August 2021 to 6 August 2021, Excelsior was engaged in the brief Forest War, which it won through negotiations with Duckland, the original aggressor in the war. On 28 August 2021 Excelsior celebrated one year since its independence.

The Excelsioran federalist system places a heavy influence on the power and autonomy of local subdivisions, which includes the tolerance of war or conflict between states. The first major Excelsior "civil war", as these conflicts would come to be known, began on 8 August 2021 when Invictus declared war on the state of Granola over its tampering with Invictisian Governor Silas Wurnbash's Democratic Party. multiple states joined into an alliance with Invictus to defeat Granola, while Communist Party dominated states joined an alliance with Granola. After the Granolan alliance "overstepped autonomy" and its officials threatened members of the Excelsioran Government, Chancellor Caiazzo authorized the military to officially end the conflict. After legal challenges and pressure from the Excelsioran Government, granola surrendered to Invictus.

August to November 2021 also saw significant changes to Excelsioran politics, including the dissolution of the Democratic-Diplomatic Party in favor of the Democratic Socialist Party. Excelsioran foreign relations also expanded, with Chancellor Nicolas Caiazzo pursuing relations with other micronations such as the Democratic Republic of Benjastan. September 2021 saw the addition of new figures the the Excelsioran political stage, including Micah Small, a new citizen to Excelsior who began to rapidly gain political attention after he was appointed as a Senator. Small created the Wolf Party of Excelsior with a few other minor politicians, however after negotiations with Chancellor Caiazzo's DSP, the two merged to form the United Front Party, or UFP. The UFP strengthened the opposition against the Democratic Party, which was now in power and controlled the Senate, however cooperation with the Democratic Party was also a key position of the party. The Communist Party of Excelsior also saw major gains after Felix R.C., a former Excelsioran who regained citizenship in September 2021, took control of the party. Under his leadership, the party gained influence and Felix was made Interior Minister by Chancellor Caiazzo. In late September 2021, after internal disputes and pressure from the Democratic Party, Nicolas Caiazzo left the United Front Party and reestablished the Democratic Socialist Party. This led to the dissolution of the party, followed by Micah Small reestablishing the Wolf Party.

After tensions with Gapla in November 2021 which resulted in President Wyatt Baek temporarily suspending relations, hostility towards Gapla grew once more into a major political issue. In mid November, the Communist Party and Democratic Socialist Party merged into the Worker's Party, forming two internal wings, the socialist wing and communist wing.

The threat email received by President Silas Wurnbash during the Winter Coup attempt.

Winter Coup d'état attempt and internal unrest (December 2021 - March 2022)

In December 2021, the main architects of the former Nation of Dylanland and leaders of the State of Granola, chiefly Jasper Smith and Dylan Y., left Excelsior for the newly established the "Nation of Granola" and declared war on Excelsior. After Granola declared a state of war towards Excelsior, Excelsior responded with its own declaration of war, beginning the Excelsior-Granolan war. The war was fought primarily in small local battles between the National Military and Granolan soldiers. Granolan officials negotiated with the Excelsioran government for peace following defeat in the Battle of Park Slope and the Treaty of Alis City was signed, ending the war. Granolan territory was absorbed into Excelsior, and Granola formally dissolved.

In January 2022, following numerous digital threats made against the Excelsioran Government through text message, President Silas Wurnbash received an anonymous email which threatened both him and the Excelsioran Government. Originally believed to be a foreign threat, a state of emergency was declared and an investigation by the Bureau of Intelligence and Cybersecurity was declared. After a brief investigation, an anonymous source came forward with evidence of a group chat with top Excelsioran officials planning a coup d'état against the Excelsioran government, including Interior Minister Felix R.C. and Major General of the National Army Lola G. The source was later revealed to be Lola G., and all the conspirators, who were revealed to be behind the digital threats, were arrested and tried in the Supreme Court. The court charged the main conspirators, Lola G., Felix R.C., Jasper Smith, and Alice C. with one count each of conspiring a coup against the government. In addition, Lola G was found guilty of one count of fraud and was removed from all government offices. Felix, Jasper, and Alice were each charged with a count of treasonous conspiracy. In addition, Jasper and Felix were charged with treason. All members of the coup were stripped of all government positions, and were alienated from Excelsior for a brief period. In the interest of promoting activity, the four all had their punishments pardoned within a few months for each. The event would come to be known as the "Winter coup".

File:Nicolas Wiedemann announces Gaplan election results.png
Chancellor Caiazzo announces the results of the 2022 Gaplan General Election to the Excelsioran public.

In February 2022, the 2022 Gaplan presidential election became a key issue in Excelsior politics as Gaplan relations were once again examined as a major political issue. The election was declared to be of national importance by the Excelsioran military due to the threat of war between Gapla and Excelsior if Emma Bunnell, the candidate for the Gaplan Free Rightist Party, were to be elected. Bunnell, and anti-Excelsioran, had written the email which sparked the first Gaplan crisis and within Excelsior was a highly unpopular figure. Upon the election of Chelsea Chen, who was backed by most Excelsiorans and the Excelsioran Military, the Excelsioran government publicly celebrated. Chen was awarded the Grand Order of Excelsior following her election to the Presidency.

In March 2022, the Excelsioran military was formally deployed to aid Gapla in the Gaplan Civil War, and Excelsior declared war on the Emersyo Movement, determined to be a terrorist group by the Excelsioran government. After the movement occupied land owned by Excelsioran citizens, the war effort within Excelsior became popular, with most supporting the military decision for war. After determination that the threat to the Gaplan government was no longer severe, the military demobilized. The civil war ended with a Gaplan victory.

In March 2022, Excelsior saw rapid growth as many new people were given citizenship. With the population boom, however, came a short period of chaos mostly contained within Excelsior caused by many new citizens' lack of basic understanding of micronationalism. In early March 2022, 2 new citizens, Chet Chetson and Henry Dalzell created the Juche-Thatcherist Party, an ironic party focused on the oxymoron of "Juche-Thatcherism". Their main leader, Chet, originally was unpopular among the Workers Party and was especially disliked by Chancellor Nicolas Caiazzo for his "unprofessionalism".

On 30 March 2022, after delivering a long speech on the Excelsior Discord on why Excelsior should formally denounce France, which garnered no response from the Excelsioran Government, Chet declared himself to be President of Excelsior, and held an "election" winning 2 votes with 1 vote for opposition in order to "certify his rule as president". Many government officials thus far had not paid attention as they believed it was a joke, but they began to interpret the actions as a coup after Chet "declared martial law". Chetson was subsequently banned from the Excelsioran Discord Server.

Gaplan breakoff and April reforms (March 2022 - April 2022)

Following once again heightened tensions with Gapla brought upon by President Silas Wurnbash proposing war with Gapla over supposed homophobia and corruption, negotiations with Gapla took place which resulted in the Gaplan breakoff of 2022, wherein, for the safety and stability of both Excelsior and Gapla, relations would be formally severed with mutual recognition still maintained. the event marked a major turning point in Excelsioran foreign policy, as Gapla would supposedly no longer be a main priority.

In April 2022, many problems with Excelsior's government began to appear, including the breakdown of the federal system caused by convoluted state affairs and too large a number of new states inducted into the union, as well as many citizens wishing to see an end to the undemocratic "appointment system" used to determine members of the Senate. Excelsioran law was still mainly based upon precedent and old laws from 2020, which resulted in an outdated government. After the problem was brought to national importance by Chancellor Nicolas Caiazzo, President Silas Wurnbash and Chancellor Caiazzo drafted a major reform package of the Excelsioran Government, the "April Reforms".

Excelsior would reform to a federation of 5 highly autonomous "Republics", Grandsia, Invictus, Goose Island, the Riel Islands, and Dave, each with a Premier. The Senate would become direct-democratic, with any citizen being able to vote in it, and the Governor's Council would be reformed to the new upper house of the legislature, the Federal assembly, with Representatives, proportional to the number of citizens in each republic, appointed by the Premier. Representatives were later made an elected position using mixed-member proportional representation. The reforms also abolished the Presidential Committee as a house of legislature, opting instead for bills to go directly to the President. The reforms were introduced to the Excelsioran public on 6 April 2022, and were adopted by the Senate the same day. The reforms solved many of the institutional problems in the Excelsioran government, including some inactivity and much of the "unprofessionality" in government.

Following the April reforms, Excelsioran politics stabilized and began to focus on the Excelsioran Monarchy as a major political issue. The Republican Front was founded by Thomas Jacobs as the first major anti-monarchist political party in Excelsior, and multiple Excelsioran politicians including Chancellor Caiazzo announced their support for the republicanist movement. The Democratic Party along with the Inivtcus Republic adopted a hardline monarchist stance and promised to protect the monarchy. As part of his efforts to bolster the Excelsioran Monarchy, President Silas Wurnbash attempted to pass two new laws, one outlawing speaking out against the monarchy, and another making it illegal to remove the monarchy. Both bills failed in the Senate, but Wurnbash used an executive order to pass the latter bill into law. After the passage of these laws, Excelsioran politics shifted away from monarchism as a main issue.

Directly after the April Reforms, the "New Golden Era" of Excelsioran politics began, which brought about changes to the Excelsioran government in its professionality, with the government being much more organized and formal than before. The reforms also brought changes to the regional politics of Excelsior too, granting further autonomy to the republics, and leading to active regional politics within each republic. During this era, Excelsioran culture also flourished, and Excelsior gained multiple new diplomatic allies. During the new golden era, the Excelsioran government was also modernized, updating old laws and historical records. Many aspects of the Excelsioran government were standardized and organized for less confusing, and many saw April as a major turning point in Excelsioran government policy, shifting towards professionalism. Chancellor Caiazzo also announced new initiatives around active government departments, and cut the number of ministries from 12 to 5. Detailed laws surrounding the monarchy of Excelsior were put in place to prevent confusion about its existence in conjuncture with a presidential republic.

On 16 April 2022, Chancellor Caiazzo travelled to Paris, Ontario to meet Benjastanian President Benjamin Olson for a diplomatic summit. The summit was the first in-person diplomatic meeting ever undertaken by the Excelsioran Government and was closely followed by Excelsioran media outlets. On 16 April Caiazzo arrived in Benjastan and was given a tour of Benjastanian territory, as well as a tour of Paris. After lunch, Caiazzo was given a tour of the Nith River Territory by Olson. On 17 April, Olson and Caiazzo met and discussed Georgienstinian politics, Micronationalism, Floranian, Excelsioran, Bonumlandian, and Georgienstinian history, and macronational politics. The summit was followed by Excelsioran and Georgienstinian citizens and photos of the event were shared in both nations.

In mid-April 2022, private negotiations between Silas Wurnbash and Chet Chetson resulted in an agreement in which Chetson's micronation of New Brooklyn, then the Democratic People's Commonwealth of Brooklyn, would become a city-state of Invictus, having an independent government while being a territory of Invictus. The negotiations were said to be one-sided, with Wurnbash refusing to accept the deal and closing negotiations until May 5, where after hours of specifications, New Brooklyn was permitted to re-enter Excelsior as a city-state of Invictus.

As part of the modernization efforts during the April reforms and subsequent new golden era, the drafting of a new constitution was announced as an initiative. The first edition Excelsioran constitution, which had been in use since March 2021, was outdated and contained multiple irregularities, lacked a standardized structure, and was found to be confusing, old, and too complicated by many Excelsioran citizens. On 30 April 2022, the drafting process of a new constitution to modernize old laws as well as rewrite the structure of the constitution was finished, resulting in an entirely new constitution which kept most core laws but modernized most others. The constitution was proposed to the Senate, passing and subsequently being voted on by the Federal Assembly, before being approved by the President. The new constitution was welcomed with high support from most Excelsiorans.

Silas Wurnbash delivers his inaugural speech at his second inauguration as Federal President.

National Elections (May 2022)

On 2 November 2021, registration officially opened for the 2022 Excelsioran National Elections, which were to be held on 14 July 2022. The election would elect the President, chancellor, and Supreme Court, and was followed by Excelsioran media and many citizens intently, as Excelsioran elections occurred every two years (later shortened to once a year). After all party nominations ended in early 2022, the Democratic Party endorsed Silas Wurnbash for President and Nicolas Caiazzo for Chancellor against their own Arlo Wurnbash, and the Worker's Party nominated no candidate for President and Nicolas Caiazzo for Chancellor. After elections were rescheduled by the Senate to 7 March 2022, the official candidate registration closed, leaving the Presidential race between incumbent Silas Wurnbash, Representative Leo Caiazzo, and Minister of Health Joshua Schnurman, and the Chancelloral race between incumbent Nicolas Caiazzo and General Arlo Wurnbash. Polls favored both Wurnbash and Caiazzo to be reelected by a large margin.

Polls opened on 7 May 2022, with a final turnout of 48.7%, with 40 votes cast. Nicolas Caiazzo immediately took a large lead over Arlo Wurnbash, altough Wurnbash had a stronger showing than polls showed. Silas Wurnbash remained in the lead for the entirety of the race, and his initial percentage of votes slowly increased until the final results. Joshua Schnurman, expected to be the main opposition to Wurnbash, underperformed extremely compared to predictions and garnered a lower percentage of the vote than satirical candidate Leo Caiazzo. The election and subsequent vote counting lasted two days and was extensively covered live by the ENNC. On 8 May 2022, the ENNC officially called the Chancelloral race for Nicolas Caiazzo, having won a significant vote threshold. At 8:00 PM, Leo Caiazzo and Schnurman were eliminated and the election was called for Silas Wurnbash. The election saw numerous counts of voter fraud; however both Caiazzo and Wurnbash would have still been reelected if the fraudulent votes were counted. The election also included races for the Supreme court; Lola G. was reelected Chief Justice. Silas Wurnbash and Nicolas Caiazzo were officially certified on 10 May as the victors, with Wurnbash receiving 61.4% of the vote and Caiazzo 76.7%. Wurnbash and Caiazzo were inaugurated in a live event at the Fortress of Invictus on 21 May 2022.

Territory ceded to the Excelsioran Entente by Vitione in exchange for a ceasefire.

Vitione and the Sidewalk War (April 2022 - May 2022)

On 22 April 2022, the Democratic Republic of Vitione was founded by Excelsioran Politician Joshua Schnurman. Upon its declaration of independence, President Silas Wurnbash announced he would keep peace with the nation, despite his personal disputes with Schnurman, which had recently gained national attention.

In early May 2022, after worsening tensions between Wurnbash and Schnurman, Wurnbash brought a resolution to the council of the Invictus Republic, one of the five Excelsioran Republics, on whether to seek a declaration of war for Vitione. The resolution passed and the Invictus Republic announced its intent to declare war on Vitione, further souring relations with Vitione. President Schnurman responded with a short video statement, in which he said "Silas, you suck." with members of the Vitionan cabinet. On the evening of 15 May 2022, President Silas Wurnbash brought a motion to the Excelsioran Senate to declare war on the Democratic Republic of Vitione, saying that "[Vitione] wronged members of Invictus". After Chancellor Nicolas Caiazzo declared opposition to the war, he debated Wurnbash on the floor of the Senate over the war and called it "stupid". The motion passed the Senate and was approved by Wurnbash, and war was officially declared against Vitione. After the declaration passed, President Thomas Jacobs of Roscamistan and President Emerson Lee of Libertas, who both are citizens of Excelsior and voted aye on the motion for war, entered into negotiations over joining the war with Excelsioran President Wurnbash. President Connor Hetner of Cotter Menaceland also entered negotiations but was persuaded not to join the war by Chancellor Nicolas Caiazzo. On 16 May 2022 Roscamistan and Libertas entered the war, forming the Excelsioran entente, with Cotter Menaceland declaring neutrality. With no physical conflict, the war left little damage on either side, however has soured relations substantially between Excelsior and Vitione. Vitione never issued a formal declaration of war against Excelsior, and refused to recognize the war's existence until 16 May 2022. After negotiations between Silas Wurnbash and Joshua Schnurman, moderated by Nicolas Caiazzo, a ceasefire was reached in exchange for territorial concessions. Despite no official victor, Excelsioran news sources including the ENNC and the Excelsioran tabloid claimed the war as an Excelsioran victory. Schnurman later left Excelsior and after Vitione fell into inactivity it was informally dissolved.

Rise of the two-party system

In mid 2022, many minor parties began merging into the larger Worker's and Democratic Parties, forming factions within them. The Juche-Thatcherites and the Republican Front merged into the Democratic Party, while the Engineering Party merged into the Worker's Party, and the Wolf Party dissolved. This led to the current two party system, where the only major parties are the Democrats and the Worker's Party.

Excelsioran Revolution, Microcon 2022, and the Beginning of the invictus Internal War (July - October 2022)

The Excelsioran Revolution, also known as the Republican Revolution, was a civil war and revolution, as well as a period of radical change, within the Excelsioran state. The revolution began 29 July 2022 after the Invictus Republic of Excelsior repealed its treaty to protect the Excelsioran Monarchy, causing Invictisian Premier and President of Excelsior Silas Wurnbash to declare an uprising against the monarchy and the Sovereign of Excelsior, Queen Finn, on behalf of Invictus. This action caused multiple other government officials to join in the uprising against the monarchy, which eventually led to Chancellor Nicolas Caiazzo declaring that his administration and the Excelsioran Interior Government supported the efforts and would move to occupy royal property by force via the National Guard within Capitol Palace. The Republic Act, which abolished the monarchy and nobility, was also introduced to the Parliament on 29 July 2022 after protections on the monarchy were repealed, and was passed 30 July 2022, signaling the end of the revolution.

The revolution sparked outcry from multiple micronations over its revolutionary and undemocratic nature, including Georgienstine, Trasona, Bryantia, and Gapla.

In august, an Excelsorian delegation went to MicroCon 2022, consisting of the Chancellor, Nicolas Caiazzo, the President, Silas Wurnbash, and the Head of foreign affairs (at the time of microcon), Ben Olson. While there the trio participated in most major microcon events, as well as helped to negotiate a land dispute between the Excelsorian republic Invictus, and the Federated States of Gapla.

In mid September, the former right hand man to Silas Wurnbash for invictus, Chet Chetson, launched an internal coup d'état, helped by many high ranking members of Invictus, attempting to seize control. A quick assessment by the loyalist Invictus Government showed that a majority of high ranking officers and staff had defected, while a vast majority of the lower ranked were still fiercely loyal. The rebels quickly realized that seizing control of invictus without support was futile, so they instead attempted to secede the Invictus territory of New Brooklyn. The ensuing civil war lasted slightly over a month, with two major battles, both of which were attempted raids on the Fortress of Invictus by the rebels, both of which were Invictus Victories, the New Brooklyn troops having been repelled from the steps of the fortress both times by Fortress guard. In late October Chet was expelled from excelsior for "High treason" with no trial.

The period of inactivity (November- December 2022)

In the winter months of 2022, as a lot of citizens busied themselves with high school, activity slowed, with only small numbers of bills being introduced. during this time there were two major conflicts, however. Firstly, Invictus had a war against the Federated States of Gapla, the war lasted slightly less than a month, with invictus gathering many micronational allies to it's side, but the war was decided in the end to be a draw, as neither side could do much to the other.

Secondly, Excelsior was involved in the Second Ausverian Civil War, before eventually withdrawing after major losses and National Ausverian raids on Excelsiorian territory in Brooklyn.

Business Boom, The end of the Invictus Internal war, And the Dylan riots (January- March 2023)

In Mid December many new foreign micronationalists began to enter Excelsior. A lot of these micronationalists started businesses, notably the Micronational Hockey League, which quickly rose to be the second biggest excelsorian company, after Hays Industries and the WNSC. That, combined with the Excelsioran mark being accepted as valid tender by many other nations outside excelsior around the same time, caused a boom in Excelsioran business in early January, where the excelsorian economy, previously in steady decline, experienced an ~800% increase, which lasted much of the month, before settling at a level of ~200% higher than pre January.

Also in February, At an all- day invictus military strategy training exercise, a representative of new Brooklyn, along with other members of New Brooklyn high command on call, negotiating a truce between invictus and New Brooklyn, where the hostilities would cease and the area New Brooklyn had claimed prior to the war would be joint occupied till a future date where a more permanent arrangement could be made. At the same conference invictus signed mutual defense with the mysterious nation of Kafkaland.

In mid march, many new citizens, led by Dylan Y, a previous 3- time pardoned terrorist leader, started protesting supposed "police brutality." The protesters also then threatened to Secede the nation should Dylan not be returned to the position of head of police, which he had been removed from a week earlier after reports of police corruption, coup attempts, and more surfaced about him. As protests escalated, police and discord moderators started issuing mass mutes to protesters, who started to flood the server with alts. as the discord staff started to loose control, and houses of legislature were stalled due to the incident, a state of emergency was declared and a controversial judicial force was set up to quickly try and sentence rioters. In the "Micah Trials" 6 cases were held in 17 minutes, With Micah. W as judge and Silas Wurnbash presenting the cases. This act was widely condemned by members of the micronational community. Most tried that night were later pardoned, and Silas Wurnbash voluntary gave up his legal license for 3 months in apology.

(The next day Dylan.Y tried and failed to start a coup, though due to the controversy surrounding the police, no arrests were made)

2023 National Elections, and the beginning of the Arlo war (Late April - Early May 2023)

As April came to a close, and the national elections drew nearer, the activity level in the nation surged. The Excelsior Military made multiple purchases of uniforms and equipment to boost their strength. As May 1st, the day of the election arrived, and the ballots opened, Chet Chetson was running against incumbent Silas Wurnbash for president, meanwhile Arlo Wurnbash ran against incumbent Nicolas Caiazzo for chancellor. On the day of the election Small protests broke out over the muting of Chetson on the discord server, caused by him posting the address of a campaign member of the SILAS2023 Campaign.

Graph of the votes over time in the 2023 election

The polls opened with a strong and exactly equal lead for both Silas and Nico, with around 77% of the vote each. As the hours wore by Silas gained an even more impressive lead over Chetson, with 81% of the vote, while Arlo started to gain on Nico, as he pulled massive amounts of votes from off discord citizens, which Caiazzo raised concerns about, citing that he had no ability to influence citizens who were off discord, and thus the votes were not fair. Despite these protests Arlo rose to a peak of 38%, just before the election ended.

Both Wurnbash and Caiazzo won reelection, Wurnbash with 78%, and Caiazzo with 61%.

Following his loss, Arlo released a video to excelsior, in which he, surrounded by soldiers, declares war against excelsior, due to a "fraud election" and "stolen votes".

As a large amount of the now terrorists resided in invictus when the war broke out, invictus is currently the frontline, though little fighting broke out throughout the beginning of may.

Political Parties

Logo Name Position Ideologies Leader Federal Assembly
Worker's Party of Excelsior Logo.png Worker's Party Center-left (Official)



Progressivism, Civic nationalism, Anti-corruption, Anti-authoritarianism, Non-interventionism, Republicanism, Egalitarianism, Environmentalism, Libertarianism, Green Politics (Official)

Socialism, syndicalism, Marxism-Leninism, anarchism, social democracy (Factions)

Nicolas Caiazzo
6 / 15
Democratic Party of Excelsior Logo.png Democratic Party Center to left-wing authoritarian Social democracy,

authoritarian democracy, militarism, anti-fascism

Silas Wurnbash
8 / 15
Communist Party of Dave logo.png Communist Party of Dave Left-wing Davish Nationalism, Marxism-Leninism Jasper S.
1 / 14
LCP Logo.png Libertarian-Conservative


Right-wing libertarian Libertarianism, minarchism, social conservatism Ali Farrokhzad
0 / 15

Administrative Divisions



A territory is classified as a piece of land more than 50 miles from the capitol, or if the chancellor and president agree to deem it one. Territories have mayors, who effectively serve as governors, but can not impose taxes. Mayors also do not have to serve as senators.

Special Administrative and Economic Regions

A special administrative and economic region, or SAER, is a small piece of land with a governor, that acts as a special region of the nation more autonomous than a territory but not large enough to be a state. There is currently one SAER, Alis City.

Subjugated Territories

For any nation absorbed into Excelsior in a war, they are made a subjugated territory as a act of humiliation. These territories hold no rights or power. The territories are very disputed, as the Worker's Party, being anti-imperialism, is opposed to them. Chancellor Nicolas Caiazzo has called Excelsior's policy of subjugating absorbed states "abhorrent" and "colonialist". Since the invictisian sovereignitism movement these states have been added to Invictus, and generally were treated better.

Administrative Divisions of Excelsior
Name Flag Emblem Capital Administrator Government Population Representatives Location
Special Administrative and Economic Regions
Alis City AlisCityCoA.png Alis City Vacant None designated 5 N/A Brooklyn, New York
General-Commissariat of Avalonijia


Flag of the Democratic Republic of Avalonium.png Coat of Arms of the Democratic Republic of Avalonium.png Avalonijia Logan Cypress Semi-Dictatorial Parliamentary Republic 3 N/A Saint John's, Newfoundland
Constituent Republics
Invictus Empire


Invictus Emblem.png
Fortress of


Silas Wurnbash Military councilist Government 55 8 Brooklyn
Grandsian Republic


Flag of Grandsia 2022.jpg Second Coat of Arms of Bartel-Pritchard.png New Codak Nicolas Caiazzo Direct Democratic


20 3 Brooklyn
Goose Island Socialist Republic

(Goose Island)

Goose island flag.png
Goose Island Emblem.png
New Hetneria Connor Hetner Autocratic Marxist-Leninist Dictatorship 12 1 Brooklyn
Riel Islands Republic

(Riel Islands)

Flag of the United Cantons of Concorde.jpg None designated Spider Island Benjamin Pickles Direct Democratic


8 1 Baiting Hollow
Dave Republic


Dave.jpg None designated Davenport Jasper S. None designated 7 1 Baiting Hollow


Premiers are the leaders of the Republics, elected or appointed by the state government, and are allowed to create and run state governments. They maintain authority over their states unless their state government is formed in a way in which they do not, such as if the state's constitution gives all power to an elected assembly. Premiers appoint Representatives to serve in the Federal Assembly and work with the Premier-General in Republic meetings.

Premiers of Excelsior
Governor Party Republic Term
Nicolas Caiazzo Workers Party Grandsia August 28, 2020 - incumbent
Silas Wurnbash Democratic Party Invictus August 28, 2020 - incumbent
Jasper S. CPD Dave 14 July 2022 - Incumbent
Connor Hetner Workers Party Goose island January 15, 2021 - incumbent
Benjamin Pickles Workers Party Riel Islands No data

Government and Administration

Executive Branch

The Executive branch of Excelsior consists of the Chancellor at its head, and the national cabinet. The executive oversees the day-to-day operation of Excelsior, regulates government services, creates ministries, and runs and operates the interior government. The executive branch also presides over other branches to make sure they are running according to the instruction of government. Ministers are appointed to assist the Chancellor in specific divisions of the interior government. The branch works closely with the Presidential branch to ensure cooperation and preside over the general national operation of Excelsior. All public services and government services are controlled by the executive branch. The branch also controls the federal reserve, but it requires substantial senate and judiciary oversight to carry out any action.


The Federal Vice-Chancellor of the Republic, or the Vice-Chancellor, is a federal officer appointed by the Chancellor. They are second in the line of succession to the chancellorship, and assume office if the Chancellor dies, resigns, or is incapacitated. The Vice-Chancellor can be made acting chancellor by executive order; however this has never occurred. There have currently been 4 Vice-Chancellors. Since the Vice-Chancellorship retains no executive power the office is often seen as a ceremonial gift, and the Chancellor selects a politician they believe worthy of the honor. The Vice-Chancellor acts as a special adviser to the chancellor, and oversees any ministries or assignments the Chancellor appoints them to. The Vice-Chancellor is traditionally one of the top level cabinet ministers.

Vice-Chancellors of Excelsior
Name Political Party Term Notes Chancellor
Peleg DDP August 28, 2020 - January 1, 2021 Discharged Nicolas Caiazzo
Miles b. DSL January 1, 2021 - June 2021 Discharged
Ben O.S. DSL June, 2021 - October 28, 2021 Discharged
Gus H. Engineering October 28, 2021 - 12 May 2022 Youngest ever federal officer.
Joshua Schnurman Worker's Party 8 May 2022 - 16 May 2022 Resigned.
Dylan Y. Democratic Party 16 May 2022 - 21 May 2022 Shortest serving Vice-Chancellor.
Joshua Schnurman Worker's Party 21 May 2022 - 26 June 2022 Resigned.
Chet National Faction (DP) 26 June 2022 - Incumbent


The Excelsioran Interior Government is split into 6 departments, each specializing in a specific government sector or service. The departments are led by Secretaries, appointed by the Chancellor. The chancellor is responsible for the oversight, creation, and operation of the Departments and has control over all departments except the Department of Homeland security and Defense, which is controlled by the President as part of the military. The departments work together, as well as with the Chancellor, to determine government policy, coordinate government services are responsible for the wellbeing of Excelsioran citizens and the operation of the Excelsioran Federal government. Often, Secretaries simply assist the Chancellor with small tasks while the Chancellor operates the majority of the department.

Seal Department Minister Term
Department of Home Affairs Excelsior Logo.png Department of Home Affairs Micah W. 21 May 2022 - Incumbent
Department of the Treasury Excelsior Logo.png Department of the Treasury Chet 21 May 2022 - Incumbent
Department of Foreign Affairs logo Excelsior.png Department of Foreign Affairs Gus H. 20 April 2022 - Incumbent
Department of Conservation Excelsior Logo.png Department of Conservation Harold R. 27 October 2022 - Incumbent
Department of Homeland Security and Defense Excelsior Logo.png Department of Homeland Security and Defense Silas Wurnbash 27 August 2020 - Incumbent
Department of Civil Security and Law Excelsior.png Department of Civil Security and Law Thomas Jacobs 21 May 2022 - Incumbent

Presidential Branch

The Presidential branch consists of the Federal President, currently Silas Wurnbash and Vice-President, as well as the National Defense Department, National Defense advisor, and the National Military. The branch is responsible for Defense and security, as well as state affairs. The President is active in government and appoints multiple government officers, as well as issuing executive orders, working closely with Republic Premiers, and working with the Chancellor to run the government. The President's main function is the power to veto or approve laws passed by the senate and federal assembly, and thus the branch works closely with the legislative branch. The Federal President is head of state but has a lower seniority than the Chancellor, an uncommon arrangement unique to Excelsior.

Legislative branch

The legislative branch of Excelsior consists of the Parliament of Excelsior, which is separated into two houses, the People's Senate and the Federal Assembly. The branch is responsible for voting on motions and bills, lawmaking, and determining major government policy, structure, and regulation through law. Every citizen of Excelsior is allowed to participate in the Legislative Branch as members of the People's Senate, making the branch an active part of the Excelsioran government. The Parliament is led by the Chancellor as Chair. The Chair oversees Parliament and ensures its proper functioning.

People's Senate

The People's Senate of Excelsior is the lower house of the Excelsioran Parliament, where motions for new laws or other government actions are submitted and voted on, to send to the Federal Assembly. Any Excelsioran citizen present on the official government Discord server may propose and vote on motions in the Senate, making Excelsior a semi-direct democracy. Once a motion passes the Senate, it becomes a bill and is sent to the federal assembly to be voted on. Before the April Federative Reforms, the Senate consisted of appointed Senators, first appointed by the President and Chancellor and later by "Electors". This system was abolished in favor of direct democracy in April 2022.

Federal Assembly

The Federal Assembly is the upper house of the Excelsioran Parliament. The Assembly consists of Representatives from each constituent Republic appointed by Republic Premiers, proportional to the population of their respective Republics. The Assembly votes on bills that have passed the People's Senate, works with the Premier-General to communicate with the federal Government as local government representatives, and convenes to recall or amend laws at the Premier-General's will.

Federal Branch


Republic Premiers

Judicial branch

The judicial branch consists of the Federal Court System, formed of the Federal Constitutional Court (FCC) and the Federal Supreme Criminal Court, or the Supreme Court (FSCC). The branch is responsible for guiding appeals, ruling on civil suits, ruling on and determining punishment for criminal cases, and determining the interpretation of constitutional and federal laws.

Government services

The Government of Excelsior offers a wide range of services to the nation's citizens, from healthcare advice to weather data. A national weather monitoring station is set up in Capitol Palace, and provides weather alerts, warnings, and updates for citizens. Along with the essentials services provided by ministries, departments, and bureaus, Excelsior has some services that don't fall into a specific department, and are dealt with purely as a service to the people.

Postal service

Excelsior has a rudimentary postal service which can be used through a secure form and sent to government members. The government does issue commemorative postal stamps which may be attached as a file to emails, but these are completely free, and are simply commemorative.

Excelsior National News Channel (ENNC)

the ENNC is Excelsior's government-run news channel, broadcast on Youtube and through a newsletter. While many citizens prefer to read private newspapers, like The Excelsior or The Excelsioran, many citizens do tune into ENNC. ENNC is run by Senator Gus and Chancellor Nicolas Caiazzo, and their slogan is "Excelsior's network for news!", though recently the government has begun to hand over the ENNC to Lola G., Minister for informational services.


Elections in Excelsior occur at the Federal and Local level, With local elections in each republic as well as national election for some high-level government officers. All national executive federal officers, being the President, Chancellor, and Premier-General, and the executive judicial officials, being the Justices of the Supreme Court are elected at the Federal level. Within the five constituent Republics, positions up for election are decided by the local governments. Republics may choose to either have their Premier appointed by the President and Chancellor or have them elected.

Military and defense

The National Military of Excelsior is the armed forces of the Excelsior Republic. The military consists of 3 branches, the National Army, the Naval and Aerial Force, and Force Fourteen. Led by Commander-General Silas W. as President of Excelsior, the military has often been used to put down civil conflict, such as the 2022 Excelsioran Coup d'état Attempt. The Commander-General is the supreme leader of the military, and is assisted by the Defense Advisor, and the Branch Leaders.


The supreme leader and commander of the military is the President of the Republic of Excelsior, given the title of Commander-General. The current Commander-General is Silas W. The Commander-General performs and authorizes military operations and appoints generals. The Commander-General is assisted by the Defense Advisor, currently Nicolas Caiazzo, who advises the Commander-General on procedure and military policy. The military is divided into 3 branches, the National Army, the National Air Force, and Force Fourteen. Each is led by a Branch Leader, who holds the rank of Major General, and commands their respective branch. The Commander-General, Branch Leaders, and Defense Advisor make up the Military High Command.

National Army

The Army of Excelsior is the ground force of the Excelsioran military. Comprised of over 15 servicemembers, the branch is responsible for on the ground combat and most military action. As the largest branch in the Military, it oversees most military operations. The branch has the most engagements and traditionally fights in live combat. The National army is the oldest branch and has heavy influence from the state of Invictus. It is led by Major General Lola G.

An Excelsioran soldier of the National Army in the Forest War.

Aerial and Naval Force

The Aerial and Naval force of the military is responsible for military action on sea and in the air, as well as aiding the National Army in combat. Comprised of the duck lake fleet of two small 2 man ships, as well as one drone, the ANF, as it is commonly called, carries out surveillance missions and operates in areas where the army can't reach. The Radio and Signal Corps., which are responsible for monitoring radio waves, are integrated into the ANF. The ANF did fight one live battle, in which the duck lake fleet fought anti excelsior terrorists on water. The battle ended in ANF defeat. The ANF is led by Marshal Nicolas Caiazzo.

Force 14

Force 14 is the special operations unit of the Excelsioran military, and assist the National army in special operations. To be accepted into the force you must have passed the trials to become a member of the EWI, an external group outside of Excelsior that trains soldiers for the Excelsioran Military. Those that pass the EWI are tested in armed and unarmed combat in all conditions, with tests of battlefield tactics and military history being taught as well. Once one transitions to Force 14, they are assessed on their strengths and given a specific battle role.

The force acts as a united squad and is led by their leader, Major General Arlo W.


The military is completely autonomous from the Government of Excelsior, as its responsibility is to serve the people. This allows the military to carry out foreign operations without authorization from the government, which occasionally leads to military operations that are condemned by the Government of Excelsior. The Military is an arm of the state, and not the government, according to Excelsioran law, and is only bound by Excelsioran federal laws, Federal Rulings, and legislative orders such as passed motions by the Senate.

Foreign relations and policy

Excelsior has open foreign policy and has diplomatic relations with multiple other nations. Excelsior maintains close diplomacy with the Federated States of Gapla and established first contact with them as the first diplomatic treaty signed by Excelsior. Excelsior has also entered into a mutual defense pact with East Galway. In February 2022, the Excelsioran Senate passed a bill stating that Excelsior shall seek to attain either GUM or Cupertino Alliance membership, depending on which organization is favored by the public by 2023. Excelsior is not recognized by any UN member states, though it is recognized by a town in the Netherlands.

Mutual Recognition and diplomatic relations

Mutual recognition and no diplomatic relations


Flag of the Excelsioran Archipelago

Excelsior is split into two main geographical regions: "Capitol Excelsior," and the "Excelsioran Archipelago." The latter is a small string of rock "islands," locate in a 0.5 mile area along the coast of the north fork of Long Island, ranging from 9 to 356 feet off the coast. the islands fluctuate in size, from smallest being 9 square feet to the largest being 500 square feet. The archipelago is the largest landmass of Excelsior, consisting of 12 islands. The archipelago also consists of Excelsior's maritime claim, which extends 1,000 feet from the coast for a length of 0.5 miles. Capitol Excelsior, on the other hand, is a landlocked region of the nation located in the middle of New York City, USA. The Federal government is seated here, in the states of Invictus and Grandsia. The Capital city, Alis City, is located in Capitol Excelsior, and is the region's namesake.

Excelsioran Archipelago

The Excelsioran archipelago is Excelsior's largest landmass. With the maritime claims included, it comes in at around an area of 98 acres. Each state is given an island within the archipelago. Most states only maintain their archipelagic claim, with only 3 states maintaining claims outside of the archipelago. Despite this, the area is low in population. Its average elevation, as most of it is at sea level give the fact that it is made up of islands, is relatively low, ranging anywhere from 6 inches to ten feet. The islands are primarily formed of stone.

Capitol Excelsior

Capitol Excelsior is the main urban and landlocked region of the nation, consisting of two houses in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Park Slope. While most citizens do not reside on the Excelsioran territory in Capitol Excelsior, with only 9 permanent residents, many citizens reside in the Excelsioran "sphere of influence", which includes the neighborhoods of Park slope and Windsor Terrace.


The climate of Excelsior is generally a humid-subtropical climate. On average, it rains 119 times per year in Excelsior. Snowfall is rare in Excelsior, with an average of 12 days a year receiving snowfall. in 2021, Excelsior experienced 8 days of snow.

Excelsioran climate data:

Average Temperatures of Excelsior (source: NOAA)
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Mean maximum °F (°C) 59.6


























Average high °F (°C) 38.3


























Daily mean °F (°C) 32.6


























Average low °F (°C) 26.9


























Mean minimum °F (°C) 9.2


























Climate data for Excelsior
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average precipitation inches (mm) 3.65


























Average snowfall inches (cm) 7.0


























Average precipitation days (≥ 0.01 in) 10.4 9.2 10.9 11.5 11.1 11.2 10.4 9.5 8.7 8.9 9.6 10.6 122.0
Average snowy days (≥ 0.1 in) 4.0 2.8 1.8 0.3 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.2 2.3 11.4
Source: NOAA

Culture and media

The culture of Excelsior is one that takes influence from Britain, Italy, Germany, and the United States. It is quite diverse, and is shaped by its citizens, though it takes heavy influence from the decisions of the government as well. Excelsior is a very patriotic nation, having over 10 different national symbols, and a national drink, meal, bird, toy, and much more, as well as being very proud of its culture. Excelsior also has a rather important news and media section of its culture, with most citizens watching the ENNC, Excelsior's main broadcasting channel, for national news. Excelsior does have a variation of the english language as its official state language, Excelsioran English, but British and American English, Brazilian Portuguese, and German are also official languages.

National symbols of Excelsior

The national symbols of Excelsior were chosen at its inception by Nicolas Caiazzo. The flag of Excelsior is red, black, and yellow, with red symbolizing life, yellow symbolizing hope, and black symbolizing power. The laurels on the flag symbolize peace. The bird featured in the center of the flag was originally intended to be an Eurasian Kestrel, but today most citizens interpret it as an eagle. When interpreted as a kestrel, it was intended to symbolize power despite small size, as kestrels are the smallest bird of prey in terms of size. The national symbols of the nation can be changed at any time by the chancellor and president, but the flag must be changed through a nationwide referendum.

National holidays

  • 15 January - Gapla day
  • 23 February- Chet Day
  • 8 April- Dylanland sucks day
  • 9 April - Prisoner of War and Veteran's day
  • 30 July - Republic Day
  • 6 August - Duckland Sucks Day
  • 27 August - Founder's day
  • 28 August - Independence day

*Bold denotes a major holiday.

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