United States of the Terra Excelsior Republic

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United States of the Terra Excelsior Republic
Coat of arms
Motto: Pacem, Felictatem, Inteligentia!

(national motto)

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.

(motto of the government)
Royal anthem"Praise the Queen"
Anthem: "Time To Say Goodbye", (Standard of the Government) not national anthem.

O Fortuna - Caramina Burana (National anthem)

Location of excelsior is the small red dot on the map, being pointed to by the arrow.
CapitalSAERTC City
Largest cityPraia City
Official languages
Other languages
Ethnic groups (2021)Completely unknown, believed primarily Caucasian and Latinx
Religion(2021)Unknown, primarily athiest
GovernmentFederal Unitary Representative constitutional monarchy
• Monarchy of Excelsior
HRM Queen Finny of Excelsior, the Duchess of Grandasia
Nicolas W.
• President of the Republic of Excelsior
Silas W
• Chief justice of the Supreme court of Excelsior
Jasper S.
LegislatureParliament of Excelsior
Presidential Committee
Senate of the Republic of Excelsior
Independence from the United States of America
• Excelsioran independence conference
28 August 2020
• Excelsioran Constitution
6 May 2021
• Treaty of Gaplan recognition
17 January 2021
• Entrance to the NMI
18 May 2021
• Total
0.0015 sq mi (0.0039 km2)
• Water (%)
1%, estimate
• 2021 estimate
9 (inhabitants)
• 2021 census
31 (citizens)
GDP (nominal)2021 estimate
• Total
~ 960 USD
EPI (2021) 1.8
HDI (2021) 0.926
very high
CGSC (2021) 3.4
CurrencyUnited States dollar, dogecoin accepted (USD)
Time zoneEastern Dyalight Time (GMT-4)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Drives on theright
Calling code+1
Internet TLD.ex
  1. The United States of the Terra Excelsior Republic is a member state of the New Micronations Internationale as of May 2021.
  2. Official Government Website Citizenship Application Foreign Affairs Website Youtube Channel Instagram
  3. The national meal of Excelsior is wild boar ragu.
  4. The national sport of Excelsior is Calvinball.

The United States of the Terra Excelsior Republic, more commonly known as Excelsior, is a self-proclaimed sovereign state, commonly known as a micronation by external observers. Located in the New England region of the United States of America, Excelsior is mainly landlocked, except for the states of Odysseus and Goose Island, and the territory of the DCROW.

Excelsior was founded on August 28th, 2020, by the current chancellor of the republic, or the chancellor, Nicolas W. The government system of Excelsior is modeled after that of the United States of America and Germany. It follows a checks-and-balances system, where there is a more powerful public figure, but other less powerful government officials help balance out that power. The Queen is the Head of State, and serves as governor of the capitol. The queen is not elected, but has no constitutional power in government. The head of government in Excelsior is the Chancellor. The Chancellor is elected by the people through a popular vote, and serves as head of government. The chancellor appoints secretaries and ministers to run the government, and has the final say on all government services, except for that of the military. The chancellor is designed to be the most powerful figure, but the president helps balance out that power. The president is the supreme commander of the armed forces, and holds the power to veto and sign laws and bills. They, together with the chancellor, appoint Senators who create and vote on bills, and the supreme court justices, who interpret the constitution and preside over criminal proceedings. Excelsior is a unitary and federal government, but primarily unitary. While there are states with their own governors and laws, there is strong central government control. The economic system is described as Democratic Socialism or State Socialism, as the education, healthcare, energy, military, government, banking, and housing industries are nationalized by the government.

Excelsior has limited foreign policy. Currently, Excelsior is recognized by and has strong diplomacy with the Federated States of Gapla. Excelsior is also recognized by the Democratical Empire of Dharmapura. Excelsior also has mild diplomacy with The Forwardist Republic of Eastasia, and the Democratic Republic of Benjastan. Excelsior is a member state of the New Micronations Internationale. Excelsior currently accepts any and all diplomacy.

Politics in Excelsior are very contentious. The democratic-socialist faction within the main party, the Democratic-Diplomatic Party of Excelsior, or the DDP, sometimes called the Diplomats, is the only faction, and every member of the party is a member of the faction, therefore most people regard the democratic-socialist faction as the de jure actual party. the Democratic Party and the Communist Party of Excelsior are the two other minor parties, and with the DDP debate issues like economic regulation, government power, and militarization. Excelsior is self-described as a leftist state.


The full name of the nation is The Great Kingdom of the United States of the Terra Excelsior Democratic Socialist Republic.

The "terra" in the name means land in Latin, and "excelsior" means higher, or "ever upward", in Latin. The name was created to signify the greatness of the nation, proving that it truly is "higher land."

The motto of the nation is "Pacem, Felictatem, Inteligentia!", which roughly translates to "Peace, Happiness, Intelligence!". This signifies the guiding principles of the nation that everyone should be happy, educated, and that a state of everlasting peace should exist.



This was the Flag of the DCROW.

Before Excelsior was conceived, the current chancellor, Nicolas W., had read a book on micronationalism which introduced him to the subject. He loved politics, and so it was his dream to one day rule some sort of country. With one of his friends, he conceived a nation he called the DCROW. The DCROW was formed on April sixth, 2019. The DCROW was an oligarchy, with no elected officials, and two co-president who served as dictators. Power was also shared with the chief justice of the supreme court, making these three oligarchs. On April 30th, The Republic of Codak, a rival nation, declared war against the nation. The DCROW came out on top, but after an uprising of the people, the government disbanded. Realizing that this autocratic system of government could never work, he conceded.


On August 27th, 2020, after reading another book on micronationalism, the current chancellor Nicolas W. decided to start his own new nation, this time focusing on checks and balances, and democracy. He devised a system of government roughly based on that of Germany, where the chancellor has the most power, but a president is there to balance out the power. After swearing himself in as chancellor, he went to work appointing members of the government. Nowadays, the president and chancellor are elected. The first president, Emma G, was sworn in on August 28th, 2020. Silas W, who is now the president, was appointed to the role of defense secretary. Due to mounting political pressures, Emma G resigned her office and was appointed senate majority leader. Afterwards, there was a short power gap where a different president was instated for around an hour before he resigned and Silas W was appointed president. He has served since.

Early Days

In the days following the founding, the population rose from just three to about nine. The chancellor and president worked tirelessly creating the groundwork for the nation and wrote a constitution. On August 30th, 2020, the official government website was created. This website is for the use of citizens and is therefore private. However, this website was later decommissioned in favor of a newer version. The chancellor began to appoint his cabinet, and a senate was created. Originally, the supreme court was created as the upper house of the legislature. For a bill to become a law, it would have to pass through Senate and the court. However, this was later changed. A supreme court was also appointed at this time.


Excelsior was founded around the middle of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. With communications happening mostly online and over the phone, an essential part of the government of excelsior, the nation was and has been able to function completely fine throughout the pandemic, with no cases or deaths. The health department released precautionary measures in August. The chancellor has already received his first shot of the Pfizer vaccine, and Excelsior has approved the Pfizer-BioNtech, Astrazeneca, and Moderna vaccines for use within the nation. The nation has also mandated that children under the age of twelve are not vaccinated until July of 2021. With no vaccine program, the nation receives vaccines from the United States.

Gapla Crisis

The nation of Excelsior was, in part, inspired by Federated States of Gapla. Afterwards, Nicolas W., the chancellor, realized he could create a second nation after reading Wyatt Seungri Baek's book on micronationalism. Excelsior looked up to Gapla, and as a result, January 17th was proposed to be named Gapla day. However, realizing Excelsior did not meet the criteria for Gaplan diplomacy, the chancellor refrained from reaching out and requesting it. The date is debated, but around August 29th, the president sent an email to Gapla requesting diplomacy. According to the president, the email response was classified as rude and defamatory and was misunderstood. However, at the time, it was not known that the email was misunderstood, and therefore, the president was angry. Around this time, politics in Excelsior began debating one question, on which the nation was equally split: should we have diplomacy with Gapla? Before this, there was some disagreement between the chancellor and president over the military, but now, the president and chancellor were staunch political enemies. Nico, the chancellor, broke off and formed his own party, which he called the Gaplan-Diplomatic Party. He felt that the emails were in no way rude or offensive, that diplomacy with Gapla would be a good thing, and that the other side was misinformed and unprepared. The president, Silas, broke off as well, and formed the Democratic-Militarian Party. The DMP stood for militarizing the government and called for more funding and power to the military. they also did not want diplomacy with Gapla, and at one point even suggested war. After changing its name to the Democratic-Diplomatic party, or DDP, advertising campaigns soon began, and both the DMP and DDP created websites. The DDP was known as the left party, with the DMP being the centre-left party. Soon, threats were being made. There was extreme political discord, with senators taking sides in the conflict. There was about an even divide, with half of the senators being for the DDP, while the other half were DMP. The chancellor and president began to refuse to work with each other, and the discord intensified. The chancellor threatened to engage in diplomacy without permission, and the president retaliated threatening to use military force. At one point, the president even admitted to considering a coup. Due to his aggressive action, support for the chancellor began to falter. He continued to argue that war with Gapla was a pointless conflict, and would cause more harm than benefit. The president, however, not only wanted revenge due to the offensive email, but also believed war would secure military dominance, and boost morale. The chancellor introduced many new policies to try to sway voters, including floating a federal minimum wage. Conditions began to soften, and the president began to work with the chancellor again. They were, however, still staunch enemies over Gapla. This all changed on January 10th of 2021, however. The president had previously sent a few complaints about email to Gapla, with no response. The chancellor threatened to sue, but never actually went ahead with it. However, a few days before the tenth of January, the president, while on a teleconference with the chancellor, wrote a discord message to Gapla, complaining about the email which had been sent months ago. On the tenth, they responded over email. The Deputy President, Wyatt Seungri Baek, sincerely apologized, saying the email was a mistake. The minister of foreign affairs for Gapla was using his personal email and wrote the message. He said he found it quite offensive and was sincerely sorry for the email. He also inquired about possible international relations and recognition. Upon hearing this the chancellor quickly responded, apologizing as well for the discord message, and used the presidential hotline to call the president. Upon hearing the news, the president conceded and dissolved the Democratic-Militarian party. Excelsior issued a full state apology and began relations with Gapla.

Here is a microball by Nicolas W. satirizing the events of the Gapla Crisis, and the ensuing political battle over the military's role in the nation.

Development And Prosperity Era

During the Gapla crisis, oddly, was a time of great development and prosperity in excelsior. despite contentious politics, the website became fully finished, and a number of other, smaller websites were launched. The nation reached ten citizens around October, and writing of the constitution also began around this time. (The constitution was finished in April of 2021.) Departments were set up, and the government really began taking form. Many important events happened around this time as well. In November the Excelsioran economy crashed, leaving the government with around 67% of their previous assets. A state of emergency was declared, and the government slowly regained funds. This became known as the great panic of November. In late November, Excelsior launched its Microfandom page, and days later, on December 4th, got its first diplomacy request from the Forwardist Republic of Eastasia. However, due to lack of response from the Eastasian government, this request is still pending. Christmas in Excelsior, despite not being a national holiday, is a large holiday, so during the Christmas of 2020, Excelsior issued official state ornaments to be put on the state Christmas tree. In early January, the Gaplan Crisis was resolved, and the monthslong political battle over Gapla halted. The Democratic-Militarian Party dissolved, making Excelsior a one-party state. A federal income tax was introduced around this time, as was the government-run stock market, where citizens can invest in Excelsioran companies. In early February, the deportation of Justice Felix of the supreme court made national headlines, as it was the first ever criminal charge against a citizen of the country. In an even more newsworthy event, up-and-coming Excelsioran politician Secretary August of the Department of Transportation was appointed his replacement. Around the time of the middle of the development and prosperity era, a political battle erupted yet again between the chancellor and president. With the Gapla crisis resolved, the chancellor saw no use for the military anymore, and began to push reforms to unravel it. The president wanted to strengthen the military, and this erupted into a large battle that continued through the Excelsior-Dylanland war.

Excelsioran-Dylanland War

At 8:32 AM on the morning of April 8th, 2021, senators Camille H. and Dylan Y, and associate justice Rand H seceded from the republic, forming their own state, Dylanland. This action was immediately retaliated against by the government of excelsior by declaring war, and exiling the secessionists. As retaliation, Dylanland captured the president of excelsior, Silas W, and held him hostage. After multiple attempts for a ceasefire, the Chancellor of Excelsior, Nicolas W., staunchly refused to surrender, but finally did, on the terms that Dylanland would gain independence but not be recognized as sovereign. This however, was a fake surrender, and once Silas was released, war was declared again. Excelsior rallied and the the military called its soldiers to arms for the first time.

The state of Dylanland are , quote, "self declared terrorists" who, quote, "worship [their] deranged version of satan [they] call skyboat."

War Era

As tensions were high in terms of the anti-military battle, the battle only got worse during the war. The chancellor was in support of the war as Dylanland was the aggressor, and because he believed he could help preserve excelsior's losses through winning the war. However, president Silas believed that this was the perfect time to request more funding for the war effort and secure military dominance. On April 10th, 2021, the census was re-evaluated, and it was discovered that a large amount of the population is age 9 or under. Nicolas, the chancellor, began to propose sweeping legislation to impose an age limit on voters, which eventually became a compromise between the president and chancellor, who agreed to shorten the vote-counting time to just one week. Another small political disagreement was created on April 11th, when the president suggested contacting allies about the war effort. The chancellor, Nicolas, saw this as an embarrassment, and decided to try to place limits on the contacting of allies. The president refused to comply with the new limits, and this erupted into quite a large battle as well. This same day, Chancellor Nicolas proposed a new plan for the war effort. Under his plan, no combat would happen, and slowly, due to lack of attention, Dylanland would burn out, and the crisis would be resolved. This tactic was used in the DCROW-Codak war in 2019, which Nicolas won. The president opposed this idea, as he believed war would boost state morale.

An advertisement for the Democratic-Socialist faction.

Political instability

Due to the war, political divides began to widen even more. With the introduction of Chancellor Nico's new Codak plan, Nico began to become an opponent of the war, arguing that if the nation just halted all fighting, Dylanland would dry up and die due to lack of attention. this caused Silas to temporarily break hisfcation off of the DDP and form his own party, but after discussion rejoined the DDP, and renamed his faction to the Democratic-Directive faction. Now, though, many consider factions to be political parties in themselves, as they have sharply contrasting ideas and values. This larger divide made a few things clear. While Nico and the DS faction had a senate majority, Silas and the DD faction had, as Silas put it, the "will of the people". According to government records, this is a true statement. According to the May census, more citizens are registered as part of the DD faction, and by a large margin. however, since most of these citizens, excluding party elite like Silas or Minister Lola G., are at the age of 9 or younger, and serve in the military, they are underrepresented in the senate, resulting in what is expected to be a large amount of vetos from president Silas on laws passed by the Democratic-Socialist controlled senate.

Accusations of Communism and Fascism

Due to his economic plan for excelsior resembling socialism, Chancellor Nicolas W. has begun to be accused by the tabloid newspaper "the Excelsioran", and President Silas W. as, as Silas put it in his own words, "a commie". Nico denies these claims, stating his ideology is democratic socialism to idealist socialism. In light of these allegations, Silas began writing opinion articles in his newspaper about, as one title puts it, "the communists among us". In response, because Silas had previously stated he supports a more militarian state, and according to an opinion piece by Nico, said he would prefer excelsior to be a dictatorship (these claims are disputed), Nico began to accuse Silas of being a fascist. Silas, too, denies these claims. Both began writing opinion pieces, with Silas printing out ads in his newspaper that stated "How do you know your neighbour isn't a communist? you DON'T! talk to Silas today.", and Nico retaliating by writing an opinion piece titled "fascists akimbo!". This conflict, however, is mostly between Nico and Silas, and the public is yet to be involved.

Senate Loss

In May of 2021, the Excelsioran senate entered into a government crisis. With, at this point, the constitution finally finished, after an almost 7-month period of writing, it was ready to be ratified, but ratification, due to the chancellor visiting Nantucket during the planned ratification day, had to be delayed. When the chancellor returned, The Excelsior-Dylanland War broke out, and since senators Dylan and Camille left the nation, there were only 13 senators left. To ratify, 15 needed to be present, so Nicolas, the chancellor, scrambled to find new senators. It was at this point that Senator Owen resigned his office, leaving the senate with only 12 senators. These senate losses loss greatly changed the political climate in the nation. The Democratic-Institutionalist faction, now the democratic-directive faction, lost 2 seats in the crisis, resulting in a majority for the Democratic-Socialist faction. At this point, people also began shifting towards political extremes, and the independent faction was essentially gone. By this point, citizens were either members of the DD faction, and pro-military, or the DS faction, and anti-military. At a loss for senators, on May 8th, 2021, President Silas and chancellor Nicolas used emergency power to ratify the constitution without senate approval. After this, senator Isaac was appointed to quell the senate loss while Nicolas and Silas scrambled to fid more senators. After the constitution was in place, this stripped them of their emergency power. Before the ratification, as there was no base for laws, government dealings were agreed upon by the president and chancellor. Now, that power shifted to the senate. The president and Chancellor still hold all the power they used to have, but have lost influence. On May 13th, 2020, the Democratical Empire of Dharmapura officially recognized Excelsior as sovereign. Their honorable Emperor, Sourya S., agreed to become a senator as well, as he was already a citizen of the nation. This also filled a senate seat that was needed. More importantly, however, was the fact that Excelsior now had recognition from another nation, making them recognized now by two nations.

Immigration crisis

in April-May of 2020, Excelsior experienced an unprecedented wave of new citizens, mostly of the ages 8-9, enter the nation as citizens and join the military. As almost every member of the government is 12 or older, this caused panic throughout the government. This, coupled with a recent economic recession which sent the economy, according to the chancellor, quote, "down the toilet" and made the government lose about 60% of all its investments, created a new crisis, along with the war effort and mounting political instability. Currently, this issue is being put to the side, however, to deal with the recession.

Benjastan and the New Micronations Internationale

in September of 2020, Excelsior was approached by the Forwardist Republic of Eastasia, and was given the offer to join the New Micronations Internationale, a micronational organization for leftist nations. When Chancellor Nicolas responded to the request, no response was received, and there has been no response since. Due to the relative "far-leftness" of the NMI, president Silas was reluctant to try to join again, as the USTER in terms of population is quite moderate, But chancellor Nicolas, who is much more left than the majority of the population, persuaded him. Contacted over Discord by diplomats, President of the Democratic Republic of Benjastan Benjamin Pickles directed them to the server for the NMI, and then approved their entrance, making Excelsior A member state of the NMI. Throughout this, some mild diplomacy was achieved between Excelsior and the Democratic Republic of Benjastan, but no official recognitions or diplomacy has been made.

Surrender of Dylanland

On may 21st 2021, president and major general Silas negotiated the surrender of Dylanland in return for their president, Dylan, to get a spot on the Supreme Court. Dylanland is now a subjugated colony of excelsior, and former senator cami and former justice Rand are still banished.

Breakup of the parties

This is an advertisement run by the Democratic-Socialist Faction protesting the Democratic Party's militarianism.

In May of 2021, after long negotiations, President Silas and his Democratic-Institutionalist faction broke off fro the DDP, forming their own new party, currently the majority in terms of registered voters, but minority in the senate. Around this time, justice Jasper created the Excelsioran communist party as a joke, who is currently trying to form a coalition government with the DDP. Later, the Democratic-Directive party was renamed and rebranded to the Democratic party.

Government Departments and Officials


So far, there has been one chancellor of Excelsior, who has served about 5 months.

Name Portrait Term of office Political party Vice-Chancellor
1 Nicolas W. Government portrait.jpg 28 August 2020 Incumbent 300 days Democratic-Diplomatic Party of Excelsior

Democratic-Socialist Faction

Miles b.


so far, Excelsior has seen 3 presidents. The current president has served about 5 months.

Name Term Political Party Number
Emma g. August 27th, 2020- August 28th, 2020 Democratic-Socialist Faction (DDP) 1
Akash v. August 28th, 2020- August 28th, 2020 Independent party, no faction

(citizenship revoked)

Silas W August 28th, 2020 - Incumbent formerly Democratic-Militarian,

Democratic-Directive Party,

currently Democratic Party.


Ministries and departments

Excelsior has many departments and ministries, which work with the chancellor to run the government. The chancellor appoints secretaries and ministers to these positions, and they work as a sort of cabinet for them. However, the chancellor does have the final say on all matters of interior.

Departments and ministries

so far, excelsior has 8 departments. They each have an appointed secretary or minister, chosen by the president. These people have the power to give orders, but the final say on all matters of the interior goes to the chancellor.

Department Description Secretary Term Seal
Department of the Economy The department of the economy oversees the stock

market of excelsior, gives permits to companies for

operation, and sets income taxes and economical regulations.

Peleg. b. August 30th, 2020 - January 1st, 2021

January 28th, 2021- incumbent


Ministry of Scientific Advancement and Research The Ministry of Scientific Advancement and Research deals with

carrying out studies and experiments to greater advance the

Excelsioran government's understanding of the scientific world.

It currently focuses on chemistry and chemical studies, but hopes

to expand soon. The ministry has a specially authorized lab within Capitol Palace.

Nicolas W.,

as all equipment

and facilities are owned

by him but have been

donated to the government.

April 30th, 2021 - incumbent Science Ministry.png
Ministry of health and the environment The ministry of health and the environment oversees the

vaccination of citizens, handles restrictions on covid-19,

gives health recommendations to citizens, and publishes

reports on the health of the nation. they are also responsible

for overseeing the environment of excelsior, reducing the carbon

footprint of the nation, and helping excelsior do its part to prevent climate change.

Silas W. and Nicolas W.

(Nicolas oversees health,

Silas oversees the environment.)

both: April 14, 2021 - incumbent Healthandenvironment.png
Department of the Treasury The department of the treasury oversees any

government investments, sets the national budget,

and distributes government money. it is responsible for taxation,

investments, sets the national budget, and distributes

government money. it is responsible for taxation,

as well as collecting funds from elsewhere, and selling bonds.

Nicolas W. January 1st, 2021- incumbent


Department of Aviation and Transportation

(also called the federal aviation administration)

The Departments of aviation and transportation's job is to oversee

any transportation into excelsior, and survey any vehicles

within excelsioran borders.

August (gus) January 15th, 2021 - incumbent
Ministry of Foreign affairs The ministry of foreign affairs's job is to extend

diplomacy to other nations, exchange diplomatic messages with

other nations, and receive, look over and approve

requests for diplomacy.

Lola G. August 28th, 2020 - incumbent Seal of foreign affairs of excelsior.png
Department of Homeland Security and Defense The department of homeland security and defense's job is to

coordinate with the military to plan offenses,

and oversee the military, and secure borders.

Silas W. August 27th, 2020 - incumbent

Military seal for excelsior.png

Department of Domestic affairs, internal affairs,

communications, and public relations

The DDAIACPR deals with relations with citizens,

and domestic problems, such as overseeing

the government, and public relations of the nation.

Nico w. August 27th, 2020 - incumbent ExcelsiorSeal.png


bureaus are smaller departments specialized in certain areas.

bureau Secretary Term Seal/logo
Department of the census and citizenship none,

Nico W. on interim status

Department of Gaplan affairs Nico W., Lola G. January 15th, 2021 - incumbent


Department of Culture none, Silas W. on interim status N/A TBA

Political Parties

Politics are extremely contentious in Excelsior, as the two major parties, the diplomats and the directives, as well as the minor communists, compete against eachother. So far, 8 political parties have Existed, the DDSP party, the Democratic-Militarian Party, the Gaplan-Diplomatic Party, the Democratic-Diplomatic Party, the Democratic-Directive Party, the Communist party, the Democratic Party, and the Democratic-Detective Party. They are all now defunct, except for the Democratic-Diplomatic Party, Democratic Party, and the communist party. The DDP is the majority party in the senate. The Independents form a coalition called the independent party, even though it is not an official party. There is also one party, the democratic-detective party, that exists but is not recognized, and may not participate in elections. For a party to participate in elections, it must first be approved by the president and chancellor. Currently, every party except the Democratic Party that has existed in excelsior classifies as left-wing.

Factional Politics

Within the Democratic-Diplomatic Party, there is a faction called the Democratic-Socialist Party, which acts as the de jure actual party. In Excelsior, citizens have allegiance to one main party, and then out of the factions within that party, one of those factions. A faction is like a smaller political party that aligns with the general beliefs of a party, but has some independent views. Factions don't need to be approved by the government, only the party they intend to be a faction of, making them a lot easier to start. Factional politics act just as normal politics would, with lots of contention between competing factions. the DS faction is generally considered to just be the DDP.

Recognized Political Parties

Recognized parties are parties that have been approved by the president and chancellor, and are allowed to participate in elections. There are currently three recognized parties in Excelsior, the Democratic-Diplomatic Party of Excelsior, the Democratic Party of Excelsior, and the non-serious Communist Party of Excelsior.

Recognized Political Parties
Party General secretary Ideologies Members Factions % of senate Logo Seal Anthem Notes
Democratic-Diplomatic Party of Excelsior Nicolas w. left-wing,



~10 1
7 / 15
DDP Grand Seal.png "Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand" The majority party in the senate, this party is the oldest party, and for a while the only party in Excelsior. Better known as the DDP, they formed a coalition government with the CPE. The Democratic-Socialist faction of the party has been accused by Silas W of being communist.
Democratic Party of Excelsior Silas W, Centre, Modern liberalism,


~20 0
5 / 15
Excelsior democratic emblem.png TBD Despite being the most popular party, the Democratic Party is underrepresented in the senate. It has also been accused of being centre-right by Nicolas W. The democratic party is the nation's only non-left wing party.
Communist Party of Excelsior (Non-Serious) Jasper S. Far-left, Marxism-Leninism, Communism, satire 1 0
1 / 15
Communist party of excelsior.png The USSR anthem is the de facto anthem of the communist party. This party is considered to be a joke by the general population. It is currently the majority as it has formed a coalition with the DDP.
Factional Parties
Faction Secretary Ideology Members Faction of Percent of Senate Anthem
Democratic-Socialist Faction Nicolas W. Democratic-socialism,

big government,

government control

7 / 15

"the internationale"

Unrecognized Political Parties

Unrecognized political parties are parties not approved by the president and chancellor, but claim to operate nonetheless. They are not recognized by the government, and may not participate in elections.

States and Territories


Excelsior, while one nation, is made up of many states. These states have their own governments, but very strong federal control. For a state, you must apply in person at the capitol of Excelsior. States may create their own laws and taxes, but these can be vetoed by the senate at any time. The most populous state is praia, as anyone who does not directly apply for state citizenship is given citizenship there. You may hold as many state citizenships as you please. For example, the chancellor holds 5. All state governors also must serve as a senator.


A territory is classified as a state more than 50 miles from the capitol, or if the chancellor and president agree to deem it one. Territories have mayors, who effectively serve as governors, but can not impose taxes. Mayors also do not have to serve as senators.

Special Administrative and Economic Regions

A special administrative and economic region, or SAER, is a small piece of land with a governor, that is exempt from certain laws. For example, the income tax there is 10% higher, but they are subject to tax breaks.

Special Administrative and Economic Regions
Name Date Created Governor Population Flag
The Capitol

(SAERTC city)

November 3rd, 2020 HRM Queen Finn 5 SAERTCCITYFLAG.png
Name Date Created Governor Cities Within State Population Flag
Grandasia 28th August, 2020 Nicolas W. SAERTC city 5 GRANDASIAFLAG.png
Invictus 28th August, 2020 Silas the fortress of Invictus (in progress) 9 Invictusflag.png
Kanaloa 28th August, 2020 Nico w., Emma g. none 4 KANALOAFLAG.png
Praia 5th September, 2020 Leo w. Praia city 11 Praia flag.png
Odysseus 10th September, 2020 Peleg b. none 5 Odyseussflag.png
Hreysivísla August 28th, 2020 Jasper s. none ~1 Hreysivíslaflag.webp
Goose island April 12 2020 Gus H. none 2 Goose island flag.png
Name Date established Mayor Population Flag Notes
The DCROW As a country: April 6th, 2019

As a state: August 28th, 2020

Nico W. As a country: ~ 50

As a state: 1

Untitledflagofdcrow.pngas a country:
DCROWFLAGSTATE.pngas a state:
The DCROW was

the predecessor

state to Excelsior.

Pending States
Name Proposed by Date proposed Flag
Yavin 4 Cam h. December 23rd, 2020 Yavin4flag.png

Politics and government

Excelsior has a very rich government system, with numerous checks and balances to ensure democracy. As well as being a constitutional monarchy, Excelsior is a democracy as well. Presidents, supreme court justices, and chancellors are elected. There are four main branches of Excelsioran government, with each one helping balance the others' power.

Executive Branch

This is a diagram showing the 4 branches of the Excelsioran government.

The Executive branch of Excelsior consists of The chancellor at its head, and the Chancellor's cabinet. it is designed to be the most powerful branch, as it controls the interior government. all public services and government services are controlled by the executive branch.

Vice-Chancellors of Excelsior
Name Political Party Term Notes Chancellor
Peleg DDP August 28th, 2020 - January 1st, 2021 Dischaged Nicolas W.
Miles b. DDP January 1st, 2021 - incumbent no notes
Cabinet of Excelsior
Name Role Political Party

(Color Denotes Faction)

Term Notes Chancellor
Silas Seretary of homeland Security and Defense Democratic Party August 28th, 2020 - incumbent First Ever cabinet member Nico W.
Lola Minister of Foreign Affairs Democratic Party August 28th, 2020 - incumbent
Peleg Secretary of the treasury DDP August 28th, 2020 - November 3rd, 2020 Discharged
Peleg Secretary of the economy DDP November 3rd, 2020 - incumbent
Gus Secretary of Transportation Democratic Party January 3rd, 2021 - incumbent

Presidential Branch

The presidential branch consists of the president and the military. They're responsible for homeland defense and offense, and they also assist the legislative branch , as the president has the power to pass and veto bills.

Legislative branch

This is a map of the Excelsioran senate.

main article: Senate of the Republic of Excelsior

The legislative branch consists of the senate and the chairman of the senate (chancellor). They propose, review, and vote on bills, as well as vote on dealings of the government. They have a lot of influence in the government, as they're responsible for creating the laws that run it.

Due to a loss of senators, the senate is currently on leave. once senators can be found, the senate shall resume operation.

  Communist Party of Excelsior: 1 seat
  Democratic-Socialist Faction (DDP): 7 seats
  Democratic Party: 5 seats
List of Senators
Senator Name Political Party Faction Term Role
Emma DDP Democratic-socialist faction August 30th, 2020 - incumbent Senate Majority leader
Nico w. DDP Democratic-socialist faction August 30th, 2020 - incumbent Chairman of the senate
Silas Democratic Party no factions in the Democratic party August 30th, 2020 - incumbent Senate faction majority leader
Lola Democratic Party no factions in the Democratic party August 30th, 2020 - incumbent senator
Peleg DDP Democratic-socialist faction September 16th, 2020- incumbent senator
Jasper Communist Party none September 16th, 2020- incumbent senator
Felix DDP none September 16th, 2020- February 3rd, 2021 former senator
Leo DDP Democratic-socialist faction September 30th, 2020 - incumbent senator
Camille DDP none November 3rd, 2020 - April 8th, 2021 former senator, convicted for treason
Owen DDP none November 17th, 2020 - May 2nd, 2021 former senator, resigned
Miles DDP Democratic-Socialist Factionn November 30th, 2020 - incumbent senator
Dylan Independent party none November 30th, 2020 - April 8th, 2021 former senator, convicted for treason
Arlo Democratic Party no factions in the Democratic party November 30th, 2020 - incumbent senator
Gus Democratic Party no factions in the Democratic party February 3rd, 2021 - incumbent Senator
Annabel DDP Democratic-Socialist faction February 27th, 2021 - incumbent senator
Isaac Democratic Party no factions in the Democratic party May 10th, 2021 - incumbent senator
Sourya S. DDP Democratic-Socialist faction May 13th, 2021 - incumbent Senator

Judicial branch

The judicial branch consists of the supreme court. They are responsible for interpretation of the constitution in court cases, and criminal proceedings.

Supreme Court Justices
Justice Name Role Term
Felix r. Associate Justice of the Supreme Court September 7th, 2020 - February 3rd, 2021
Jasper s. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court September 7th, 2020 - incumbent
Rand h. Associate Justice of the Supreme Court September 7th, 2020 - April 8th, 2021
Gus h. Associate Justice of the Supreme Court February 3rd, 2021 - incumbent
Dylan Associate Justice of the Supreme Court May 25th, 2021 - incumbent


So far, two federal elections have taken place, one chancelloral, and one for president. These elections happen every 4 years, on August 27th. Elections also occur every 4 months for justice of the supreme court, but as this law was recently instated, this election has not yet taken place. For every election, there is a maximum of three candidates. One candidate per party, and only one independent.

Chancelloral Election, 27/8/20


  • Nicolas W., Independent


Candidate Party Percent of the vote notes outcome
Nicolas W. Independent 100% only citizen at the time- one vote was cast Won

Presidential Election, 28/8/20


  • Silas W., independent


Candidate Party Percent of the vote notes outcome
Silas W. Independent 100% only 3 citizens at the time- one vote was cast Won

One of ENNC's broadcasts on Youtube.

Government services

The Government of Excelsior offers a wide range of services to the nation's citizens, from healthcare advice to weather data. A national weather monitoring station is set up in Capitol Palace, and provides weather alerts, warnings, and updates for citizens. Along with the essentials services provided by ministries, departments, and bureaus, Excelsior has some services that don't fall into a specific department, and are dealt with purely as a service to the people.

Postal service

Excelsior has a rudimentary postal service which can be used through a secure form and sent to government members. The government does issue commemorative postal stamps which may be attached as a file to emails, but these are completely free, and are simply commemorative.

Excelsior National News Channel (ENNC)

the ENNC is Excelsior's government-run news channel, broadcast on youtube and through a newsletter. While many citizens prefer to read private newspapers, like The Excelsior or The Excelsioran, many citizens do tune into ENNC. ENNC is run by Senator Gus and Chancellor Nicolas W., and their slogan is "Excelsior's network for news!"

Monarchy of Excelsior

Excelsior is a constitutional monarchy, with the queen exerting minimal power, and serving as one of two heads of state. Currently, the reigning monarch is HRM Queen Finny of the Grandasian House. As the Chancellor is directly related to the queen, he is the crown prince of excelsior. A second Princess was appointed by a vote in early 2021, HRM Princess Lilian. The president is related to the princess, so the president became a prince as well. Some other notable members of the royal family include HRM the Duke of Praia Leo, and HRM the Viscount of Invictus Arlo. Within the royal family, there are two houses, both different families, the house of invictus and the house of grandasia. Currently, the grandasian house is the reigning house. These two houses compete for power.

Crown and Icons of the Monarchy

Excelsior does have a vast collection of crown jewels, including the imperial crown, the imperial state tiara, the grand sceptre, and the orb of radiance.

Line of succession

The line of succession currently goes from house to house, meaning that second in line is Lillian of invictus. Here is the official line of succession, with G for the grandasian house, and I for the invictusian house:

  1. HRM Queen Finny G
  2. HRM Princess Lillian I
  3. HRM Prince Nicolas G
  4. HRM Prince Silas I
  5. TH Duke of Praia Leo G
  6. TH Baron of Invictus Arlo I


HRM the queen currently is guaranteed no constitutional power, but does have the right to set income tax and create laws for the Special Administrative Region of the Capitol City, or SAERTC City, as the current monarch is the governor.


The governor general of Excelsior represents and advises the queen. The Governor-General assumes the duties of the queen if she is unable to, and acts as middleman between the people and the queen.


The queen resides at Capitol Palace.

Law and Order

Police force

Excelsior does not have a police force. Government members and citizens may nominate someone for trial if they are believed to have committed a crime. If physical law enforcement was needed, the military would be allowed to step in.

Judicial system

The supreme court of excelsior is responsible for criminal proceedings. They, together, shall decide if a person is guilty of a crime. The accused may either accept a government lawyer in the form of the attorney general, or hire a private lawyer. The government is always represented by the chancellor.

Felony System

excelsior has a large felony system, with class A, B, C, and D felonies.

here are the punishments for different felonies:

Felony Class Punishment Description of punishment
A Exile the accused shall lose citizenship, and will never be able to regain it.
B Deportation the accused shall lose citizenship, and may regain it.
C loss of job the accused shall continue being a citizen, but lose their job and may not be employed by the government.
D Demotion the accused shall retain a job, but will be assigned a new., "less powerful" job.

Foreign Relations and Policy

main article: Foreign Relations of Excelsior

Excelsior, being a relatively new nation, has limited foreign policy. Currently, Excelsior is recognized by and has strong diplomacy with the Federated States of Gapla, and has signed a mutual recognition and friendship treaty with them. Excelsior also has mild diplomacy with The Forwardist Republic of Eastasia, and is currently reviewing an invitation to join the New Micronations Internationale. Excelsior currently accepts most diplomacy. It is a known fact that you can apply by emailing chancellorofexcelsior@gmail.com, or visiting their foreign affairs website, found here.

Diplomacy criteria

There is currently no official law, but there is a sort of unofficial criteria for diplomacy. Usually, if you don't fit the criteria, you generally won't be accepted.

Here is the criteria:

  • your nation has at least 5 citizens, all human.
  • your nation has a functioning, preferably democratic, government.
  • your nation has a flag.
  • your nation has a name.
  • your nation has existed for at least a month.
  • your nation has a foreign affairs minister.

also, preferably,

  • fulfills the criteria for the Montevideo convention.
  • has a land claim.
  • has a coat of arms.
  • has a national anthem.
  • has a national dish.

Unilateral Recognition

Mutual Recognition

as stated earlier, Excelsior has strong diplomacy with the Federated States of Gapla. It has also been recognized by the Democratical Empire of Dharmapura, and Excelsior in turn recognizes them. It has received diplomacy requests from the Forwardist Republic of Eastasia. Excelsior has also been invited to two micronational summits, Microsummit, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, and an unnamed summit to establish a brick-and-mortar micronational embassy in Turin, Italy. Both invitations have been politely declined.


Excelsior does have ambassadors to other countries, with one being macronational. Ralf M.M. Stultiëns, the Deputy mayor of Neunen, a Dutch town, serves as Excelsioran ambassador to the Netherlands, and recognizes the nation. Excelsior views this as "partial recognition by a member of the Dutch government". Excelsior has also received a request for ambassadorship from an unknown source in India.

Foreign Affairs Ministry

The current foreign affairs minister is Lola G. She has served since the foundation of Excelsior, being the only foreign affairs minister to date. It is the job of the foreign affairs minister to respond to diplomacy requests and contact nations about possible diplomacy. However, it is common for the chancellor and president to perform this task as well, and deliver personal responses to diplomacy requests. The website of the ministry can be found here.[1]


This is the Coat of Arms of the military of Excelsior

Main page: Military of the United States of the Terra Excelsior Republic

The military of Excelsior, while quite small, plays a large part in the nation. In Excelsior, the president is regarded as the commander of the armed forces, but still needs senate approval to declare war, or go on an offensive. The military of Excelsior has three branches of highly trained, elite forces, being the Army, Air force, and Transportation Bureau. The military is also allotted 25% of the national budget, usually spent on uniforms and equipment. The military is a large subject of debate, with the chancellor publicly stating he believes it should be dissolved, though these views are not widely agreed with, with only about %25 of the nation agreeing with him.

Military training

The military has a plan for a strict boot camp for its members, but this has not been put into practice yet.


The military also includes several members who are also involved in the E.W.I. or the elite warriors initiative, a very secretive and elite group operating outside Excelsior. It is in no way affiliated with the government as it is an independent group. These members are trained extensively in armed and unarmed combat, as well as military history and strategy. The group refuses to publish their list of members but it is rumored that some citizens from Invictus may be involved.

Branches of the Military

The military of Excelsior has three branches, the Army, Air force, and Transportation Bureau. The army is responsible for surveying, securing, and defending the nation from the ground, while the air force patrols the sky. The air force plans to introduce 3 drones to its fleet in late 2021. The Transportation Bureau is responsible for maintaining transportation guidelines set by the government, and enforcing these guidelines.

Branches of the military
Branch Servicemembers General-in-command
Air Force 1 Major General Arlo
Army 8 Commander-General Silas w
Transportation Bureau 2 Major-Generals August and Nicolas

Military use

The military has only been called into use once, in the Excelsior- Dylanland war, Which Excelsior won on May 21st, 2021. The military's purpose is mainly defensive, but can and might be used for offensive purposes.

Military Ranks

This is a chart issued by the government showing military ranks in the Excelsior Military.

here is a list of ranks achievable in the military:

Army, Air Force Ranks
Rank EMC code Precedence Stars Percent of the Military
Commander-General A1 1 5 1/11
Major General A 2 4 3/11
Lieutenant General B 3 3 1/11
private/Sargent C 6 2 6/11

Controversy Regarding the Transportation Bureau

Chancellor Nicolas W. founded the transportation bureau to be a part of the military, however it was very quickly criticized by commander general Silas and the rest of the armed forces as it has "almost no resemblance" (according to President Silas) to an armed force besides its ranking system. President Silas has threatened to dissolve the force completely but has never gone through with it.

Transportation Bureau Ranks
Rank Precedence stars
Commodore 2 4
Admiral 3 3
Vice-Admiral 4 2
Petty Officer 5 1

Combat and Wars

This is the proclamation used to inform citizens of Excelsior about the Dylanland-Excelsior war.

So far, the military of Excelsior has been engaged in one war, the Excelsior-Dylanland war, which it won. At 8:32 AM on the morning of April 8th, 2021, senators Camille H. and Dylan Y, and associate justice Rand H seceded from the republic, forming their own state, Dylanland. This action was immediately retaliated against by the government of excelsior by declaring war, and exiling the secessionists. The most major battle of the war was when the state of Dylanland physically kidnaped the president of Excelsior, Silas W., and held him hostage. The secessionists demanded a ceasefire in return for the president. This crisis was resolved in the battle of Dylan, which lasted 3 hours, and which both Excelsior and Dylanland claim to have won.

The official news of the war was transmitted to the chancellor through a video from the president he recorded in secret while he was being held hostage, with him saying:

"Um, uh, Nico, I was at their [the citizens who seceded] house when the declaration of war was declared and now I'm being held hostage. there's an emergency in Excelsio- Dylan! No! Nooo!" at which his phone was taken from him and the recording ended.

He was reportedly, from his own account, and from war records, "tortured with a spatula" made of wood.

The Chancellor of Excelsior, Nicolas W., staunchly refused to surrender, but finally did, on the terms that Dylanland would gain independence but not be recognized as sovereign. The president was released after the ceasefire was agreed, but immediately after war was declared by Excelsior again. It is unknown what the strength of the military of Dyalnland is in soldiers. However, intelligence from the president states that there are three citizens in the country.

Dylanland self-describes itself as an independent terrorist-group-state.

On May 21st, a surrender was negotiated and Excelsior was declared the victor. There were no casualties.

Transportation Guidelines

Here is a list of all military-enforced transportation guidelines enforced by the transportation bureau, directly quoted from their website:

"in terms of aerodynamic objects within our skies,

they may not have an altitude of more than 3,000 feet.

they may not be registered with any united nations recognized nation's air force or military force.

they must be carrying at least 3 passengers.

they may not fly over this airspace if they are from the following airlines:

air koryo,

nepal airlines.

they may not Exceed a speed of exactly mach one.

they must be registered as built by the following manufacturers:

cessna, piper, boeing, airbus, embraer, bombardier, candair, tupolev, ilyushin, comac.

these laws apply to any vessel within 20 miles of any landmass belonging to our nation. all vessels within these borders must abide to these laws:

they may no be registered with any country's military, With one exception for the USS Intrepid, and USS Growler.

they may not be carrying less than 5 passengers.

they must be at least 23 feet long.

they may not carry any firearms or artillery, excluding the USS growler and USS intrepid, and their docks.

these laws apply to any traffic on land within one mile of the capitol, or the state of invictus.

all trains (rail-bound objects that exceed the speed of one mile per hour) must abide to these laws:

they must be registered with the Transit museum of Brooklyn, or they metropolitan transit authority of New York of the micronation of the united states.

all other modes of transport that are less than one foot off the ground must abide to these rules:

the nationwide speed limit is 63 miles per hour.

they may not be registered with any nation's military.

they must be carrying at least one passenger.

they must not be autonomous, with the exception of if the  object with a speed of over 0.1 miles per hour is registered with the google corporation, or the alphabet corporation."

Political issues

The military is currently the most contested issue in Excelsior. The chancellor, being a pacifist, has called for the defunding of military, and, on many occasion, and, on many occasions, publicly stated his intent to dissolve it. The president, who is a militarian, is keen on keeping the military, and using it even more. He wants the military to have more influence and funding, and to expand its reach. He has threatened war multiple times, with the chancellor going as far to suggest secession if war was to break out. Currently, the DDP and socialist faction are both anti-military, while the Democratic party is pro-military. The communist party has not taken a side.


Excelsior has varying scores in terms of different micronational classification systems. Excelsior usually scores average to well on these classifications.

Boodlesmythe-Tallini System of Classification:

Excelsior scores "Bricks-and mortar, small, statehood" on this scale, and therefore would be a 5th world nation. This is the third highest score available.

Dresner's System of Classification:

on the Dresner's System of Classification, Excelsior scores a 3.6, with the answers 3+5+3+2+5 = 18/15 = 3.6. this is classified as "A very average micronation, they exist en masse. No need to ignore them, but they probably aren't very special or interesting. Often it is hard to tell the difference between them, and if they stay at this level for a long time it is probably because of a lack of population, time, effort, and/or interest.". This score is usually noted as high.

Economic Potential Index:

Excelsior scores low on the EPI, at only a 1.8.

Freayth's System of Classification:

excelsior scores a 4.7 on the Freayth's System of Classification, with the answers of 3+2+3+2+3+1 = 14/3 = 4.7, describing it therefore as "An influential and advanced micronation".

Linden's Revised System of Classification:

Excelsior scores a 5+5+5+5+3 = 23/5 = 4.6, an amazing score. This, however, is considered to be an anomaly. Under this score, if true, excelsior would be described as "One of the most significant micronations (eg. St.Charlie, the Nemkhav Federation etc). There was a lot of effort involved in getting the micronation to this level. Once here, it is quite difficult for the nation to fall back down unless it becomes inactive, like Petorio."

A satellite image of Brooklyn, where Excelsior is located.

Geography and climate

Excelsior is completely surrounded by the united states, except for the state of the DCROW. It is primarily located in northeast New England. The climate of Excelsior is generally a humid-subtropical climate.


The climate of Excelsior is generally a humid-subtropical climate. On average, it rains 119 times per year in Excelsior. Snowfall is rare in Excelsior, with an average of 12 days a year receiving snowfall. This year, Excelsior experienced 8 days of snow.

Here are some tables showing Excelsioran Climate Data:

Average Temperatures of Excelsior (source: NOAA)
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Mean maximum °F (°C) 59.6


























Average high °F (°C) 38.3


























Daily mean °F (°C) 32.6


























Average low °F (°C) 26.9


























Mean minimum °F (°C) 9.2


























Climate data for Excelsior
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average precipitation inches (mm) 3.65


























Average snowfall inches (cm) 7.0


























Average precipitation days (≥ 0.01 in) 10.4 9.2 10.9 11.5 11.1 11.2 10.4 9.5 8.7 8.9 9.6 10.6 122.0
Average snowy days (≥ 0.1 in) 4.0 2.8 1.8 0.3 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.2 2.3 11.4
Source: NOAA
Sunshine, UV, and Daylight Data for Excelsior
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Mean monthly sunshine hours 162.7 163.1 212.5 225.6 256.6 257.3 268.2 268.2 219.3 211.2 151.0 139.0 2,534.7
Mean daily daylight hours 9.7 10.7 12.0 13.3 14.5 15.1 14.7 13.7 12.4 11.1 9.9 9.3 12.2
Percent possible sunshine 54 55 57 57 57 57 59 63 59 61 51 48 57
Average ultraviolet index 2 3 4 6 7 8 8 8 6 4 2 1 5


Excelsior is, except for the Territory of the DCROW, surrounded by the United States of America land-wise. The elevation of Excelsior is ~157 feet above sea level.

These are part of the capitol gardens of Excelsior's Capitol Palace.

Architecture and urban sprawl

Excelsior has three cities, Invictus city, SAERTC city, and Praia city. Invictus consists of the military training grounds and fort Excelsior, and produces all supplies for the military. SAERTC City is the capitol, and consists of Capitol Palace, some of excelsior's finest architecture, and the capitol Gardens, as well as the headquarters for Bobo Enterprises, the government center, the chancellor's office, and Excelsior labs.

Capitol Palace

Capitol Palace is the official residence of the Chancellor and HRM the Queen. It is a large home with the office of the chancellor and the government center, as well as the Excelsioran embassy, inside. It is also known in Excelsior for its beautiful gardens. The chancellor works and resides in the southern wing, and the Queen in the north wing.

Scientific research and development

With the creation of the Ministry of Scientific Advancement and Research in April, the government began to invest large sums of money into scientific advancement. With a $168 grant from private donors, and about $170 in government money, a lab was constructed in capitol palace. Studies and experiments have since been regularly carried out to greater advance the Government's scientific knowledge.

A government Scientist working on a Vitamin C test experiment.
Chemical storage in the Capitol Palace lab.

Chemistry Department

The main focus of the Ministry of Scientific Advancement and Research is on chemistry, with many experiments, such as copper sulfate crystallization, or capsaicin extraction being connected to that topic. Currently, the government plans to begin a program to extract capsaicin from peppers. A larger experiment, set to end in late June of 2021, is directed at studying and subsequently creating a scale for Vitamin C measurement.

Space Program

While no such program is in place, the government plans to launch a space program in early July of 2021, with test flight planned to reach an altitude of about 300-600 feet. Already, a prototype of the government's planned DBA-1 rocket is under construction.


The Excelsioran economy is a mixed-market economy, primarily based in government, with around 90% of the economy being government-controlled. It is quite regulated, with some political factions calling for more regulation. The economy is currently valued at around $760-860.

Democratic Socialism

Excelsior is a mix of democratic and state socialism, with the education, healthcare, energy, military, government, and housing industries nationalized by the government. There is private industry, but as of June 2021, no companies have reported earnings as most companies are created for fun, or with no intention of profits.

Government Investments

The government invests heavily in the NYSE, or New York Stock Exchange, to generate government profit. Excelsioran economists such as the secretary of the economy Peleg B. estimate that about 98% of government revenue comes from stock investments.

Economy Over Time

The Excelsioran economy is subject to high fluctuation as the government limits its trades to high-risk, large-profit investments. The Excelsioran economy reached an all-time high on October 19th, 2020, when it was valued at about $1160. On November 10th, 2020, the economy fell by 33%, resulting in losses up to $200. Three days later, a 22-day national emergency was declared via executive order by the chancellor, and the government pulled out of all investments. The economy recovered and has since stayed relatively stable, increasing on December 26th, 2020 by $170. In April of 2021, excelsior experienced the worst economic recession in its history, with about 60% of its GDP lost. This has come to be known as the great recession, and is currently ongoing.

Stock Exchange

Excelsior has its own private stock exchange, which is controlled by the government. Stocks of Excelsioran-registered companies may be bought and sold once they retain an industrial permit, and file for an IPO. The stock exchange is dictated by article IX of the Excelsioran constitution, and sections I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, and IX. The stock exchange may be shut down by unanimous vote by the president and chancellor, or during a national emergency. Stock prices are set depending on the worth of the company, with the formula for the price being (f p) ÷ s = c.


Currently, Excelsior uses the United States Dollar as its accepted currency, with all transaction and government funds being in USD. However, another accepted currency for transaction is Dogecoin. A currency for use exclusively in excelsior is currently pending review.


For companies that are registered in Excelsior and hold a permit, there is a 25% corporate income tax. There are currently plans to introduce a $10 federal sales tax as well, but currently, there is no federal sales tax. Governors may set their own taxes in their respective states.


Excelsior recognizes companies, but the process to become one is hard. Reforms have been suggested to ease the process, but currently, there are none. To be allowed to operate in Excelsior, you must first apply for a permit, either online or through email. This permit must be approved by the Chancellor and president, and overseen by the secretary of the economy. Once your permit is approved, it must be renewed yearly. To sell goods intended for consumption by a living entity, you must obtain a second permit through the same process. the largest two companies are hayes industries and Bobo Enterprises.

Political Issues With Economy

This is a chart showing the Excelsioran economy during the great panic of November.

Over the time it has existed, many political parties have been grounded in economic reform of the economy. The short-lived DDSP, or Democratic-Diplomatic Socialist Party, more commonly known as the Democratic-Socialist Party, called for economic reforms including government seizure of private industry, nationalization of the economy, and a minimum wage. This was opposed by the Democratic-Militarian Party, or DMP, who called for a free economy. To this day, the chancellor and occasionally the Democratic-Socialist Faction still support these claims. the communist party does as well. The Democratic Party is opposed to this.

Culture and media

The culture of Excelsior is one that takes influence from Britain, Italy, Germany, and the United States. It is quite diverse, and is shaped by its citizens, though it takes heavy influence from the decisions of the government as well. Excelsior is a very patriotic nation, having over 10 different national symbols, and a national drink, meal, bird, toy, and much more, as well as being very proud of its culture. Excelsior also has a rather important news and media section of its culture, with most citizens enjoying watching the ENNC, excelsior's main broadcasting channel, for national news. Excelsior also has its own film studio, which produces government film and documentaries. Excelsior does have a variation of the english language as its official state language, Excelsioran English, but British and American english, Brazilian Portuguese, and German are also official languages. Excelsior also has a national sport, Calvinball, which is among the only sports allowed to be played within the nation.

Cuisine of Excelsior

The cuisine of Excelsior, while still developing, stems from southern European cuisine, specifically Italian. The national dish is wild boar ragu, which is a dish native to Tuscany, and the chancellor's favorite meal, pasta bolognese with rigatoni, is native to Bolonga. The national Drink of Excelsior is black tea. The queen's favorite dish, macaroni au gratin, is native to southern Italy. Almost all of Excelsior's cuisine does stem from Italy, you could say. Lots of Excelsior's cuisine is heavy in spices like basil, oregano, and black peppercorns. However, Excelsior's cuisine does take many formats, with a very traditional Excelsioran dish being caramelized pork over rice, native to Vietnam. The national cuisine also takes some influence from the United States, as the national dessert and most consumed dessert is mint ice cream, which the chancellor is famous for preparing himself for guests! Another very commonly consumed meal in excelsior is steak, which is customary to serve with guests, specifically filet mignon, the national cut of steak. Considering the location of the nation, another traditional meal would of course be manhattan clam chowder, which is the official national soup.

Media and Television

Excelsior has a government-owned news channel, the Excelsior National News Channel, or ENNC, which is regularly broadcast on the nation's Youtube channel. This studio also broadcasts messages from officials to citizens. So far, no other alternatives to this news exist. Some film studios, like N Cinemas, the largest entertainment studio in Excelsior, have produced movies that are heralded as classics in Excelsior, such as the movie "Flight", a documentary about aviation. N cinemas is privately owned By Nicolas W., the Chancellor. Literature is a little underdeveloped, with only a few books ever written by Excelsioran authors.


Both the national anthem of Excelsior, O Fortuna by Carl Orff, and the standard of the government, Time to say goodbye by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman, are classical/opera. The chancellor, Nicolas, loves opera music. Currently, there are no music studios operating in Excelsior. Little is known about the music preferences of citizens, but it is rumored that the queen is an avid fan of Gwen Stefani and Kelly Clarkson.


Royal anthem lyrics:

Praise our gracious Queen!
Long live our noble Queen!
God save the Queen!
Send her victorious,
Happy and glorious,
Long to reign over us:
Praise The Queen!

National Anthem Lyrics:



All hail the new empire

Our republic of excel - sior

We are the new generation

To start this new nation

All hail the New empire

Our republic Of excel - sior

We are the new generation

To start this New nation

We bring tidings Of great joy

Of the nation And the gaudium,

we bring Or war We sing

All hail the Monarch of the empire

We look to you in war and in peace

All hail the New empire

All hail the New empire

All hail the New empire

Or war We sing

Visual Art

This is the official microball of Excelsior.

Art in the visual form is not a large part of Excelsioran culture, except for art in the form of Microballs, which is quite popular. The chancellor, Nicolas W., enjoys creating microballs.

Sports and Recreation

main article: calvinball

Excelsior has a national sport, Calvinball, which is the most-played sport in the nation. Calvinball is a deliberately absurd game created by Bill Waterson and his friend Calvin. In Excelsior, the game has been adapted a bit, but still resembles the original sport. When playing calvinball, players make up rues as they go. The only permanent rule is that the rules of one game may not be used again. Besides that, the only other permanent rules are that everyone must wear masks over their eyes, and the rules of the game will be reversed if you touch the opposite pole at the end of the field. Also, at the beginning of every calvinball game, the calvinball theme song must be sung. Here are the lyrics, written by the co-creator of the game, Calvin:

"Other kids' games are all such a bore!
They've gotta have rules and they gotta keep score!
Calvinball is better by far!
It's never the same! It's always bizarre!
You don't need a team or a referee!
You know that it's great, 'cause it's named after me!"

National symbols of Excelsior

national holidays
  • April 23rd- Chancellor day
  • January 15th - Gapla and diplomacy day
  • April 9th - prisoner of war and veteran's day
  • April 8th- Dylanland sucks day
  • May - Victory Month
  • June - pride month
  • August - independence month
  • August 27th- founder's day
  • August 28th- independence day
  • December 25th- Christmas
National symbols
Symbol Image
Standard of the government Timetosaygodbye.jpg
Coat of arms Coat of arms of Excelsior.png
National Seal GOVSEAL.png
National shield Grand shield of Excelsior.png
Coat of arms of the monarchy Coat of arms of Excelsior monarchy.png
Cockade Excelsior Cockade.png
National tree Olive tree
National animal Eurasian kestrel
National bird European house sparrow
National meal Wild boar ragu
National drink Black tea
National steak Filet mignon
National flower rose
National sport calvinball
National colors Red and yellow
National toy Classic Teddy Bear


This is a map of citizenships some of Excelsior's citizens hold.

Excelsior's citizens come from all walks of life, and these demographics have been collected by the government of Excelsior. The government, however, has little to no data on the race and religion of the nation.


  • Male - 68%
  • Female - 32%

The nation is predominantly male, with about 2/3 of the population identifying as that gender.


  • 1-2 - 5%
  • 2-6 - 10%
  • 6-9 - 25%
  • 10 - 13 - 60%
  • 13 - 122 - 5%

The nation is predominantly over the age of 10, with 60% of the population attaining this age.


while little is known about citizenships citizens of the nation hold, it is known that citizens hold these citizenships:

(these are citizenships that some citizens hold. not every citizen holds these citizenships. the majority holds only two citizenships, most commonly being the United States and Excelsior.)

  • India
  • United States of America
  • Germany
  • Brazil
  • Republic of Korea
  • Excelsior

Awards and Medals

main article: Awards and Decorations of Excelsior

Excelsior has a large system of awards, with civilian and military awards. these awards are usually awarded by the chancellor.

Civilian awards

in order of prevalence, here are the civilian awards of Excelsior:

Award Awarded by Number Awarded Civilian bar
High order of the Chancellor The chancellor 1 High order of the chancellor.webp
Order of the President The president 1 620 NAV-DIST-PUB.webp
High Cross of her Majesty HRM The Queen 2 617 CIV-AIR-MED.webp
Order of honor the chancellor 2 488 ARKCMR.webp
Order of merit the chancellor 0 640merit.webp
Order of High Achievment the chancellor 1 Order of achievment.png

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