Second Ausverian Civil War

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Second Ausverian Civil War
Date24 November 2022 - present
Status Ongoing

Ausverian Volksrepublik - Loyalists
Republican Dictat of Lake Ronkonkoma
Ausverian Libertarian Front (until 24 December)
 Excelsior (until 20 December)

Diplomatic support

Republic of Malus (Until 21 December)
State of Faltree (until 21 December)
Kingdom of Fontasia
Flag of the Republic of Juniperia 1.png Republic of Juniperia until 1 Jan 2023
Opel Republic
Imperial Republic of Traverria (until 23 December)

National Ausveria - Nationalists
Organization for a Greater Fatherland
Ausverian Mafia
Ausverian Libertarian Front (from 24 December)

Diplomatic support

Folks State of Gasconade
State of Malus (Until 15 January)
Olovian Flag.png Republic of Olov
Zarkyiv flag.png Republic of Zarkyiv
People's Republic of China - Aoseweliya Province (PRC-AP)
SS-Ordenstaat Saspearian
Commanders and leaders
Fredrick M.
Herr Owenrich von Beanreich (until 22 December)
Sean Mankowich
Silas Wurnbash(until 20 December)
Konstantin Antonovsky (Until 5 February)
Samuel W.
Tony L.
Xi Jinping
Jiang Zemin
Ouwen Bing
Jack Ma
Antoine G-SS
Units involved

Ausverian Reichswehr
Dictat Armed Forces

National Military of Excelsior (until 20 December)
Catainian Industrielle Genossenschaft

National Ausverian Landwehr
Wolves Battalion (1st Heavy Infantry)
Serpents Sector (88th Light Infantry)

People's Liberation Army (Ausveria Province)
(60+ until 20 December) 10+ 10+ 3+

The Second Ausverian Civil War is an ongoing civil war in Ausveria, beginning on 24 November 2022 following a second coup attempt by the Organization for a Greater Fatherland.


The war began on 24 November 2022 shortly after the declaration on the Ausverian Discord server by Konstantin Antonovsky and Samuel W.[1] The declaration stated that the OGF was splitting off from Ausveria and establishing a new government, with Konstantin as its President and Samuel W. proclaimed as the "Military Governor of Long Island Territories". Following the declaration Chancellor Fredrick M. stated that Ausveria was in a state of civil war.

Shortly after the declaration, the RDLR pledged military support to Ausveria, declaring what the Dictat called a "war of annihilation"; with other nearby micronations giving their support to the government. Multiple micronations in the Long Island sector then declared National Ausveria and the OGF as a terrorist group, condemning the imperialist ideology of the faction.

Between 24 and 25 of November 2022, Nationalist forces seized control of Reichskommissariat New Kiautschou, Reichskommissariat Sayville, and Gau New Slavia, declaring the secessionist state of "National Ausveria"

On 30 November, 2022, The Olovian government officially has made a decision to support the National Ausverian nationalists in the following conflict. Olovian president Saleh H. had stated that he expected that nationalism would continue to spread in Ausveria.


On 1 December 2022, National Ausverian forces invaded the neighboring micronation of Lake Ronkonkoma. In the immediate aftermath, they would go on to release several propaganda images and videos of their invasion, and a statement denouncing other micronations, including Fontasia, the Republic of Malus, Faltree, Excelsior, and the Dictat, which all chose to side with the Ausverian Volksrepublik. In Lake Ronkonkoma, they left propaganda stickers and papers to be discovered by the Dictat Armed Forces.[2] The same day, Excelsior announced they were mobilizing troops, officially entering the war.

Excelsorian meme mocking the Nationalists.

Ausverian-Excelsioran Dispute

On 2 December 2022 one day after Excelsior announced their mobilization Chancellor Fredrick M. of Ausveria officially requested that Excelsior officially withdraw from the conflict claiming that Excelsior is interfering in Ausveria's internal affairs stating that if Excelsior does not withdraw within 24 hours Ausveria would be forced to launch an offensive against Excelsior in the future. In response to this request President Silas Wurnbash denied Ausveria's request and stated that he does not believe Ausveria has the capabilities to handle the OGF forces on their own. Following the initial dispute, Fredrick M. was contacted by the Excelsioran foreign minister Micah in an attempt to work out a non-agression treaty that would satisfy both parties, after being signed by both Fredrick M. and Excelsioran Chancellor Nicolas Caiazzo the treaty was rejected by President Wurnbash. Wurnbash stated, "Why would I agree to a treaty where we stand to gain nothing?" This response was deemed controversial in Excelsior.

Expansion & Second Phase

Nationalist forces declaring the formation of the "Serpents Sector", a unit based in New York City.

On 3 December 2022, Nationalist forces announced a new invasion into New York City in response to the intervention of Excelsior, based within lower Manhattan, known as the "Serpents Sector".

Failed Peace Talks

On 9 December 2022, President Wurnbash of excelsior was contacted by National Ausveria with the offer of mutual peace. Wurnbash took the proposal to the Excelsorian people to offer a vote on what the country should do. Instantly widespread protests broke out in Excelsior calling for the continuation of the war. National Ausveria was later contacted and told that Excelsior declined the offer.

Alleged Doxxing and Excelsioran withdrawl

On 20 December, allegations of doxxing by Nationalist-affiliated Discord accounts were believed to be occurred against major leaders in Excelsior. Following this, the Republic of Malus and the State of Faltree pulled out their diplomatic support for the Ausverian government the following day, citing legal concerns and precautionary measures. Excelsior announced on 20 December that they would be pulling out of the civil war and would be rescinding their declaration of war against National Ausveria. Since then, Excelsior has curbed its presence in the Long Island sector substantially. On 23 December, the Imperial Republic of Traverria pulled out of diplomatic support for the Ausverian loyalists, both for legal/safety reasons, and for not wanting to be affiliated with the war anymore.

Chinese Rebellion

On 22 December, several citizens of the Nationalist-occupied Reichskommissariat New Kiautschou began a rebellion against both Loyalist and Nationalist forces and pledged their allegiance to the People's Republic of China, forming their own militia known as the People's Liberation Army - Ausveria Province.[citation needed] The Chinese rebellion is mostly made up of Dengists and followers of Xi Jinping Thought, as most of them are in their mid 20's to late 60's.

Excelsior Raid

On 26 December, Nationalists made an incursion into Excelsiorian territory located in macronational Brooklyn, where they left propaganda for the Excelsioran military to find.[3] The propaganda was discovered the morning of 27 December by an inspection carried out by the Excelsioran Expeditionary Defense Service.

Capture of Dov Shulman

Dov Shulman shortly after having being captured by a member of the Ausverian Volkssturm and an RDLR Cossack.

On 31 December 2022, Loyalist forces captured a major Nationalist figure known as Dov Shulman, Reichskommissar of Sayville and "third in command of National Ausveria". Leaked footage of the interrogation show usage of torture and other brutal and illegal methods to divulge information from the prisoner, most of which are in violation of international laws concerning war crimes.[4][5] However, with neither side of the conflict having signed any agreement or mutually agreed upon any rules of war; no clear accusations of war crimes have, or indeed can be made between Loyalist or nationalist forces.

Surrender of Antonovsky

Facing mounting pressure to end his association with Samuel due to the latter's open Nazism, Antonovsky surrendered. In the Faltree Discord server, Konstantin stated, "As of 12:57 today Western National Ausveria has surrendered."[6]