Republican Dictat of Lake Ronkonkoma

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Republican Dictat of Lake Ronkonkoma
Flag of
Motto: "Братство и свобода!" (Russian)
"Brotherhood and Liberty!"
LocationLake Ronkonkoma, New York
Official languagesEnglish
Various, Russian Orthodox
Demonym(s)Republican, Dictat
• Dictat
Sean Mankowich
• Formation
8 October 2021
• Constitution ratified
8 October 2021
CurrencyRepublican dollar
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST)
• Summer (DST)
Date format
  • mm/dd/yyyy
  • yyyy-mm-dd
Driving sideright
Calling code+1
IMSO 1 codeRNK

The Republican Dictat of Lake Ronkonkoma, more commonly known as The Dictat, is an unrecognized micronation located in Long Island, New York, as well as territory in New Jersey. The Republican Dictat of Lake Ronkonkoma has been in existence since the 8 October, 2021 and is made up of three inhabited states; those being Lake Ronkonkoma, Bloomfield NJ, and Shelter Island. The Republican Dictat of Lake Ronkonkoma is a republic, with an executive branch lead by the Dictat; whom which is elected for life or until a vote of no confidence is passed by the senate. The Republic claims that their official religion is Russian Orthodox Christianity, however laws have been passed allowing for freedom of religion. The republic is also capitalist in economy, with little social welfare policies put into place.


The title of Dictat, though similar to Dictator, is entirely made up, and the constitution of the Republican Dictat of Lake Ronkonkoma clearly makes it known that the Dictat answers to the Senate in cases of contention.


The Republican Dictat of Lake Ronkonkoma was founded on 8 October 2021 and originally had a population of 11. At its foundation, Republican Dictat of Lake Ronkonkoma had laid claim to 3 different areas of the United States, often referred to in official Republic documents as the states of Lake Ronkonkoma, Bloomfield and Shelter Island. Since it's inception, the Dictat had become involved with the Long Island War, though has formalized a ceasefire with the Ausverian Volksrepublik; normalizing and stabilizing relations between the two micronations.

During the summer of 2022, the Republican Dictat of Lake Ronkonkoma staked it's claim on the Elysium Planitia of Mars; citing the The Dictat's refusal to recognize the Agreement Governing the Activities of States on the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies; also known as the Moon Treaty or the Moon Agreement. With this being the case, the Elysium Planitia is not considered a state as there are no citizens living within.

Region of Mars claimed by the Republican Dictat of Lake Ronkonkoma

On October 8th, 2022, the RDLR became one of the few micronations within the Long Island Micronational Area to have land claims abroad; specifically within the Dutch city of Wageningen. As such, the new state of Wageningen brings the total count of senators within the senate of the RDLR to 4.

Politics and government

The Republican Dictat of Lake Ronkonkoma is nominally a Republic, with two of its 3 branches of government (being the legislative and judicial) under the purview of the senate. The senate itself is made up of one representative from each state, and thus; at the time of writing, consists of 3 members. With the Republic banning the system of political parties, drawing from the warnings given by George Washington of the United States of America, candidates running for the Senate do so on their own platforms. It is believed that this system would break the mold set in place by two party system the United States has in all but name. The Executive branch, and Commander in chief of the Dictat armed forces is the Dictat; whom currently is Sean Mankowich.

In terms of foreign relations, the RDLR has, as mentioned previously, normalized relations with the Ausverian Volksrepublik of whom they had been in a state of war with. Conversely, relations with the Confederation of Malus have deteriorated severely namely due to issues of political incompatibility as well as irreconcilable differences between the two.


The Dictat armed forces are made up of 5 branches, those being the Republican Army, Republican Home Guard, Republican Milicija, Republican Marines and Republican Navy. Currently, lacking production capabilities, the Armed Forces are supplied with equipment of an Eastern Bloc nature; key example being the Army's standard issue 6b3 body armor. In more recent times, the old Noch 91M uniforms have been replaced with the easier to source M81 Woodland BDU due to the ongoing conflict between the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

It has been rumored that the Private Military Company known as "Bureaucratic Solutions" is based and operated out of the Republican Dictat of Lake Ronkonkoma, however these claims are unsubstantiated; in spite of their rejection of the UN Charter on PMCs.