Long Island Micronational Area

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The Long Island Micronational Area is an area with a medium density of micronations. The most known widely micronations in the Microwiki sector are Ausveria, Tesforia and the Sayvillian nations. The region is made up of a wide variety of terrain including beaches, coastal Pine barrens coastal Pine barrens and suburban towns. The western border of the Micronational area is the Waterway which separates New York from New Jersey.


The earliest known Long Island micronationalist was Cesidio Tallini, who founded The Tallini Family in 1998. Despite the democratic monarchy initially having a non-internet presence, its foundations and legal system became entirely web-based.[1][2]

On the 28th of may 2020 Fredrick M. founded the Assembly of Long Island Micronations.

In early October 2020, Vincent Vertuccio led a round table meeting attended by many delegates from the Long Island Micronational Area, discussing many issues relevant to the hamlet of Sayville[3].

Long Island micronations

      Sayville Sector

Flag Micronation Year
in Long Island
Flag of Ausveria.png Ausverian Volksrepublik 2019 Brittany, Polucaville, several Reichskommissariats (Active)
AynvaulImperialFlag.png Aynvaul Imperial Government 2012 Long Island (Active)
Noflag.png Cape Prusson 2020 Brooklyn
PongoReconstruction.png Christian Republic of the Pongo 2010 Unknown
Flag of the EOS.svg Empire of Sayville 2019 Sayville
Flag of Transterra.svg Federated States of Transterra 2018 Unknown
Flag of Paloma (2020 Redesign).svg Free Socialist State of Paloma 2019 Bayport Through territory of San Souci.
Flag of Long Island.svg.png Independent Long Island 2007 Long Island
Atovia Flag.svg Kingdom of Atovia 2017 Unknown Through province of Verraland-Sylvana.
Flag of Baustralia (Pantone).svg Kingdom of Baustralia 2017 Sayville Formerly through the ex-province of Sayville.
Flag of Bepistan.svg Kingdom of Bepistan 2018 Multiple Territories Through district of White Island and the LIRR Bay Ridge Branch.
Noflag.png Kingdom of Bonapartia 2018 Unknown
2Flag of Custosia.png Kingdom of Custosia 2017 Unknown Through province of Edwardia.
Flag of the Kingdom of New Paloma.svg Kingdom of New Paloma 2020 Bayport
Flag of Hrafnarfjallv3.png Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall 2016 Sayville Through the Kingdom of Powhatan & Dominion of Sayville.
Flag of the Kingdom of Powhatan.svg Kingdom of Powhatan 2019 Sayville Through the Dominion of Sayville.
Flag of the Kingdom of Sayville.svg Kingdom of Sayville 2018 Sayville
TianaTricolor.png Kingdom of Tiana 2010 Unknown
WestSay.png Kingdom of West Sayville 2018 West Sayville
Tesforia Flag.png People's Republic of Tesforia 2019 Patchouge
Princesayville.png Principality of Sayville 2019 Sayville
Kinsovean Flag.png Republic of Kinsovea 2011 Unknown Through territory of Shoreham.
Li flag 1 (1).png Republic of Long Island 2019 Unknown
2nd Flag of New Custosia.PNG Republic of New Custosia 2016 Unknown Through province of Caputia.
Joeland.png State of Joeland 2000 Unknown
Flag of Hakka.png Sultanate of Hakka 2010 Unknown (Inactive)
TalliniFlagmini.gif The Tallini Family 1998 Unknown Believed to have been dissolved due to leader falling on hard times because of Covid-19
Noflag.png TTF-Bucksfan 2001 Unknown (Inactive)
Malus flag.png Confederation of Malus 2021 Unknown (Active) Successor to the Republic of Long Island
Todthill.png Todt Hill 2021 Unknown (Active) Technically in Staten Island
AendereseFlag.png Sixth Aenderian Republic 2018 Unknown (Active) Was not originally on Long Island
Derskov-Viadalvia flag.png Confederate States of Derskov-Viadalvia 2012 Through the territory of South Dumpling Island (Defunct)


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