Solvo Sector

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The Solvo Sector is an area in Ontario home to all Solvoian Nations.


The Boarders of the Solvo Sector are not entirely clear, although it is estimated that it is the largest micronation sector in the world other then Antarctica. The Sector is confirmed to occupy Gull Lake, the Two Rivers Region, the Canadian City of Hamilton (partly occupied by the Flaradonian Union) and Angel Island. This covers almost a third of Ontario.


The Solvo Sector is home to the following nations:

  • Dominion of Canada (Canada is a Macronation, but claims all of the sector.)


The Solvo Sector is named after the first nation to exist within the sector, (excluding Canada) the Solvo Federation. All citizens of a micronation within the sector are referred to as Solvoians. Solvo in Latin is literally translated to "free", a tribute to Solvo Federation Isocracy.