Grand Vicarate of Angel Island

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The Grand Vicarate of Angel Island is a territorial, autocratic nation claiming Angel Island, a 40km square completely unpopulated island, as their sovereign territory.


The Grand Vicarate began when now-Grand Vicar Santana Borsellino declared independence on September 11th, 2009. Grand Vicar Borsellino established the Grand Vicarate as a response to the formation of the Solvo Federation, founded by his friend, Michael Flaherty. He claimed Angel Island, a 40km square island and former wildlife reserve, as his sovereign territory. The Grand Vicarate Military Order was then created, consisting of eight friends and now citizens. The Vicarate currently has a treaty of mutual recognition with the Federation.


The Grand Vicarate is headed by the Grand Vicar. The Grand Vicar is head of the Advisory council, along with 7 chosen Knights. The Grand Vicar chooses his successor from the council. The Grand Vicar also has veto-power over every issue, although the Knights may attempt to sway him or vote if he permits. To be eligible for council membership, the Knight must have permission from the Grand Vicar and after that must wait on the council to decide. Grand Vicar Borsellino currently has no council, due to a lack of members with the rank of Knight.


The Military Orders of the Grand Vicarate are divided into Eight Chapters. A leader of a Chapter is called a Knight. A knight directs their forces. To become eligible for the Advisory Council, one must first be a knight, representing one's leadership qualities. The Grand Vicar, being the most empowered Knight of the Vicarate, also has his own Chapter, known as the Vicar's Chosen, to act as his bodyguard and if necessary battlefield soldiers.