Grand Empire of Flaradonia

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The Grand Empire of Flaradonia is a micronation and the third incarnation of Flaradonia. The Empire started on Nov 1st, when Elicotville and Morris Prefectures were annexed.


The Flaradonian Homeland has faced much political strife since it left Canada. The original four states fought the First Flaradonian War of Succession, which ended when the Sarahland-Michaelae crushed the Davisistan-Jacbonia and forced them into negotiations. The Flaradonian Union was then a protectorate of the Solvo Federation, and suffered from lack of attention and stagnation as a result. The Union was Reformed into the United Kingdom of Flaradonia, which was the longest lasting and most prosperous Flaradonian State yet. The Kingdom reformed into the Empire after the vast lands of the Ellicotville claim and the Morris Land claim. This nearly started a war with the Federation.


The Empire is led by the Emperor, who presides over the House of Lords. The Emperor is elected from within the house, and reigns either until death or abdictation. The House of Lords is populated by the Prefects. A prefect is selected from the populace by the Emperor. A Prefect as a reigning emperor maintains home rule of their Prefecture. The full name of the Grand Empire is the Grand Imperial Dominion of Flaradonia and Her Colonies.


A province of the Empire is called a Prefecture. A Prefecture is governed by a Prefect. The Prefectures follow:

Ellicotville Prefecture

Morris Land Prefecture

Flaradonia Prefecture