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Strada Sector
Sektor Strada
Rumpun Strada
General information
LocatedSouth Jakarta, Indonesia
Sector founded2018
Sector founded byAaron Penyami

Stradan sector (Indonesian: Sektor Strada or Rumpun Strada) is a term used to categorise micronations bounded with and located in or near Strada area. The term was first coined in mid-2018 by the Association of Indonesian Micronations to categorize Indonesian Micronations located in the Strada area, making it the first sub-sector in the Indonesian Sector. Majority of stradan micronations are either defunct or inactive, by April 2020, there are currently 2 officially active stradan micronations.


Early development

Before 2018, there were no official micronations in the area. There have been a few organizations, groups, and gangs which acts as political entities. However, in 2016, Aaron Penyami founded a micronation in his house. Although this micronation did not directly influence micronationalism in strada, it is an honorable mention.

In early 2018, a gaming clan named Sapu Lidi and other entities began claiming territory on the area, which lead to member Aaron Penyami to propose an idea to establish a micronation specifically made for SL. The United Indonesian States of Sapu Lidi was never introduced to SL and only one claimed the official citizen title. But this has lead to the inspiration of other people to start a micronation. Few days after, and Aaron Penyami had started creating micronations for his friends, which marked the start of the sub-sector in 2018. For a few months, Stradan micronationalism would only consist of 5 people holding a micronations each. At the time, the micronations in this era were the United Indonesian States, United Oblasts of Beruise-Indonesia, United Prefectures of Tanagogo, Libernia, and the Sundan Republic.


Entering April 2018, Stradan micronationalists began gaining a reputation in the micronational community. The UIS's entry to the Micronation Hub Community was considered a milestone to Stradan micronationalists for it became the gateway for the Stradan sub-sector. to become a public location. The Stradan sector gained recognition for being a "tight cluster of micronations" for having around 40 Micronations in one sub-sector.

Since June 2018, The Stradan sector experienced a few internal and external conflicts due to attacks from Sakuranomiya. Events such as the Three Days War, First Sakuranomiyan Conflict, Libernian Civil War, and the Second Sakuranomiyan Conflict caught the attention of the micronational communities in Strada, Amino, Instagram, and even other non-micronational communities. Several Stradan micronations promoting the idea of Itoism, to unite all micronations into one sovereign nation, began appearing.

Since August 2018, Stradan micronationalism began becoming more independent and less dependent on the 5 pioneers of Stradan micronationalism. Independent micronations such as Concordia and Adiwiyata began appearing due to inspiration from the original 5 micronations. While some inspired micronations be legitimate, some like Seadoglandia and Unicorn Hologram gained a bad reputation for becoming an illegitimate micronation. Stradan micronationalism had also become an inspiration for other sub-sectors, Stradan micronationalism offshoots such as Deseret micronationalism in the Deseret Cluster, Sophos Micronationalism in the Sophos sector, and PL micronationalism in the Haji Nawi sector appeared from inspiration from the Stradan sub-sector.

Decline in activity

In mid-2019, Stradan micronationalists became inactive. One of the leading factors of the heavy inactivity was due to Stradan micronationalists graduating school and moving their education center away from strada. Throughout 2019, very little activity appeared in the sector, with only Pejaten and Concordia showing some activity throughout the year. Some revival attempts have been made to revive Stradan micronationalism, with only one revival movement by the government of Neuborrnia-Merientalia considered successful.

Restoration of Activity

Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic era, the Stradan Sector experienced a surge in micronational activity among micronations, partly due to the rising restorationist movement from Neuborrnia-Merientalia. The movement sparked a new era of micronationalism, with a more structured, proper, and more 'cultured' micronations, along with further development of existing ones. This period also introduced a new wave of people among the Stradan micronational community. However, some situations of inactivity resurges every couple of times, though has been resolved since a resurgence of new restorationist movements.

Micronations inside the Stradan sector

Active micronations

Flag Micronation Capital Government Demonym
Neuborrnia-Merientalia, Federal Republic Strada Federal Direct-Democratic Republic Neuborrnia-Merientalian
Republic of Altenbürg Altenbürg Presidential republic Concordian
Ruslandia Nogo TBA Ruslandian

Inactive micronations

Flag Micronation Capital Notes
The Devolvers Zentei Leader left micronationalism, no declaration regarding the state of the nation
Sundan Republic Posunda Turned inactive in late January 2018
Republic of Adiwiyata Greenlandia Returned to inactivity in April 2020