Micronation Hub

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Micronation Hub

Intermicronational organisation/community

Headquarters 'Micronation Hub' (Amino)

Official language English

Membership 162 members (as of April 18th 2020)

Leader Emperor Anthony of Antonian Empire
Vice-Chairman IMG 3733.jpg Moldania
Flag of Gaia.jpg Gaia
Hedoniaflag.jpg Kingdom of Hedonia

5valduriflag.jpg Fifth Valdieurian Republic

IMG 6460.jpg Republic of Cinci
Republic of Zeaa
–Foundation 2017
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The Micronation Hub is an intermicronational organisation and community on the Amino platform. It was founded in late 2017 by the then-president of Moldania. It was founded as a way to support new micronations in expanding and growing their micronationalism. It also serves as more of a platform for micronationalism than an organisation.