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The Ultamian Sector refers to a group of nations in Pennsylvania that existed between 2010 and 2013. Originally established as one country, the Republic of Ultamiya, it would at its height encompass six nations, though nominally the sector refers to the five which remained past April 2013. During the Balkanized period, no one nation controlled a significant portion of the sector's military or economic power.

Nation Established Disestablished Population Leader
Republic of Ultamiya March 27, 2010 March 27, 2013 89 (June 2012) David I of Varina
Kingdom of Pimpville October 20, 2010 Unknown >10 Sheiniyo I
Garden Republic October 20, 2010 April 2, 2013 6 A. Votideriya
Empire of Nintendia October 7, 2012 ~Q3 2013 3 Danilo I
Kingdom of Michrenia March 27, 2013 ~Q4 2013 30 Mikaila I
Empire of Gogania March 27, 2013 Unknown 1 Gariya I
Kingdom of Varina March 31, 2013 ~July 2013 12 David I


When Ultamiya was established on March 27, 2010, no one at that time predicted a competent micronational sector to emerge. Following the Stravasite-Ultamian War, the country realized that conflicts in the area would be common, especially when the Republic laid a claim to Fort Manhalia. After Shimate and Fort Manhalia were made districts, on August 4, Ultamiya entered a period of nearly constant war lasting five months. The Atlantis Civil War, the Slinky War, and the Fraternal War all had a detrimental effect on Ultamiya's reputation. However, perhaps, the Pimpville War, which brought about the Republic of Garden and the Republic (today Kingdom) of Pimpville, was responsible for nearly destroying the country. Internal strife during this period, along with an increasing influence on MicroWiki, led Ultamiya to issue the 2011 Neutrality Act, and by that time the People's Republic of Richland was nearly finished with its war with Ultamiya.

Ultamiya, Pimpville, and Garden remained the three states of the sector for most of the next two years after the breakout of their war. Garden immediately went inactive; Ultamiya and Pimpville continued development. Pimpville issued their first national flag in May 2011; during the same month, Ultamiya issued its third Constitution and experienced two battles with the Hikiya Insurgency over Fort Manhalia Military District.

Throughout most of the rest of 2011, the District of Minaka rose to prominence in Ultamiya, while the sector's first diplomatic relations, between Ultamiya and Pimpville, began in September. Though Ultamiya and Garden had had a defense pact, there were no true relations established.

The Sector, while there were a couple scares, remained tranquil through 2012. Ultamiya founded its fourth district, Michrenia, on May 30, and through the Closer Together project the four districts of the country became closely locked together. Around the same time, the Empire of Nintendia was founded in the same area as Pimpville. Then, on February 5, 2013, the district of Gogania was founded. These two new districts, both of which surprised the sector, would soon be playing integral roles in the Sector. The disestablishment of Ultamiya on March 27, 2013, made Michrenia and Gogania independent. The Capital District, four days later, became Varina, and two days later, Garden was dissolved. After this whirlwind week of transformation, the sector was left mostly monarchist (Pimpville remained a Republic for about a month afterward) with eight distinct claims across the five nations. At the beginning of April, Pimpville, Gogania, and Varina made diplomacy with each other, and Varina with Nintendia. Pimpville and Gogania organized the first military alliance of the Sector.

Fort Manhalia returned to activity quickly, with Michrenia claiming it on its foundation day, and Varina laying its claim to the area nine days later. The two countries, finally meeting on April 6, organized the Fort Manhalia Command to share the district as well as Shimate. Nintendia worked with Varina on the YHamp Minecraft server, Varina founding the District of Witaria near the beginning of May.

It was at this time that the Hikiya Insurgency returned to threaten the now divided Fort Manhalia Military District. The Skirmish of the Ides, on May 15, had the goal of finally driving the nations from the area, but failed to do so.


The Ultamian Sector was mostly American in culture, though Varina claimed to be partly European. The official language of every nation in the sector was English, used in all aspects of life. All five nations' official religion was Christianity. Three nations, Varina, Michrenia, and Gogania, had Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Gatorade, respectively, as the national drink. Gogania's and Pimpville's anthems were very popular songs in American culture (Stairway to Heaven is perhaps Led Zeppelin's most revered work; Return of the Mack is a rap song). Nintendia's anthem, I am so Happy, Because I am Finally Returning Back Home by Eduard Khil was an extremely popular track with Internet users.

Gogania's national sport, Trashball, was a popular pastime in several nations.


Only a few of the five nations in the sector could claim a working economy. Varina, Michrenia, and possibly Nintendia, grew crops inside their borders, and Varina had a working mining industry.


The Ultamian Sector's most developed field was the military. Combined, the sector had a total of at least ten soldiers. Varina had the largest Nerf arsenal in the sector, while Michrenia had the largest Airsoft arsenal. Pimpville claimed a large base of reserves to draw upon, but it was never known whether a military was kept active. Nintendia, Varina, and Gogania all held one-man armies (the monarch only) while Michrenia had four, and Pimpville potentially had at least six (according to Pimpville War figures).

The sector had two alliances: The Fort Manhalia Command, between Varina and Michrenia, and Pimpville-Gogania.

List of Territories

Name First Incorporated Nations Held
Varina March 27, 2010 (as Ultima) Varina
Shimate June 20, 2010 Michrenia


Fort Manhalia Military District March 27, 2010 (de facto)

August 4, 2010 (de jure)



Woodhill October 20, 2010 (de facto) Pimpville
Michrenia May 30, 2012 Michrenia
Nintendia ~October 2012 Nintendia
Gogania February 5, 2013 Gogania
Fort Treetania February 22, 2013 Michrenia

Capital cities are in bold.