Pimpville War

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Pimpville War
Part of The Steel Valley Wars
Ultamiya war poster 3.jpg
Date October 20th, 2010 - February 14th, 2011
Location Munhall, Pennsylvania
Status Ended
link={{{2}}} Republic of Ultamiya (October 20th - )

link={{{2}}} Holy Salanian Empire (November 1st - )
link={{{2}}} Kingdom of Istoria (November 2nd - )
link={{{2}}} Republic of Kozuc (December 6th - December 12th)
link={{{2}}} Tiana (December 9th - )
link={{{2}}} Freihetia(January 31st - February 14th)

link={{{2}}} Republic of Pimpville (October 20th - )
  • and other classmates

link={{{2}}} Republic of Garden (October 20th - October 21st)

link={{{2}}} His Lordship, David Salapa

link={{{2}}} Grand General Jordan I

link={{{2}}} Vice Admiral John I
link={{{2}}} Lieutenant General Robert II
link={{{2}}} Maximilian I
link={{{2}}} Joseph Puglisi
link={{{2}}} Peter Martin
link={{{2}}} Markus II

link={{{2}}} President Shane Michael King

link={{{2}}} Vice President Andrew Ryan Chuba


link={{{2}}} 5
link={{{2}}} 15
link={{{2}}} 1
link={{{2}}} 6
link={{{2}}} Unknown


link={{{2}}} 6

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Injuries and losses
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The Pimpville War, also known as the Second Steel Valley War, was a cold war that was declared on October 20th, 2010 by the Republic of Pimpville.


Pimpville was a nation created by two members of David Salapa's class, Shane King and Andrew Chuba, during their AP U.S. History class. Immediately, they declared war on Ultamiya and rallied others in the class to join against the President.

The main ally of Pimpville was the Garden Nation, a Republic headed by President A. Votedian. He and David had planned to invade the borough of Whitaker together, until he betrayed David and joined the side of Pimpville.

Surrender by the Garden Nation

The document of surrender by the Garden Nation on October 21st.
That is, for about 30 hours. That evening, President Salapa grabbed a mace and a shield and pressed towards the Garden Nation, on the same hill as Ultamiya. There he traveled back and forth behind the A.'s house, but could not find him. On October 21st, a Thursday, he tried again and found the Vice President, A.'s brother T., outside. He informed David that A. was at a convenience store and would be heading back to the Garden Nation shortly. David waited and sprung out when Adam came. They discussed about why Garden joined Pimpville and whether they would surrender. A. replied by saying that they were dropping out of the war. David went home and typed up a Declaration of Surrender which A. and T. both signed. In the Declaration, the Garden Nation had to become and remain neutral, and cut all militarial ties with Pimpville.

Building of tension

Over the next week and a half, Pimpville and Ultamiya's leaders met frequently in school and mostly just shouted things such as "It's on", but on Friday the 29th, they had a discussion about Pimpville's status on a trip to CCAC, a local college. Shane King said that they had both Airsoft guns and real weapons and would be invading Fort Munhall Military District that Sunday, Halloween.

As the President predicted, that invasion never took place.
A war poster made for the Pimpville War.

Pimpville came under attack by the Holy Salanian Empire on November 1st after President King insulted emperor Jordan I over Facebook. In addition, the Kingdom of Istoria, one of Ultamiya's best friends, also declared war on Pimpville the following day. In return, a 10th grade student rallied some of his classmates to declare war on Ultamiya, though only he and one other classmate believe that there is war to be had. Salapa spoke with his adviser on what to do in this situation. She informed him that the best path is the path of peace.

Salapa presented a peace treaty on December 6th and was denied. However, when the two presidents were discussing a Valentine's Day event on February 14th, King saw the peace treaty and erased everything, writing his own name in its place. Salapa signed about 30 minutes later.
The February 14th treaty previously dated from December 3rd. Pimpville did not have any de jure flag during the war.


Though faced by tough opposition, Pimpville continued to state that there is a just cause for the war. According to President King, there were two purposes of the war, one of which was to show that Pimpville is the dominant Steel Valley micronation. The only way to do that, he said, is by fighting. The other was to annex Fort Munhall Military District.

Ultamian President Salapa believed that the war is completely useless and, as of November 3rd, ceased to recognize a state of war.

Intermicronational response

Support for Ultamiya

  • Imperial Salanian Flag.png Holy Salanian Empire: Upon hearing of the war, the Emperor declared support for Ultamiya, saying "Pimpville has no right to do this." Because no national security threat was posed, the GIA was not mobilized. However, after a personal attack on the Emperor on Facebook, Salania's military did participate, and the Salanian High Command gave President Salapa logistical and tactical support.
  • Flag Of Lbp.gifFederal Republic of Los Bay Petros: President Rian alongside Vice President Faiz gave Ultamiya full support, but LBP did not mobilize the LBPAF on this war.
  • Secundomia Official Flag.jpg Secundomia: Due to a military alliance with Ultamiya and the Holy Salanian Empire, Secundomia offered political support to Ultamiya.
  • Istorian Flag.gif Kingdom of Istoria
  • UPUC international affairs.png Republic of Kozuc: On December 6th the New United Provinces Under Chance declared war on Pimpville after there reluctance to sign a peace treaty to end the war, however the declaration fell out after the nation was dissolved on December 12th.
  • Starland flag.jpg The Republic of Starland offered political support to Ultamiya but did not engage in the war. Instead it urged peace in the conflict. Starland urged Pimpville to "sit down, negotiate, sign the treaty, and end this pointless war. Peace is the only solution."
  • FTSR Flag.png Tiana offered military support to Ultamiya on December 6th, 2010. On December 9th, the FTSR declared war on Pimpville.
  • Senyaflag.png The Democratic Environmental Society of Senya strongly condemned the war as a neutral country, however, since three of its allies Ultamiya, Istoria & the FTSR were all involved in the war and on the same side, did support them.
  • Freeflag.png The Freihetian Empire offered military support to the Republic of Ultamiya on January 31st and became an ally of Ultamiya on the 28th.


Support for Pimpville


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