Ultamiya - Pimpville relations

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As for a long time the two most powerful nations of the Ultamian Sector, the Republic of Ultamiya and the Republic of Pimpville went through much turmoil and much peace in their two-and-a-half-year history of relations.

First four months

The Republic of Pimpville was founded on October 20, 2010 by Sheiniyo Frarei and his Vice President Androva Shobaiyo. Immediately declaring war on Ultamiya, the two nations were embroiled in a four month long cold war in which Ultamiya got its first real diplomatic test.

On December 6, Ultamian president David presented Frarei with a peace treaty which he and his vice declined. However, the treaty was later accepted on February 14.

June 2011 scare

Under the treaty, Ultamiya recognized Pimpville as a sovereign nation, and this was the de facto scene until the last days of May, when Minister of Assistance Benyamin Bobikya showed David, on his phone, that Pimpville had "posted" on the MicroWikia redeclaring war. Once again, however, nothing came of the declaration, and it slowly faded away. However, the February treaty, which had been violated by this and other threats, died with the end of the school year.

Relations improve

By the beginning of the new school year, the situation had cooled off immensely, so much to the point that the two nations were ready to go further. On September 19, 2011, Frarei agreed to the fact that Ultamiya and Pimpville were in "alliance" which meant that the two were diplomatically stable. This situation continued until Ultamiya's dissolution in 2013.

February 2012 scare

Though it had appeared that relations were finally settled, Frarei then revealed his master plan. On February 23, 2012, he announced in a speech to his conversation partners, one being David, in the same room that all other talks between Ultamiya and Pimpville had taken place in, that he wanted Pimpville to conquer all the nations of MicroWiki. He said that Ultamiya could only be with Pimpville or against it. He issued an ultimatum to the President, giving him 24 hours to decide what side he was going to be on. David then took some precautionary steps, alerting Commander-in-Chief of the Garden Republic's military, the Minister of Assistance and his Lieutenant General. He also decided to begin production of the hundred airplanes set aside in the 2012 Air Force Act which was signed on the 21st. After these warnings, however, nothing of note occurred out of the ultimatum, as Frarei never asked for a reply.

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