People's Republic of Richland

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People's Republic of Richland
Coat of arms
Motto: For the People
Anthem: Along with the People
CapitalState of Polis
Official languagesEnglish, Spanish, French, Italian, German
GovernmentRepresentative Democracy
LegislatureGovernors Council
EstablishmentSeptember 12th 2009
• Census
CurrencyThe Richland Star
Official Website: [1] News Site: [2]

The People's Republic of Richland, also known as PRR, is a micronation established on September 12, 2009 by Richard Vincent. The People's Republic of Richland has been accepting members since its founding, drawing from the local community for support. A Democratic Socialist nation, the PRR governs its citizens with a national congress, a set of laws, a Richland Constitution, a Military with peacekeeping and disaster recovery forces and a currency-driven, functioning economy. The PRR is currently a member state of the Organisation of Active Micronations. Situated in coastal Milwaukee, Wisconsin, bordered on the South by the proud Kingdom of Talossa, The People's Republic of Richland has access to a coastal port, riverways, several acres of forest land and several islands.

Richland supports a free market, freedom of speech, freedom of religious beliefs and works to uphold equality among its people. All citizens of the PRR are charged a citizenship entry fee, in addition to a small monthly fee. These payments are returned to the people in the form of an extensive healthcare plan, payment for labor, the right to vote for campaigning candidates for official offices and the right to use and exchange Currency within the PRR to purchase goods. The People's Republic of Richland has organized a military, powerful in comparison to most other micronations which is armed and its operations funded by the PRR national government.

History of the People's Republic of Richland

The Founding

The People's Republic of Richland was founded on September 12, 2009 by Richard Vincent, his motivational force being to better the world sphere of nations by promoting ecological technology, the uniting of world economies and the preservation of cultural history. The Nation was originally intended as an equal and communist nation, but time and the president's outlook on communist politics eventually developed the PRR into a Socialist Democracy, a more accepted and fair system to its citizens. Additionally, the expansion of Richlantic views in the political world, driven by its increasing number of citizens, brought the PRR to recognize the limits of a solely communist nation. The People's Republic of Richland had many initial purposes, some of which were to develop as a military power, a profitable organization or even a mere club. However, again, time matured the young nation and realizations were made on its successful expansions to come.

The Era of Stagnation

Following the creation of Richland, many members were opposed to true economical and political development, seeing the PRR as only a military effort. Throughout this era, the President was unable to put forth his concepts on development due to lack of finances and effort on behalf of his citizens. Thus, little progress was made in nearly the first 5 months following the founding of Richland. After a great realization and the joining of new members, including the recognized founding father Marcus Hoffman, the PRR would be launched rapidly from the era of stagnation into the Era of Growth, administering a new air of effort to the people.

The Era of Growth

The creation of a citizen's refreshment facility, named Comrade's Bar, catapulted the PRR into the Era of Growth. This new facility served Richland's official drink, Ikon, as well as other foods and generated a steady income of revenue. However, Comrade's Bar quickly became the main focus of Richland effort and became a popular entertainment vessel among the Government officials of Richland, whom of which were served drinks during Saturday Meetings. The Era of Growth continued with some military operations, but primarily discussions on the future of the country.

Post-Growth Era

The Post-Growth Era was started as the PRR purchased suitable military equipment and weaponry for the Richland Liberation Army, upgrading the past Mark 1 Camo BDU to the new Mark 2 Operations Suit and personal automatic airsoft weaponry. This achievement redefined the PRR's military capabilities and set the stage for economic and political development to come.

The Golden Age

Sparked by the collaborations of President Richard Vincent, Marcus Hoffman and Anthony Windau, The Golden Age revolutionized the PRR. An official document was put forth on July 10, 2010, entitled "The PRR Progression Proposal" and caused a new era of motivation for Richland as a whole. Later that week, the Richland Star was put into official bill form, citizens were administered the new PRR Citizen Pass and were fingerprinted, all government officials were given Government Entry Passes and the Richland Constitution was officially completed up to requirements. Additionally, plans were made to install a revenue generating Richland Pawn Shop and massive upgrades to Comrade's Bar, both operations of which were carried out with efficiency.

The Reconstruction

A flood on the 22nd of July caused a massive political and economic slump. Comrade's Bar was reduced to an inoperable state and the Richland Government was forced to relocate its base of operations. The Polis district received approximately a foot of water above ground, a situation less severe than outlying districts. For example, Lincentia was forced to deal with over 4 feet of water. Additionally, several citizens were trapped inside their vehicles as they floated down a heavily flooded street. Since then, precautions have been taken to prevent a similar emergency with flooding early warning system in the district of Lincentia. Unfortunately, there are no plans to repair upholstery in the Polis district.

Cold War and the Slinky War

In October 2010, the People's Republic of Richland sent an email to the Republic of Ultamiya suggesting to become an autonomous province of Richland. The Ultamian president responded harshly, turning down the proposal outright. Later, an article on Ultamiya News expressed the situation in a very partial light.

"According to Vincent, Ultamiya could either be intertwined with Richland, becoming one of their states, technically making us a puppet state with all of our people becoming citizens of Richland," says His Lordship, "Or we could be completely dissolved into Richland and leave our Ultamian flag and spirit completely behind."

— Ultamiya News

At the time, the news article was taken very seriously in Richland, thought of as defaming to Richlantic sovereignty. President Vincent responded to these cries on November 6, when he and other statesmen convened and wrote a declaration of war against Ultamiya. Ultamiya promptly cut ties with Richland a week later. The Republic of Starland politically backed Ultamiya during the first initial days of the cold war.

On January 22, five days after the breakup of the Slinky Empyre, the Kingdom of Istoria tried to protest the newly formed successor called the Slinky Republic and declared war. In response, the Duchy of Georgeton declared war on Istoria to defend their new ally. Ultamiya, while still in war with Richland, joined the fight two days later, prompting Richland to re-declare war. Immediately, the Richland Liberation Army went into high alert, but on January 26 Richland announced it was switching to only political support on the Nationalist side. After the five-day war, Richard Vincent was awarded the Order of Georgeton by Dakoda George.

Political Expansion

Several new bills were passed in the months during December and April. Of them, a tax law was instated and ratified by the congress. During an April meeting, a bill was passed to expand Richland's agricultural production and reduce Richland's environmental impact. During April, formal Citizen's Assemblies were organized in a local rented meeting space.


For more information, visit Politics of Richland

The People's Republic of Richland is a democratic federation. The government is divided into three branches: legislative, executive and judicial. The legislative branch is the Governors Council, staffed by representatives elected by their states, who decide upon the laws of the republic. The President is voted by the people to head the council and govern the republic. The representatives use a variety of titles: "Governors", "Senators" and "Delegates". The executive branch is the Executive council, headed by the President and Prime Minister, who is appointed by the president. Last, the judicial branch is made up by one court which is used during times of treason and petty crimes. .

The National government roles are composed of three branches:

  • Legislative: The Unicameral Legislature, called the Governors Council, makes federal law, declares war, approves treaties, Mediates trade internally and externally, and has the power of impeachment, by which it can remove sitting members of the government.
  • Executive: The president is the commander-in-chief of the military, appoints the members of the Foreign Ministry (subject to Council approval) and administers and enforces federal laws and policies.
  • Judicial: The Court of Richland, whose judges are members of the Governors council, Deal with Treason and Petty Crimes of citizens of the PRR.


Richland Soldier.

The Richland Liberation Army (abbreviated RLA) The RLA's military is composed of two squads, including a scout and artillery unit. The RLA as a whole has a strength of 8 men. In addition, many other citizens could be called to participate in a defense of a state or a strategic point. The RLA have numerous safehouses throughout the country. As expected, the two groups hate each other with a passion. The RLA practices in combat training weekly. Non-PRR citizens have served in the RLA. The RLA also have access to a Infantry Fighting Vehicle, which was made out of fiberglass and PVC piping for the frame. They may also have access to other vehicle for extraction and transportation.

The RLA is divided into the following two squads:

Foreign relations

The Foreign Ministry of Richland is the diplomatic department of the National Government of Richland. The Foreign Ministry of Richland requirements for recognizing a nation is if the state serious, the Foreign Ministry either recognizes a state either under a treaty which is a formal recognition or recognizes a state informally.

Number Flag Nation Status Recognised Unrecognised Notes
1 Flag stcharlie.png Federal Republic of St.Charlie Formal Recognition 2 November 2010 - Treaty Signed
2 A1flag2.png Social Republic of Bethania Informal Recognition January 19, 201? - -
3 NLA flag thumbnail.png Republic of Ultamiya Informal Recognition March 10, 2011 - Tensions in the past.
3 NLA flag thumbnail.png Republic of Berin Formal Recognition July 2, 2011 - Treaty Signed.
4 NLA flag thumbnail.png Republic of Atlantis Formal Recognition July 5, 2011 - Treaty Signed.
5 NLA flag thumbnail.png Empire of Eniarku Informal Recognition July 27, 2011 - -


The PRR is subject to some controversy after their attempt to absorb their ally, the Republic of Ultamiya.


Ppr banknote.png

Richland Star.

The People's Republic of Richland supports a free-market economy and openly stimulates the growth of such. The official currency of Richland is the Richland Star, Many variants and prototypes of the Richland Star have been made in the PRR's history, though we believe that the current variant will stay in use indefinitely. The Star uses a Silver Standard and is backed by 15 silver troy grams of .999 fine silver. This amount of silver is only equal to 17 USD, and is divvied into 68 units with each unit equaling 0.21 silver troy grams equaling 0.25 USD. The Central Exchange prints and regulates the Richland Star. The Richland Star is currently in full circulation with the citizens of richland, Being used in all of richland's major establishments. After becoming a citizen, you may exchange goods at the Central Exchange to convert USD into Richland Stars further, or you may convert lump sums of $20 directly into Richland Stars, interest-free. However, you may only convert money in this fashion in multiples of $20. Depending on the situation at hand, citizen may also be paid for attending and supplementing operations, be they military or otherwise.


A traditional Richlantic dinner.

The Citizens of Richland mainly have the same culture of the United States and Great Lakes. Aside from culture of america, real Richlantic culture lies in the food. The Favorite dish is called maird and is a gravy like sauce that is served with bread, pineapple and steak. The national drink is Ikon which was a soft drink invented in Richland.


The PRR currently has 4 states which are either governed by a Governor or Representative, each state gets one seat in the Council of Governors. There are several other unincorporated territories and colonies used either for expeditions or military excursions.

  • Polis The State of Polis was formed in March 2010 and is the oldest state in the PRR. Polis is the Seat of Government of the country, and is home to Comrade's Bar which was the countries first establishment. Currently Polis has a population of 5 and its current representative is Richard Vincent.
  • Populi The State of Populi was formed in October 2010. The Richland Historical Bar was the second bar ever to open in the PRR. Which features Historical items from Richland's Past. The Population is Currently 7 and their Governor is Anthony Windau.
  • New Polis The State of New Polis was formed in April 2011. New Polis has been expanding greatly and currently is home to the Officers Lounge and also has the head office of the People's Bank of Richland. The Population is currently 3 and its Governor is Alberto Kanost.
  • Lincentia The State of Lincentia was formed in October 2010. It has taken a step away from businesses and has started Scientific Projects and Industrial Projects, it has become the scientific capital of Richland. currently the population is 3 and the Governor is Marcus Hoffman.


The PRR supports all and any internal and local external development and provides funding for those which benefit the people.


Comrade's Bar

A recreation lounge officially and traditionally ran 24/7 by government officials of the PRR. Comrade's Bar provides refreshing beverages and hot meals of traditional Richlantic cuisine.

Hoffman Lounge

With a moody dim atmosphere, Tiki decor and a wide selection of jazz, classical and mood music, the Hoffman Lounge is a hotspot for tired citizens looking for local dining and a friendly game of Blackjack.

Richland Historical Bar

Located in Populi, the RHB features an enjoyable, homey atmosphere with authentic issues of the Capital Ledger, classic photographs and upbeat '60s music. A local variety of Ikon is available here, as well as some snack choices. The RHB also has many historic items from Richlands past. The RHB also has many military Uniforms that Richland soldiers may have worn or may wear. Richland Historical Bar offers may things to do including Computer simulations and Xbox 360 games. Or if your not in the gaming mood the bartender is always ready to spin a tale.


Executive Tactical Operations

An independently owned service which empowers the people's rights in local protection and aid. Executive Tactical Operations will go to great lengths to see that the people's basic rights are upheld in times of need.