Politics of Richland

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The People's Republic of Richland has established a political system that is revolved around a democratic federation. The government is divided into three branches: legislative, executive and judicial. The legislative branch is the Governors Council, staffed by representatives elected by their states, who decide upon the President to head the council and govern the republic, The Representatives use a variety of titles: "Governor", "Delegate" and "Councilman". The executive branch is the Executive council, headed by the President and Prime Minister, who is appointed by the President. Last, the judicial branch is made up of one supreme court, which deals with treason and petty crime. The Government also has several ministries that deal with different functions which are headed by an appointed minister.


Executive Branch

The Executive Branch is made up of by the President (Richard Vincent) and the (Prime Minister). The Presidents duties are to handle the financial, domestic and some Foreign Affairs. The president is the head of the armed forces of Richland, and can make an executive decision to engage in small military conflicts without congressional oversight. The presidents term length is 3 years. The Prime Minster acts as an adviser and chief diplomat of the Foreign Ministry of Richland. The Prime Minister is appointed by the elected president.


Foreign Ministry of Richland

The Foreign Minstry, established in 2011, is the diplomatic divison of the PRR government. Their responsibility is to expand influence in the micronational community and promote micronationalism. Their current head is Marcus Hoffman.

The Foreign Ministry branches are divided depending of their locations. The main branch, Foreign Ministry Central is located in Lincentia and a small office in Polis is the headquarters of the Foreign Ministry sub-branch.

Ministry of Science and Production

The MSI, established in 2011, is the primary research and development agency in PRR. Their research ranges from fields such as farming, industry, electricity generation, etc. They are also responsible for supplying water and keeping records of the farms.

The MSI is headquartered in Lincentia.

Ministry of War

The Ministry is a division of the PPR government, devoted to preparation of field emplacements, supplies and keeping records of the RLA. The Current secretary is Nick Busalacchi.

Legislative Branch

The legislative branch is a unicameral legislature named the governors council, The governors council is made up of a elected governor from their state, they may also select an auxiliary representative to form a delegation, the representative has no voting rights but can advise the governor on bills. The Council can vote on engaging in large military conflicts, spending, treaties, joining organizations and government appointments. The council meets every month.

Judicial Branch

The Judicial branch of Richland uses a simple judiciary system. with only one court headed by the four governors. The court is held when a citizen commits treason or a petty crime against the country, all other crimes are dealt with in US courts. The only branch that has the ability to arrest is the Richland Liberation Army and is held for questioning for 30 minutes, and is then let go until a further trial.

Political Divisons

The States of Richland are ran either by a Governor which acts as a representative in the Governors' Council for a state with a larger population there would be a auxiliary representative which would advise the Governor on bills, This would form a State Delegation. Most states rely on the National Government to give aid for projects and economic initiatives.

A Concession is a foreign land plot either given to the PRR or bought by the PRR government. Concessions are temporary and have no representation in the legislature. A Concession is governed by an ambassador in that region or the government itself. A concession is usually being prepped for colonization.

Protectorate: A Protectorate is a foreign micronation wishing to ally itself with PRR for Military or Economic enhancement. A protectorate could only have one representative in the Legislature. Citizens of a protectorate could also use the Richland Star as legal tender which is backed by Silver bullions. A protectorate could fuse their armed forces into the RLA as a protectorate military.