State of Polis

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State of Polis
Polis Flag.png

LegislatureRichland Congress
- Type - Unicameral
Established12 September 2009
Area claimed2500sqft
CurrencyThe Richland Star

The State of Polis is the Capital of the People's Republic of Richland. Founded in 2009 by the two of the three founders of the PRR, it was jump-started by establishing Comrades Bar, which allowed Polis to establish itself as the capital for all PRR activity. In the 2011, Polis grew and expanded, attaching a Casino to Comrade's Bar. One of four States of Richland. With a population of 5 people, It is the hub of government activity and handles the day to day operations. Its current governor is Richard Vincent.

Polis Authority

The Polis Authority is the governing body of the State of Polis. The current members of the Polis Authority is Richard Vincent as Governor and Nick Busalacchi as auxiliary representative to the Governors Council. The Polis Authority is not as independent as other states, and needs to ask the Governors Council permission for high budget projects.

Areas or Points of Interest

Presidential Office

The Presidential Office is the main hub of government activity. The Presidential Office has also held meetings and has had historic signings of documents. The Office features tele-communications with every other Government official in the country and up to date maps on the current area of operations.

Comrade's Bar

Richard reading the "Capital Ledger"

Comrade's Bar is a bar and casino in Polis. It is owned and run by the National Government of Richland. Located in the downstairs of Polis, It is themed with a art deco decor and has Roulette, Blackjack, Craps and Texas Hold'em.