Infantry Assault Squad

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Infantry Assault Squad
The Unit practices urban warfare tactics
Founded July 1, 2011
Headquarters Fort Aqua, Richland
General nature Infantry Unit
Field Commander Richard Vincent
General information
Standard weapon Airsoft M14 rifle

The Infantry Assault Squad (I.A.S.) is the only infantry unit in the RLA. It has seen continuous unofficial service since 2009.


The IAS has been unofficially around since 2009 participating in numerous training operations. The IAS recruits from PRR civilians, Training last 1 week. Those that finish and are awarded the rank of Serviceman. In order to fulfill their objectives, they employ Spud Cannons and Vehicles, and numerous safe-houses to keep supplies. Their regular patrol uniform is a Green fatigue, while the officers wear a red beret. Combat helmets are US military surplus. Soldiers can also operate police.


The IAS has numerous pieces of equipment for different situations, The standard weapon is the M14 Spring Airsoft which is used for Long range infantry engagements. The IAS also carries a spud cannon for support against hard targets. The IAS has only one one vehicle which is the IFS-12 which is modeled after the BTR-80 and will carry soldiers and have a 51mm spud cannon.