1st Recon Detachment

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1st Recon Detachment
Unit Patch
Founded July 1, 2011
Headquarters Fort Notreterra, People's Republic of Richland
General nature Military-Sniper Unit
Field Commander Marcus Hoffman
General information
Standard weapon [1](Airsoft)

1st Recon Detachment are an elite outfit of the Richland Liberation Army. The Unit is a volunteer special force renowned as much for their shrewd reconnaissance capabilities as their bravery and combat prowess.


1st Recon Sniper.

The Roles of 1st Recon is to scout a hostile areas and to provide accurate covering fire for friendly infantry units. 1st Recon also specialize in guerrilla warfare and can be used against larger more conventional military's. The 1st recon can engage targets from a far distance up to 200 meters, the 1st recon covers most of Infantry Assault Squad combat advances from a distance. The first recon can also be used for citing targets.

Training and Selection

Basic Training for 1st Recon lasts 1 week. 1st Recon selects the best Richland soldiers to begin basic training, 40% of recruits drop out or fail basic training. The Training covers these techniques.

  • Working in a small independent squad.
  • Marksmanship.
  • Physical Training.
  • Stealth.
  • Conventional combat techniques.

After training the recruits are made full members of the 1st recon.

Uniform Distinction

  • Combat Uniform

The Combat Uniform is a basic green fatigue with jungle boots. Headgear is either a Boonie hat or a green bandana, face paint is also worn.

  • Barracks Uniform

The Barracks Uniform or off duty uniform is a basic green fatigue worn with unit, rank insignia and jungle boots. The Unit wears a green beret.