Fraternal War

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Fraternal War
DateOctober 18th 2010 - October 22nd, 2010
Spokane, WA
Status Ended

Republic of Ultamiya

Principality of Garagstan
Kick-Max-In-The-Butt Nation
Los Bay Petros
Commanders and leaders

Max I
President Kenny Harber

David I of Varina
Faris Ibrahim
Faris Ramadhan
Quinn Kasbar
4 1

The Fraternal War is a conflict between the Kingdom of Istoria and the dictatorial nation of KMITBN (Kick-Max-In-The-Butt Nation). Though not a civil war, by context, it was taking place within a part of a basement of an apartment building, where His Royal Sir's family lives, and may have been considered such to an extent. Though a major threat to Istorian security may have been posed, the KMITB movement never caught steam, and nothing much happened.


Photo of Quinn Kasbar in 2011

The war was declared by Quinn Kasbar, the self-declared militarial dictator of KMITB, on Istoria on October 18, 2010, because of a sibling rivalry with King Max I of Istoria, and rallied other micronations against Max I to join him. Though this call for support failed, the two nations were already fighting in small skirmishes with each other. KMITB's greatest achievement in the war was the occupation of New Diablo Military District, however it was not long before the two leaders met and declared a ceasefire and ended the war on the 22nd, even though KMITB Nation still currently exists, only that it doesn't provide a threat for the Republic of Kuhugstan, Max's current micronation. The only battle to be fought between Max & Quinn Kasbar after the Fraternal War was the Battle of Ben Burr.

Intermicronational response

Support for Istoria

  • Republic of Ultamiya: As Istoria's friendliest nation and diplomatic ally, the Ultamian Republic condemned Quinn Kasbar for attempting to found such a immature nation based on the hatred of his Istorian brother. As neither nation had any superiority over Ultamiya weapon-wise, Ultamiya was in full support of Istoria and did not recognize the nation of KMITB.
  • Principality of Garagstan: Garagstan joined, & supported this side, because they didn't want to be inactive.
  • Federal Republic Los Bay Petros: The NLC has been passed the declaration of war with KMITB and their full support on Istoria, but as the Gen.Adriansyah Yassin and Hady Faiz are still in charge on the Atlantis Civil War, the Los Bay Petrosian Commandder of this war was given to Faris Ramadhan and Faris Ibrahim.But,on September 20.The NLC once again discussed the issues with the Gordon Freeman's comment on the Los Bay Petrosian involvement on this war.And the NLC decided to withdrawn the Los Bay Petrosian Armed Forces from the war, but LBP still supports Istoria.
  • Secundomia: President Parker I has called this war "stupid" and has supported Istoria, however, he has decided not to declare war or "anything drastic," somewhat like the opinion of Kyng Fyrst of the Slinky Empyre.
  • Starland has decided to support Istoria but does not want to get involved in the war. The federal government has called Quinn Kasbar "evil" and has pledged complete political support for King Max and the legitimate government.


  • Slinky Empyre: The Slinky Empyre is officially neutral, and has no intention of declaring war for either side. However, in an act of friendship with the Kingdom, Kyng Fyrst suggested that Istoria contact the KPA (Kasbar Parental Authorities) to assist in resolving this conflict, along with attempts at peace. Giving the Dictator a diplomatic hug was a recommended option.
  • USLSSR: The USLSSR has declared a policy of neutrality in the conflict
  • Tarintinium: Tarintinium Has Declared Neutrality.
  • Holy Salanian Empire: The Empire, although strongly swayed toward support of Istoria, agrees with the suggestions of the honorable Kyng Fyrst. As Salanian forces are currently engaged in the Atlantis Civil War, there are unfortunately not enough soldiers to spare.

Support for Kick-Max-In-The-Butt Nation