Principality of Garagstan

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The Principality of Garagstan
Coat of arms
Motto: Hail Garagstan
Anthem: Garagstani Anthem De National
File:Great Britain
Official languagesEnglish
Demonym(s)Garagstani, Garanese
EstablishmentJune 2010
• Census
CurrencyGreat British Pound, Garag Pound
Time zoneUTC

The Principality of Garagstan was a micronation founded in June 2010 by four friends in Southminster, Essex, England. On 1 September 2010, Garagstan became partially inactive due to a government fall-through and on 25 September 2010, the Government released plans to become an Autonomous Region of the Tsarist Empire of Gishabrun or to become a Department of the Slinky Empyre. During October 2010 it was announced that Garagstan would stay independent and on December 24, 2010 a new flag was revealed. However, Garagstan was later officially dissolved on August 21, 2012.


Garagstan was founded in June 2010. The four founders wondered what having their own nation would be like after deciding that they were fed up of the UK, they decided to start the nation. A few weeks later, after learning about micronations, Garagstan turned into a serious nation which was to have its own government, currency, flag and anthem.

Garagstan was based around a road in the small village of Southminster, in Essex, England. The nation took up all of the road, as well as its houses and gardens and a small lane opposite. Garagstan also unofficially claimed a small section of the Antarctic.

At the start of July 2010 the Garagstani Constitution was signed by the four. This states all the laws and rules of Garagstan. The military was later formed and so was the royalty. People from all over the village that Garagstan is in heard about the nation, and were soon signing up to be citizens. Passports and citizenship notices were printed and Garagstans Foreign Affairs were opened.

Flag Wars

The 1st Flag War

At the start of July 2010 the Foreign Affairs Minister decided on a design for a new and improved national flag. He said the current flag looked tatty and out-of-place, but when he went to show the Government his new design, the vote was still split evenly. But because the other 3 members of the Government at that time all shared Presidency, the Government almost fell apart in a large argument about the flag. Half wanted to keep the current flag, but half wanted the new one, the next day a vote was held to the residents, and out of 40 residents, only 15 voted, with the result as 9 for new flag and 6 voted to keep the current one. Garagstan changed its flag design.

The 2nd Flag War

Flags of Garagstan

The first Garagstani flag (June 2010-July 2010), changed after the 1st flag war.
The 2nd garagstani flag (July 2010-January 2011), adopted after the 1st flag war and changed after the 2nd.
The 3rd garagstani flag (January 2011-August 2012), adopted after the 2nd flag war.

The Great Government Overhaul and Inactivity

In 2011, the vice president announced a Government Overhaul. This new group failed to overpower the government and in the end decided to run the country as part of the Home Party. However, after this change they decided they were fed up of the laws that were passing behind their back so after the they got to work trying to take over again. Legal action was taken by Ken H but the nation ended up falling apart, becoming inactive from 1 September 2010 until December 2010. Ken H returned that December now that the 'rebels' had lost interest. The flag was changed (see 2nd flag war) and Garagstan was back.

The 'New Dawn' Era

In 2011, Ken H revealed plans to become an Autonomous Region of Gishabrun or a new department of the Slinky Empyre. However, these plans fell through that October and Garagstan remained independent.

Princes Field Annexation

Princes Field

On October 9, 2010, Garagstan completed the annexation of Princes Field, a small field that bordered the south of Garagstan along the Princes Gate border. The land is only accesible by leaving Garagstan and going through Rukora to get to the entrance. But plans are being considered to join it to Princes Gate via an alleyway.


In December 2011 the principality was said to have ceased to exist as there was no more interest in the nation. On August 21, 2012 Garagstan was officially dissolved.


There were four sections in Garagstan, shown in these maps. Mapofgarag.jpg Garagmap2.jpg

The Antarctic States of Garagstan

The Antarctic States of Garagstan was a colony of Garagstan that contained all of Garagstan's land claims in Antarctica, These were:

The Flag of the ASG
  • White Island (South of Madagascar)
  • Burke Island (South Pacific)
  • Sturge Island (South of NZ)
  • Buckle Island (South of NZ)
  • Young Island (South of NZ)
  • Row Island (South of NZ)

The ASG was dissolved the same date as Garagstan, and all of the nations land claims were relinquished.



The Home Party was the only party of Garagstan and was in power for all of the nations existence, under Ken H.

Foreign Affairs

When Garagstan dissolved, all of its informal and formal relations were immediately stopped. The nations Garagstan had relations with were as follows:

Template:Country data A1flag.png MGPRO A1 Template:Country data Optima national flag.png Dranoria (formerly Optima) Template:Country data Micronationflag126.jpg Tsarist Empire of Gishabrun Template:Country data Istorian Flag.gif Istoria Template:Country data Duchy of Orenburg National Flag.jpgDuchy of Orenburg Template:Country data SKOPamaleFlag.png Second Kingdom of Pamale Template:Country data Senyaflag.png Democratic Environmental Society of Senya Template:Country data Slinky Empyre.png Slinky Empyre (now divided between Landashir, Gishabrun, etc.) Template:Country data Flag of Qootärlænt.jpeg Qootärlænt Template:Country data National Flag of Rukora.jpg Rukora Template:Country data UPUC Flag new.png United Provinces Under Chance Template:Country data Vlag 2.png Wyvern Template:Country data Zealandian flag.png Kingdom of Zealandia Template:Country data Zonian Flag.png Zonian Confederacy (now part of Sirocco)

Recognized nations

Garagstan recognized all members of the Organisation of Active Micronations as well as all of its allies/friends, as well as Sealand.

Garagstan also recognized all members of the United Nations as well as Kosovo and was a strong supporter of the country of Taiwan, believing that it was not the 23rd province of China.


Garagstan was a member of the following organizations:





The GaragStar was a weekly newspaper that featured big new stories from around Garagstan. It was the only official newspaper of the Nation but was scrapped after the foundation of GaragTV. On October 2, 2010 the GaragStar was officially closed.


GNC (Garagstan News Channel) was a planned TV channel for Graagstan. It was due to launch on the Week Beginning 3 October 2010 to replace GaragTV, which ceased operations in October 2011.

National Holidays

The National Holidays that were celebrated in Garagstan are as follows:


  • 1st - New Years Day


  • 29th - Leap Year Day (Every 4 Years)


  • 1st to 31st - Garagstani Easter Month


  • 1st - April Fools Day


  • 1st - Founding Day
  • 10th - Birthday
  • 28th - Independence Day


  • July 31 to August 7 - National Scout Camp Week


  • 11th - National 9/11 Memorial Day


  • 31st - Halloween


  • 1st - The 1st of December
  • 24th - Christmas Eve
  • 25th - Christmas Day
  • 31st - New Years Eve

FAO Awards

The FAO Awards was an award ceremony organised by the Garagstani Government. It was hosted every 4 months and honoured the Individuals and nations that had helped Garagstan out.


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