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The GaragStar Weekly
[[File:{{{front page example}}}|200px]]
Format PDF/Word Document
Type News
Owner Garagstan Media
Editor Kenny Harber
Founded August 2010
Political Allegiance None
Language(s) English
Distributor(s) Garagstan Media
Distributed In Principality of Garagstan

The GargStar is a Newspaper which contains news and events taking place in The Principality of Garagstan. It is the Only official newspaper of of Garagstan, as it is the only one recognised by the Garagstani Government. The Newspaper hopes to launch its first issue for the week beginning Monday 2 August.

On October 2, 2010, The GaragStar newspaper was officially Stopped and meant that Garagstan now had no Newspaper. A replacement, The Garagstan Monthly is being planned.


The First few issues are only prototypes. They did not contain Images.

Logo of The GaragStar Newspaper

ISSUE ONE - Issue 1, Week Beginning 02/08/10

ISSUE TWO - Issue 2, Week Beginning 09/08/10