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The Garagstan Sporting Federation (GSF) is an organisation set up on August 2, 2010 and is the governing body for all sport and sporting competitions in the Principality of Garagstan. It has not yet held any competitions but the first One Touch and first Treeball Competitions are scheduled to take place through October.

Garagstan Playing Field

The Garagstan Playing Field is where all sports in Garagstan are played. It is currently covered with mud but plans have been approved to grow grass on the Field. The Pitch is

Garagstan Playing Field from the Hedge. (Oct 2010)

currently only ready for Football, Treeball, Treeclimbing and Conker Collecting. It is being prepared for the Golfing events of 2010. The road next to the Pitch is used for One Touch and Bike Football.

The pitch is located in the Elsden Chase District.


(Very Rough Approx.)

Length: 10.875 Yards

Width: 6.576 Yards

Area: 35.099 Yards sq


The GSF expects to run tournaments in these sports:


  • Monthly Treeball League

One Touch

  • Monthly One Touch Tournament
  • Annual One Touch Supremo Round

Bike Football

  • Annual Bike Football Cup
  • Bike Football League

Two-a-side Football

  • Annual Two-a-side Football Cup
  • Monthly KO Cup


  • Annual 9 Hole Golf Cup
  • Annual 5 Hole Golf Cup


  • Annual Treeclimbing Tournament

Board Games

  • Scrabble Games


Unlike normal Organisations that deal with sport in only one nation, the GSF encourages other nations to join. It will help bring some of the sports it runs into other Nations and its owners would also like having help organising the Federation.


None as of yet

To Join please contact or request to join on Ken H's talk page.