Micronational Olympic Committee

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Micronational Olympic Committee
Type: Sport
Headquarters: Undefined
Official Languages: English (to change as more states enter)
Membership: 7
Establishment: 28 April 2008
Website: imoc.info
Colours: none
Charter: presented at the MOC website.
Founder: micronational olympics hosts.
Secretary General: All former micronational olympics hosts

The Micronational Olympic Committee (MOC) is a micronational olympics organization, dedicated to setting standards for Microlympics to come. It's website is International Micronational Olympics Committee.


1) All former hosts are accepted as equals on the committee, and have equal rights to vote or/and veto any proposal, on order of at least one vote over the half.

2) The new host becomes an equal member immediately the day (24 hours) AFTER the official ending ceremony of the olympics.

3) Micronations CANNOT participate when there is proof that they are engaged on the following against other micronations:

a) Character assassination as we must help one another.
b) Unprovoked aggression, as we must respect each other's differences.
c) Bullying, as we must respect those who do not have as much as we have.
d) Destruction or misappropriation of other micronations property, because this is just criminal.
e) racist behaviour, because that is no reason for aggression whatsoever.
f) Apologies to drug, as this is about sports and good mental and physical health.

Proof must be sent to the committee least 28 days before the opening of the list of names that will participate on the event, and it will be debated by the committee in private.

4) The micronational Olympics occur every two years, and the new host is decided by the former host.

5) The committee may help the host of an Olympics in any way they find necessary, only if help is required.

6) The new hosting micronation has the obligation to make the olympics happen.

7) The only micronations to participate are the ones who have sent a request to participate at least one week BEFORE the start of the event.

8) The nations that have decided to participate must also send a request in order to leave the competition, or it will be considered forfeit on every competitions they do not participate.

9) Creativity and good will are the key for the micronational Olympics - The hosting nation must therefore:

a) Create a logo, or/and any possible things related for the event - the sky is the limit.
b) Invite other micronations to participate.
c) Contact the competing micrronations before every event,one week ahead and at least on the same day of the event.
d) Decide witch activities and competitions shall take place, and when.
e) Contact all parts at least 28 DAYS BEFORE any of the events, so all can participate.
f) Consult the committee in order to gather the results, or/and to arbitrate any matters if deemed nescessary.

10) The committee has the power to call off the event and elect another host, and to declare it not related in any possible way as a micronational Olympics if those requirements are not being met, as this committee was created with the purpose to help micronationalism on its weakest point: common agreement amongst micronations, and the fulfilment of micronational Olympics every two years, until it is decided otherwise on official notice.

11) All hosting nations must therefore agree to all the terms above if they wish to become factual hosts to the micronational Olympics.



These olympics were hosted by Molossia.




These olympics were hosted by Torhavn.




These olympics were hosted by Marina and Shireroth




These olympics were hosted by the Moonshine Republic




These olympics were hosted by YAN.




These olympics will be hosted by Secundomia.



The Comittee

All nations to have hosted a micronational olympics, and only nations to have hosted a micronational olympics are automatically a member of the committee and have equal power of decision with the right to vote at the decisions of the MOC.


Future Members

Requirements of membership

Nations to have hosted the olympics are not obliged to participate on the decisions or the committee itself or as members of the committee if they do not wish, they are however entitled to a position at the Committee and all have equal rights at the committee granting they are willing to participate, as the nations of Marina and the Moonshine Republic apparently ceased to exist, unless someone can provide further information about these countries.

Second Committee

There was also a second micronational committee started on april 2010 however during conversation between the two parts it was agreed that the second committee would join efforts with the original committee as a sign of goodwill amongst all parts involved, in order to benefit the good spirit amongst micronations and to illustrate the selflessness character of the nations involved on this effort.