Republic of Secundomia

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Republic of Secundomia


Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
Motto: "Secundus Domus"
LocationEastern Kansas, United States of America
and largest city
Middle Secundomia City
Official languagesSecundomian, English
GovernmentRepresentative Democracy/Republic presidential republic/de facto dictatorship 2011-2012.
• President
Parker I
• Director of Diplomacy
Parker I
LegislatureSecundomian Congress
EstablishmentDecember 16, 2009
• (Not counting residents) census
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
CurrencyUSD ($)
Time zoneUTC -6
Preceded by
Succeeded by
First Kingdom of Secundomia
Republic of Skillz
United States of America
Republic of Voitokas
Eranian Secundomia
Empire of Atlan

The Republic of Secundomia (pronounced [sɛkʊndoʊmiə]), also known as Secundomia (Secundomian:ǂƿǂ፥ˠ፥Ꮩƪ pronounced [kʂɛkʂuːɳtuːmjɛ]), was a sixth world nation[1] founded by Parker I and Spencer I formed on 16 December 2009. Secundomia grew to be a respected member of the MicroWiki community and peaked at 6th in the OAM Influence Survey.[2][3][4][5] Secundomia at its peak had eleven registered citizens,[6] ten of which were above voting age. The nation was led by President Parker I.[7] Secundomia transitioned to become a member of the Eran Federation in 2012. Currently, the land of Secundomia is part of the Secundomian Federation as the Socialist Republic of Secundomia.


Name of Secundomia in Secundomian and English.

The word "Secundomia" can be traced back to the works of John Calvin in 1551.[8] In this context, Secundomia means "second." In the context of the micronation, the name Secundomia is a neologism of two Latin words, Secundus and Domus, roughly translating to "behind the house".[9][10] Symbolic of Secundomia's origins as a 'backyard nation', the name was created by Parker I when he founded the Kingdom of Secundomia. After the Kingdom merged with the Republic of Skillz,[11] the citizens of the then-"Micronation Republic"[12] voted on several names, including Kansas,[13] Pædetopia[14] and Coverla,[15] until it was decided that Secundomia was the most fitting.[16] A citizen of Secundomia is called a Secundomian[17] or a Seco[18] and the demonym is Secundomian.[19]



Throughout history, the land of the Republic of Secundomia was incorporated in the American state of Kansas. This changed around 13 December 2009 when Parker I and Spencer I resolved to create a micronation after reading about others online.

Spencer was the first to create a nation, the Republic of Skillz on 14 December 2009. Shortly after its creation, Parker created the Kingdom of Secundomia in response, and declared war on Skillz. However, the war quickly died after the Skillz government collapsed. In the remnants of Skillz, Parker I agreed with Spencer I to merge the two nations on 16 December 2009. The only other citizen at the time was Nate I.

Shortly after the creation of a "Micronation Republic", Parker and Spencer recruited members for their nation. They quickly amassed a population of six. Parker and Spencer were named "Temporary Consuls" until elections could be held, and the name of "Secundomia" was decided upon. However, during this period the newly founded state of Halstopia in Secundomia spontaneously seceded and returned to American rule, causing unrest. After the secession Parker I was wrapped in a struggle for power with a challenger, Luke of Secundomia. This struggle cased the secession of another state, Atlan, later in December.

A rough sketch of the Atlan Flag.

Post Atlanian secession, the Secundomian leaders, Spencer, Luke and Parker, agreed to settle their disputes and allowed Parker and Luke to take power as co-presidents in January 2010. However this agreement was not to last, as Parker soon shifted his support away from Luke and towards Spencer, to take advantage of Spencer's voting bloc. Luke saw this as an attempt to seize power as a dictatorship. However, the elections resulted in a victory for the brothers over Luke.

Post-election, Luke disputed the results and called for a re-election, as well as the abandonment of the dual-presidential system. However, due to close correspondence, Parker and Spencer were able to pass vast amounts of legislation. Parker and Luke later agreed to an alliance, stopping the warring 3 voting blocs, Luke's, Spencer's and Parker's from fighting. Parker and Spencer agreed to end the dual-president system and approved only one president for the upcoming months. In the February elections, Spencer's voting bloc proved strong enough amid claims of Parker overstepping term limits to push him into power.

Stasis and Development

The official flag of Secundomia, as created by Nate I.

After the elections, Secundomia went through almost complete dormancy, however this was viewed as a positive outcome compared to the past struggles that came before. After the third elections which Spencer I won and before the inauguration, Secundomia experienced a surge of activity between 25 February 2010 and 4 March 2010, a period that became known as the Golden Days. Secundomia regained Atlan on February 25,[20] and two other states were formed. Nate I also announced the formation of Lower Secundomia and the next day, Luke announced the formation of Merenneitoja prior to Luke's Territory becoming the New Territory, governed by Spencer I. Parker I and Spencer I approved the first official flag,[21] designed by Nate I, governor of Lower Secundomia.[22]

The Secundomian Congress Building, artist's depiction

In March, President Spencer I appointed the first ever Cabinet and signed a law creating the Secundomian Congress. Atlan was redefined as a separate nation, but new territory was put in in its place. Shortly after this, during Operation Annex, Secundomia annexed Pine County, Long county, Snow Hill County, and Backwoods County into Middle Secundomia.

Cabinet Crisis

Parker I announces his cabinet choices. (artist's depiction)

The Cabinet Crisis was a trying event in Secundomian History. It began when President Parker I appointed his Cabinet and ended with the temporary exile of Rahim I from Secundomia.

When Parker I appointed his presidential cabinet, he caused unsettlement among citizens about his choices. Eventually, Parker I was pressured into changing the decisions but some citizens, including Ibrahim I, were still not content. Ibrahim's protests got violent, and allegedly violated Secundomian Law. Parker I prosecuted Ibrahim, and put him on trial, the first trial in Secundomian history.

Ibrahim I is tried. (artist's depiction)

Parker I presided over the trial, and a jury was appointed. The Defense Attorney was Nate I, and the prosecutor was Parker I. Shortly after the trial began, protests rang out over Secundomia, accusing Parker I of being a dictator, and being corrupt. After it was clear he could not continue prosecuting Ibrahim, he ruled in Ibrahim's favor, but did not give in to Ibrahim's original protests. During the trial, Seth I left Secundomia due to the nature of recent conversations. This drew criticism of the president; Ibrahim I said Seth left because, "you (Parker I) are being a jerk."

After the trial of Ibrahim I, an inactive citizen, the Empress of Atlan, returned to activity and defended the President. The Protest Group began harassing her. Many of Protest sympathizers began to grow distrustful of the Protest Group. These sympathizers now aligned themselves with the president. They included Spencer I and Luke of Secundomia. The Protest Group began targeting them as well.

As the harassment began to grow worse, many of Secundomia's citizens, including the President and Citizen's Council, voted to exile Protest leader Rahim I temporarily. Ibrahim I was given a warning. Soon Ibrahim and Rahim both apologized.

Late 2010

After the Cabinet Crisis, peace overcame Secundomia. The May 2010 Election primaries took place in early May but the actual elections were postponed until June 1. Spencer became interim president between then and June 8. After the elections were postponed again after a tie, Ibrahim I said that Rahim I should be able to choose the President because he was expelled from Secundomia before the Elections, though the proposal was soundly rejected. Parker I finally won the elections on June 16.

St. Louis
The Gravois Naval Base.

During June Secundomia became almost entirely inactive. In July, Parker I started a project to revive Secundomia which succeeded. The July Elections ended with Luke's election as President. Parker I, Spencer I, and future President Luke, the so-called Big Three of Secundomia, met during July at the Gravois Naval Base. Parker I and Spencer I then traveled to St. Louis, Missouri, on a political embassy to the United States.

During the late summer, Luke appointed his cabinet, and other government positions.[23] Unfortunately, after he did, Secundomia slipped into inactivity.

In September 2010, Secundomia was honored in a Slinky Air Show, and began developing a language, but most of the nation remained dormant. Elections were conducted and in the Conservative Primaries four candidates were nominaetd - Skillz founder Spencer I, infamous Protest Group Leader Ibrahim I, Kingdom founder Parker I, and then-President Luke - and the primaries ended in a victory for Luke with Ibrahim I conceding defeat. However, Spencer decided to form his own party, Spencer's Super Awesome Party of Super Awesomeness or the "Libertarian Party", and Parker I decided to run as an Independent. Parker I experienced a surge of votes from liberal voters, unhappy with the distant Conservative Party candidate, and subsequently won the election. During the September Elections, Lower Secundomia was merged with Middle Secundomia due to it's failure to conduct gubernatorial elections. Bu Ocajin also collapsed and reorganized into Merreneitoja while Southern Cipania became a territory.

2010 Micronational Olympics logo.

Soon after the September Elections, the 2010 Micronational Olympics became the center of Secundomian attention as the nation had been picked to host the Olympics in August 2010.[24] President and Facilitator Parker I started developing the Olympics, and all athletes finished signing up in October. On November 1, the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics were held, and Parker I officially announced the beginning of the 2010 Micronational Olympics.

In the very late months of 2010, Secundomia went through a period of inactivity. First the Olympics were cancelled, due to technical issues and low participation level.[25] Secundomia was soon upon it's 1 year anniversary. Unfortunately, it was not celebrated largely, due to inactivity of citizens. It was this inactivity that Parker I wanted to destroy, and he did in the next period.


In late 2010, Parker I resolved to "inject"[26] activity into Secundomia. Soon he proposed a two step plan to fulfill his resolve.[27] Activity skyrocketed in Secundomia, especially with the Space Program. Project Dove was under intense development, and Project Eagle launched one rocket already, with another waiting for launch. The Second Eagle remains waiting for launch to this day, and inactivity unfortunately continues.

The Eagle I.

Soon the January 2011 elections were on the rise. These elections were a harsh competition between incumbent Parker I (seeking his last term before a break), and challenger Spencer I. Support in Secundomia had shifted upon Spencer I, so the elections would be tough again. Parker attempted to gain voters across the Conservative-Liberal border, while Spencer attempted to rally his support away. Eventually it came down to political activity. The votes were held over the weekend on the last day of January, however, only two citizens officially registered their vote. The vote was split, one supporting Parker, the other Spencer. Spencer then contested the validity of the election, claiming his vote had not been counted. The Election committee maintained that Spencer had not officially registered his vote, beyond claiming his intent. Spencer argued that he announced his intent during the weekend, and that the election committee had ignored him. This controversy continued into early February. As the elections had not been resolved, and Parker I's term had ended, Secundomia was officially without presidency, and lead only by the incomplete congress. The Congress, however, did not vote upon any interim president. A vote was shortly held. Parker managed to rally enough active citizens to vote, and won the election 3-1.

The short active period was followed by more inactivity. Internal activity was not restored for a long period. Parker I seized power in June 2011 after the senate and cabinet were dissolved as inactive. He was not met with much resistance. External activity in international relations was still booming, as Parker maintained a level of activity on that front.


2012 was another slow year for Secundomian internal politics, however in May Secundomia joined the Eran Federation as a dependent republic. Secundomia joined after doubts of sovereignty to re-energize the nation. However, this failed and they soon withdrew and became Post-Eran Secundomia.


Republic of Secundomia

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Politics and government of


Much of Secundomia's domestic politics took place on email threads. Outside of brief in person summits between leaders like Spencer I, Parker I and Luke, all electioneering and official discussion was held via email. Brick and mortar operation did occur usually with the brothers Parker and Spencer as well as Phineas Snow, but official government business required email verification.

Political parties

Secundomia had two active Political parties, one of them, although called the Libertarian Party, did not truly represent the demographic in its name,[28] while the Conservative Party also contained Liberals.[29] The Liberal Party died after its one member left the nation.[30]

  •  Secundomian Conservative Party
  •  Secundomian Liberal Party (defunct)
  •  Secundomian Libertarian Party
  •  Secundomian Moderate Party (unofficial)[31]


Main article:Secundomian Government

Secundomia was a Federal Constitutional Republic. It was lead by the Legislative Branch and Executive branch. The Executive was vested with a significant amount of power. The Judicial Branch held a low amount of power, only acting on one notable occasion. Before the creation of the legislature in mid 2010, Secundomia operated as a Presidential Republic. It returned to that status after the 2011 elections.


The legislature of Secundomia varied throughout its existence. Initially, Secundomia was a Presidential Republic without any legislative functions. Parker I later initiated a tricameral system including the Citizen's Council, House of Governors and Cabinet. The Citizen's Council was elected by the general populace of Secundomia with the top 3-5 vote getters appearing on the Council. The House of Governors consisted of the governor of each Secundomian State. The Cabinet was appointed directly by the President.

A piece of legislation would need approval of a majority in each house before passing on to the President for a signature or veto. Typically, most houses were in agreement as many members were the same in all 3 houses. The only restriction on dual membership was that the President could not serve in either the Cabinet or the Citizen's Council. The President could hold a seat in the House of Governors.

After the May 2010 elections, there were insufficient candidates to fill the Citizen's Council. The Council was thus disestablished. After this point, Secundomia continued as a bicameral system with the Cabinet and House of Governors. The House last voted on a resolution in August, 2010. After the September elections, Secundomia was transformed back into a Presidential Republic due to inactivity.

Timeline of leaders


Each state of Secundomia had it's own governing body. Each state elected a governor, which for many states (with the notable exceptions of Lower and Middle Secundomia) was simply a rubber stamp for the state's only citizen. These governors also served a legislative function in the Secundomian House of Governors. All powers not explicitly enumerated for the federal government of Secundomia were vested in these states.


The Republic of Secundomia had two constitutions, the second officially overwrote the first. Both have Seven articles, and the second is based upon the United States Constitution. The Articles of the second deal with the Affirmation of the Legislative Branch, the Affirmation of the Executive Branch, the Affirmation of the Judicial Branch, the rights of the states, a clause against involuntary servitude, dictating the process of amending the constitution, and the Ratification of the constitution.


The full text of both constitutions can be found here


The Secundomian constitution has had 2 amendments, with more to soon follow. The first amendment states:

The government of the Republic of Secundomia shall never make a law that prohibits freedom of religion, or that enforces a certain religion.

The second:

The government of the Republic of Secundomia shall never make a law that prohibits freedom of speech or expression upon the people of Secundomia.

Law and order

Law and order in Secundomia is headed by the Judicial Branch. However, they mainly rely on the United States for police and judicial service.

Trial of Ibrahim I

There was one point in which an emergency trial was called to order, during the Cabinet Crisis, Ibrahim I was tried for his statements on the Secundomian Message board. This trial was presided over by President Parker I. However the trial ended in victory to Defense Attorney, Nate I.

Foreign Relations

The Republic of Secundomia was a member of the OAM, prior to a falling out with the OAM staff.

Secundomia had established some sort of diplomatic relations with over 20 different micronations before dissolution. They were a part of the Organisation of Active Micronations prior to falling out with the Secretariat.,[32] and the League of Secessionist States, for a breif period.[33] Secundomia never recognized any Micras nation as a true nation, however, they offered limited recognition to these nations.


Main Page: Secundomian Armed Forces

Secundomia's military was self-described as weak. It was never enacted, but was ready when called upon. The military was run by the Department of Defense, which was headed by Grand General Spencer I from August 2010 until the seizure of power by Parker I.[34]



There was 5 citizens in the Secundomian Army, which wasn't not known for it's power.


The Secundomian Navy was a work in progress. The navy is headed by Admiral Nate I. Several ships are registered by the Secundomian Navy.

Air Force

The Air Force was never activated, but a project for a defense rocket was underway.[35][36] The rocket was intended to be spring powered. The Air Force was headed by General Ibrahim I

Secundomian Intelligence Agency

The Secundomian Intelligence Agency was founded by Parker I to collect information on nations abroad. Their only project was the Finland Project, which resulted in the undercovering of Voitokas


States and Territories


State Governor Statehood Dates Political affiliation Capital Notes
Middle Secundomia Parker I 16 December 2009 Secundomian Conservative Party Middle Secundomia* First State to join, most populous, Capital State
Merenneitoja Luke of Secundomia 26 February 2010 Secundomian Conservative Party none
Gravois Spencer I 23 July 2010 Secundomian Libertarian Party Gravois City Largest (by area) state. Only populated on occasion
Defunct States
State/Territory Fate Date Founded-Date Defunct Leader
Halstopia Returned to America 17–18 December 2009 (Withheld)
Leospecsia Dissolved, territory returned to America 17 December 2009 - 18 April 2010 Seth I
Atlan Seceeded Since rejoined, then redifined as a state

December 16 '09 - 28th Rejoined: 25 February 2010 - 4 March

Empress of Atlan
Lower Secundomia Merged with Middle Secundomia after faliure to conduct elections 25 February - 1 October 2010 Nate I
Southern Cipania Converted to Territory after faliure to conduct elections 17 May - 1 October 2010 Empress of Atlan
Bu Ocağın Merged with Merenneitoja after faliure to conduct elections. Circa June 2010 - 1 October 2010 Brett I


Military Districts




Secundomia had little to no actual economy, and the National wealth was not considered. A rarity amongst micronations of its age and size, Secundomia never attempted to mint a national currency. Secundomian citizens had a free market, yet only one Secundomian Company was ever founded, Secundomian Media. According to Miles's System of Economic Classification, Secundomia had "serious potential for a small economy," scoring 3.125.[38]


Although arts are respected by the government, Secundomia had too few citizens to formulate a real culture. Debate and Speech were often practiced within Secundomia. Several sports were well respected by the government.


Secundomia had a deep sport culture. By act of Secundomian Congress, American Football was made the national sport. During its existence, football was the most widely practiced sport alongside with association football, and basketball. Gravois was host to the 2010 Gravois Football Festival in November, the 2011 festival was hosted by Middle Secundomia.

Secundomia was also known for its innovation in sports. One of the motivating factors was to develop sports that could be competitively played by 3 people. This lead to three-person variations of American football and another game called Sandbox Soccer which tallied points based on the competitor to touch the ball last. Cupball was another sport invented in Middle Secundomia. Motorsport was also extremely popular in Secundomia, with Secundomian Racing International a major participant in IAA Grand Prix Racing. Secundomia also had a national association football team, which was largely unsuccessful in intermicronational competition.


Media in Secundomia was dominated by the privately owned business, Secundomian Media. SM owned the Secundomian News blog,[39] Secundomia TV, and the Intermicronational Tribune.[40][41] Media was often imported from the United States into Secundomia.


Secundomia did not have a very diverse demographic. It was primarily Caucasian in race, with a small Turkic minority. Most of the citizens were men, with two female citizens in the nation. Only one of the female citizens was above the voting age of 10.[42]


There was no official state religion in Secundomia, as instructed by the Constitution.[43] The most popular religion was Christian (non-denominational), followed by a minority of no-religion. A small minority of the population were Muslim.

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