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Phineas Snow (also known as President Snow and Phineas I) is a Secundomian former micronationalist. He was most prolifically involved in the defense, architectural and space industries in Secundomia and was responsible for much of the country's industrial successes.

Micronational History

Republic of Skillz

Snow was first involved in the creation of the Republic of Skillz together with Nate I, Spencer I and several other collaborators. Snow was a powerful figure in the country and was appointed as secretary of defense, one of 3 government figures alongside Nate and Spencer. His ability to marshal together a military was limited by the instability within Skillz. The country failed just one day after its creation. While Nate and Spencer went on to join the new Republic of Secundomia, Snow was not involved in these early discussions due to a falling out with Spencer in the aftermath of Skillz.

Republic of Secundomia

After taking a few months away from micronationalism, Snow joined the Republic of Secundomia in February, 2010. His first run of citizenship as a member of Lower Secundomia didn't last long as due to another personal dispute with Spencer he again left the micronational scene in March. His hiatus was not long and rejoined by May 2010. He was appointed director of Event Planning in the Parker I administration. Snow was not very active on the Secundomian email chains, however he was extremely active in the brick-and-mortar manifestation of Secundomia. He never joined a political party and was lar

Military Contributions

Upon Snow's return to Secundomia, he enlisted in the Secundomian Army where he began to make his mark on the country. He assisted in the creation of the nations first military training center after his enlistment. He later assisted with the construction of a fort in Middle Secundomia and scouted the territories of District 12, which he was charged with, and District 11. He was appointed commanding general of the Secundomian Military in October, 2010.

Political Contributions

Although Snow had little interest in joining a political party or seeking higher office in Secundomia, he was instrumental in the transformation of District 12 from a military base to a full-fledged state. He was elected governor in District 12 and developed forts and infrastructure within the territory.

Industrial Contributions

Snow was critical in the development of the SAASE. He aided in the construction and launch of Eagle I, Secundomia's first foray into space-fairing rocketry. He was an important advisor in the potential military applications of the SAASE. As Secundomia waned in activity, Phineas was among the last to make contributions with brick-and-mortar developments in the Republic. He was largely uninvolved with Secundomia after Eran.


  • Governor of District 12
  • Director of Event Planning in Secundomia (May 2010)

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