July 2010 Secundomian Elections

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Secundomian Election, July 2010

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  Merreneitoja.jpg Middle Secundomia flag.jpg
Party Luke of Secundomia Spencer I
Alliance Secundomian Conservative Party Independent
Popular vote 3 1
Percentage 75% 25%

President of Secundomia before election

Parker I
Secundomian Conservative Party

President of Secundomia

Luke of Secundomia
Secundomian Conservative Party

The July 2010 Secundomian Elections were held in late July, 2010. The elections resulted in the first and only electoral victory of Luke of Secundomia. Parker I was elected vice-president. His endorsement of Luke proved crucial for the success of the Conservative bid for president.


Secundomian Conservative Party

The Secundomian Conservative Party held a primary for the July 2010 elections at their national convention. Luke, Parker and Spencer all sought the nomination. Seeing a potential gridlock occurring at the convention, President Parker I rescinded his nomination and endorsed Luke who then received the vast majority of votes. As a gesture of thanks and goodwill, Luke nominated Parker as his running mate.

Independent Candidates

After defeat at the Conservative convention, Spencer decided to take his campaign to the general election as an independent candidate. While the Conservative Party was largely politically dominated by Parker and Luke, Spencer's main base of support were independents. Although solidifying a Conservative nomination would be excellent for Spencer, he still stood a chance in the general. Spencer did not pick a running mate during the election cycle, claiming that he would select a vice president when in office.

Secundomian House of Governors in after the July elections. SCP in green, SMP in red, independents in grey.

Campaign and Results

The campaign was fairly light from both sides. Spencer's ability to campaign was hamstrung by a lack of computer access during the electoral season. Meanwhile, Luke and Parker released a couple short mailers which were enough to swing a vote away from Spencer's side. Luke received 3 votes to Spencer's 1.