Secundomian Political Divisions

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The Republic of Secundomia has numerous types of political divisons.

Top Level Divisions

The three top level divisions are State, Territory, and Military District.


The state is the most prominent division. Each state has a particular amount of autonomy. Currently states have a very low population, with many holding only one citizen. Thus an elected governor holds all executive power in these states. A governors descision can only be overrulled by the Secundomian Congress and President. If states gain more than 5 citizens, the citizens will elect a legislature. Each state has the power to elect one representative to the Secundomian congress, usually the governor. This representative can be elected anytime or by any means, this is the state's decision.

List of states


Territories are areas of Secundomian land that have not yet been accepted as States. Territories have very little rights. A territory is governed directly by the Secundomian government, and has no representative or governor.

List of Territories

  • Upper Secundomia
  • Southern Secundomia (Old Atlan)

Military District

A military district is held by the Military, and directed by the Military.

List of Military Districts

Lower Level Divisons

Each state is divided into counties, the lower level divisons.

List of Counties

Middle Secundomia

  • Northern End
  • Midtown
  • South End
  • Long
  • Pine
  • Snow Hill
  • Backwoods


  • Capital
  • Outer

Bu Ocağın

  • Upper
  • Lower


(Full list coming soon)

Lower Secundomia

  • North
  • South

Southern Cipania

  • Slovak
  • Cipanian
  • Westnitrian