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Republic of Secundomia

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The Republic of Secundomia had diplomatic relations with a significant amount of micronations. Secundomia was largely active in the MicroWiki community between 2010 and 2011. The nation was often controversial, but had close friendships with a number of fellow micronations. The majority of intermicronational relationships were forged by Parker I, who served either as President or Director of Foreign Relations.

Secundomia conducted a normalized three-tier process for friendship, mutual defense and general recognition. Secundomia also solidified formal alliances including the Aegis Alliance, Kleinland Pact as well as alliances with DES Senya and Wyvern. Some nations also had formal relations that fell outside these categories and were negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Official Relationships

Formal Alliances

Secundomia entered into several formal alliances. Most of these alliances reflected a stronger commitment than Secundomia's normalized relationship. These were Secundomia's closest friends within the micronational community.

Aegis Alliance Nations

Logo of the Aegis Alliance.

Secundomia became signatory to the Aegis Alliance in March 2010. As a part of its obligations to the alliance, Secundomia recognized and formed a military alliance with every other signatory. Secundomia was then called into action by the alliance to support the Allied Carolinian Coalition in the Austenasian Civil War. Secundomia spent significant diplomatic resources in the war, and its vassal, the Kingdom of Sterling declared war on Austenasia on two occasions. The Aegis Alliance fell inactive toward the end of 2010. After Secundomia merged into Eran, its membership in the Alliance ceased.

Noflag.png Aquilean

Under the Aegis Alliance, the Aquilean and Secundomia shared mutual defense, however, the two nations never made bilateral contact.

Flag of Kamiki.png BlueSkies

Secundomia had a close relationship with BlueSkies. Parker I was among the first to welcome BlueSkies to the MicroWiki community. BlueSkies and Secundomia formally declared mutual friendship, a mutual defense pact, and general recognition. The relationship reached new levels when BlueSkies joined the Aegis Alliance. BlueSkies and Secundomia both declined in inactivity and Secundomia shared no relationship with its successor state, the Kingdom of Quolia or any of its later iterations.

Noflag.png Deltan Imperium

Under the Aegis Alliance, the Deltan Imperium and Secundomia shared mutual defense. The Deltan Imperium and the Republic of Secundomia never contacted each other directly. The government of Secundomia thus knew very little about Delta.

Flag of The Preisser Treaty 2.png Dorzhabad

Under the Aegis Alliance, the Dorzhabad and Secundomia shared mutual defense. Very little was shared in the way of bilateral relations between the two countries, howver they did share much in the way of political similarities. The governing Secundomian Conservative Party was a member of the Intermicronational Conservative Alliance alongside the Dorzhabad Conservatives.

Dylan Callahan, known at the time as Son III, was the first verified micronationalist to reach out to Secundomia.
NLA flag thumbnail.png NottaLotta Acres

Secundomia had a long history of talks with NottaLotta Acres. Although the two nations were geographically close, NottaLotta Acres was not considered to be a Secundomian Sector micronation. The two nations only communicated through MicroWiki but their geographic proximity was viewed as important for the alliance. NottaLotta Acres recognized Secundomia as claiming unspecified tracts of land in certain areas. Secundomia recognizes NottaLotta Acres' claims. Son III was the second micronationalist to make contact with Secundomia after Kleinland, and the first active member of the MicroWiki community to establish relations.

Mutual recognition preceded a formal alliance as part of the Aegis Alliance. The two nations were closely involved in the Allied Carolinian Coalition through Secundomia's vassal the Kingdom of Sterling. NottaLotta Acres became largely inactive after the Austenasian Civil War and the close relationship between the two countries began to dissolve.

In 2015 Son III, now known as Callahan, again contacted Parker I from his new nation Grand Republic of Delvera offering a campaign ribbon to Parker I. In 2019 he also attempted to coordinate with the Republic of Secundomia's successor state, the Federation of Secundomian Socialist Republics. The FSSR has limited international capacity, however, and only responded as a gesture of friendship.

PrSR Flag.png People's Reformed States Republic

Under the Aegis Alliance, the People's reformed State's Republic and Secundomia shared mutual defense. Outside of the Alliance and occasional interaction in the OAM, the PrSR and Secundomia shared very little in the way of bilateral relations.

Zonian Flag.png Zonian Confederacy
Nicholas Woode-Smith was an early ally and friend to Secundomia. He played an important role as the leader of the Aegis Alliance.

Under the Aegis Alliance, the Zonian Confederacy and Secundomia shared mutual defense. Introduced to each other through the Alliance, Parker and Nicholas Woode-Smith formed a close friendship. Zona and Secundomia were both member states on the Wyvern minecraft server and operated in close community with each other prior to the griefing incident of 2011.

CR Dallingrad.png CR Dallingrad

Secundomia and the Communist Republic of Dallingrad opened an alliance on the 30th of November, 2010.[1] Despite the alliance, Secundomia did not aid Dallingrad during the Guist War. Parker claimed that this war was largely between DES Senya and Guist, with Dallingrad an ally of Senya.

Kleinland Pact

Secundomia's first ally was the nation of Kleinland. Secundomia signed the Kleinland Pact on December 19, 2009.[2] Kleinland approached Secundomia on the talk page of their MicroWiki page. Consul Parker I quickly signed the pact recognizing the importance of foreign relations to gaining stature on MicroWiki. Kleinland went dormant soon after and the other nations signatory to the Kleinland pact are lost to history. Secundomia never officially nullified its obligations, but never had further contact with the nation after 2009. After entrance to the Eran Federation the Republic of Secundomia no longer recognized its obligations to the pact.


The Kleinland Pact stated that Secundomia must abide by these rules:

  1. If Kleinland is ever attacked Secundomia will help.
  2. If a Secundomia is attacked, all holders of the Kleinland Pact will help.
  3. If another nation in the Pact is attacked, Secundomia will help.
  4. The pact will not help if Secundomia attacks another micronation, unless Secundomia has a very good reason.
  5. If Secundomia implements slavery, they are excempt [sic] from these rules, and all other nations will no longer defend or help Secundomia.

Senyaflag.png Senya

Secundomia and the Democratic Environmental Society of Senya opened a military alliance on the 28th of November, 2010[3][4]Senya offered the territory of the Monarch Islands to Secundomia in response. Secundomia never officially incorporated the Monarch Islands[5] and did not come to the aid of Senya during the Guist War.

Relations became strained between the two countries after Parker exposed President Barnaby Hands sockpuppeting during Micro Wiki admin elections.[6] Hands was banned from the wiki. The Sandbars, a Secundomian dependency, broke off relations with Senya, but the Republic itself still maintained the alliance. Secundomia often competed in Senya-run intermicronational sports.


Map of Southern Cipania

The Slovakian micronation Westnitria and Secundomia formulated an alliance on May 8, 2010.[7] In return, Westnitria offered the territory of Southern Cipania. This territory was integrated into Secundomia by an act of the Secundomian Congress.[8]

Bradley of Dullahan formed a close relationship Parker I on MicroWiki forums. This friendship formed the basis of the Secundomia-Wyvern alliance.

Wyvern Flag.svg Wyvern

Wyvern and Secundomia were closely tied together throughout the entirety of their existence. Wyvern Minister of Foreign Affairs Bradley of Dullahan formed a friendship with Parker I in early 2010. The two were largely involved in Conservative politics in the MicroWiki community which resulted in a continued political allegiance. The two nations shared mutual recognition through 2010 and 2011 solidified by both nation's membership in the OAM.

Secundomia-Wyvern Military Alliance

Secundomia and Wyvern entered into a military alliance, making them one of Secundomia's closest allies. Secundomia's entrance into the Aegis Alliance complicated matters somewhat. Although Wyvern were allied with much of Aegis, the entrance of Aegis signatory Royal reformed States of America into the Univist Universal War tested Wyvern's patience with military alliances. Aegis head Nicholas Woode-Smith withdrew from the war after King Quentin allowed Wyvern's entry. This resulted in internal strife in Wyvern and intermicronational embarrassment. Although Secundomia never formally entered the war, Wyvern restructured all their military alliances into friendships without obligation for military activity.

Political Allegiances
The Conservative Union, formerly known as the Intermicronational Conservative Alliance, grounded the politics behind the Secundomian-Wyvernian relationship

While outside the realm of government to government relations, private citizens and government figures in Secundomia and Wyvern formed very close ties. In particular, the Secundomian Conservative Party formed a close relationship with the Conservative Liberal Party of Wyvern. Both were members of the Intermicronational Conservative Alliance. While these were not official relations between the two countries, the connections between the two parties who held significant political power solidified the friendship.

Parker I and Spencer I were banned from the Wyvernian Minecraft Server for griefing. This incident resulted in the collapse of the Secundomian-Wyvernian friendship.
End of the Friendship

Parker I recognized Wyvern as a "close friend" of Secundomia.[9] Bradley of Dullahan invited Parker I to join the Wyvern minecraft server. While a signal of friendship at first, the relationship soon turned sour. Parker I and other Secundomians who played on the server were accused of griefing and vandalism and were banned. This incident had a negative impact on their mutual friendship and contributed to the overall decline of their formal relationship.

Wyvern escalated the incident from purely a ban on the server to an intermicronational event. The government claimed that it was an attack on Wyvern by Secundomia and cut off ties with the country. Secundomia responded by threatening a diplomatic embargo. Eleytheria introduced legislation in the OAM condemning Wyvern's actions, resulting in further escalation. [10] Ultimately, Secundomia did not follow through with the diplomatic embargo and relations cooled between the countries. Despite eventual normalization, the close friendship was irreparably harmed.

Three-Tier Normalized Relations

Outside of intermicronational alliances like Aegis or the Kleinland pact, Secundomia developed a three-tiered relationship with several nations including friendship, mutual defense and general recognition. This was Secundomia's preferred mechanism of intermicronational contact as it signified close ties without obligation to enter non-defensive wars that required approval of the Citizen's Council.


The Kingdom of Angador, later known as the Prosia of Angador, shared a three tier diplomatic and military relationship with Secundomia. Secundomia was unique among nations that established relationships with Angador in that Secundomia decided not to offer territory in exchange for the relationship. The relationship was established in 2010 and did not involve much contact afterwards.


Secundomia and Danesland shared mutual friendship, a mutual defense pact, and general recognition. Little is known about the history of their relationship and no archives identify much beyond the establishment of a mutual defense pact. Danesland does not appear to have held a relationship with the Eran Federation or any successor state of the Republic.


Linden was a close ally of Secundomia after his return to the MicroWiki community. His earlier alter ego, Robert Lethler was critical of Secundomia, although there are some doubts that the two were the same person.[11]

Secundomia was welcomed to engage in relations with Eleytheria by William Danforth, a front for Sebastian Linden. The two nations shared mutual friendship, a mutual defense pact, and general recognition. Parker I was a major advocate for Linden's return to the MicroWiki community. Even after Danforth was revealed to be a front, Parker delivered multiple speeches in favor of the legitimacy of Eleytheria and advocating clemency for Linden. Parker was largely opposed to most of the GUM nations on MicroWiki and was a leading force in the cause to allow Linden back. These actions solidified a close friendship and diplomatic relationship between the two countries becoming another one of Secundomia's closest alliances. Eleytheria became a part St. Charlie in October 2010, thus ending its formal relationship with Secundomia.

Emerald Isle

Secundomia entered relations with the Democratic Republic of Cliff Island in 2010. After Cliff Island's collapse, Secundomia offered a relationship to its successor, Emerald Isle. Secundomia and Emerald Isle shared mutual friendship, a mutual defense pact, and general recognition.


Rukora and Secundomia were both established in Late 2009 and entered the MicroWiki community at the same time. The two nations shared a mutual friendship, mutual defense pact, and general recognition. Rukora later joined the OAM along with Secundomia which would become the primary forum for diplomacy between the two nations. Tom Turner and Parker I were involved in talks as late as 2011, although Secundomia's inactivity ultimately threatened the relationship's longevity.

Despite controversy, Secundomia signed a treaty with the Holy Salanian Empire


The Holy Salanian Empire was a controversial nation in the MicroWiki sector. Parker I and Secundomia had developed a reputation for being unafraid to associate with aggressive and confrontational nations. The two developed a formal relationship to share mutual friendship, a mutual defense pact, and general recognition. Secundomia was one of Salania's few apologists other than relatively young nations on the wiki. Secundomia's inactivity, however, threatened the relationship when Salania transitioned into the Grand Republic of Salania. The two nations shared no relationship after 2011.


Secundomia opened relations with the controversial nation of Starland in 2010 in an attempt to bond between the two estranged parts of the community: young, aggressive micronations and the older, largely pacifist sector. Parker I believed strongly in simulationism and was less opposed to micronational conflict than others in the community. Still, he advocated that diplomacy between Starland and more established nations would be the best way to ensure peace. Parker's approach was approved quickly due to Starland's "open-door" foreign relations strategy. Secundomia and Starland shared mutual friendship, a mutual defense pact, and general recognition.


Microball satirizing the relationship between Yabloko and Secundomia

Secundomia and Yabloko shared mutual friendship, mutual defense, and mutual recognition. Despite this, relations between public figures of the two nations were extremely strained. Parker and Aldrich Lucas often were at odds in the OAM and the MicroWiki forums. The relationship between the two countries declined and officially ended during the Yablokogate controversy.


Mutual friendships were the preferred foreign relations mechanism of Ultamiya and several other micronations. Secundomia accepted multiple friendship requests that did not require mutual recognition or defense.


Secundomia and the Reformed Kingdom of Stigistan briefly conducted friendly relations before Stigistan merged with Wyke. Attempts to clarify the relationship after the merger were unsuccessful.


Ultamiya approached Secundomia on May 20, 2010 with an offer of mutual friendship. President Parker I certified mutual friendship in June. The formal, direct relationship between the two countries ended with Secundomia's entry into the Eran Federation, although Ultamiya then took up a formal friendship with Eran. The two nations had little contact after Secundomia's secession from the federation.


Secundomia was a member of the Organisation of Active Micronations. By law, Secundomia was required to recognize all OAM nations.[12] So their general recogniton list includes those states. But Secundomia only specifically recorded recognition with nations individually recognized.

Other Treaties


Secundomia and Flandrensis signed a notorized, official treaty on August 15, 2010. The compact was titled Treaty of Mutual Recognition, Friendship, Cooperation and Peace Between the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis & The Republic of Secundomia.[13][14] Unlike most of Secundomia's relationships, Flandrensis did not enter into a mutual defense pact due to its commitment to neutrality. The treaty presumably dissolved when the Republic of Secundomia joined the Eran Federation. Relations between the two countries had previously been distant, as Secundomia's vassal Sterling was kicked out of the Flandrensis-lead AMU during the Austenasian Civil War.


Secundomia and the Federated Republics of A1 signed a treaty on November 14, 2010.[15] This treaty was presumably dissolved after Secundomia joined the Eran Federation. As core members of the OAM, both nations ha significant contact.

Organisations and Alliances

Macronations Recognized by Secundomia

The following nations were officially recognized by the Republic:

  • All UN nations with the exception of North Korea
  • The Republic of China (Taiwan)
  • Nagorno Karbakh
  • Kosovo
  • Northern Cyprus
  • Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (Western Sahara)

List of Ministers of Foreign Relations heads

  1. Consul Parker I (Spencer I never took part in relations)
  2. Co-Presidents Luke and Parker I
  3. Co-President Parker I (Spencer I never took part in relations)
  4. MOSFR Parker I (first actual Minister of Foreign Relations)
  5. President Parker I
  6. Vice-President Parker I
  7. Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs Parker I
  8. President Parker I