H of Halstopia

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H of Halstopia
Halstopian flag, designed by H
Consul of Voitokas
In office
Governor of Halstopia
in office
Dec 15, 2009-Dec 16, 2009
Citizenship Republic of Voitokas, Republic of Secundomia, United States of America
Nationality Secundomian, Voitokan
Ethnicity White
Political party Eutopian
Home town Halstopia
Religion Atheist

H of Halstopia and Voitokas was a Secundomian citizen and independent micronationalist who founded both the state of Halstopia and Republic of Voitokas. An outspoken progressive liberal, he would often conflict politically with much of the leadership of Secundomia which was largely conservative at the time of his activity. After the Halstopian Coup d'état he attempted to rejoin Secundomia and run for president as part of the Eutopian Party, but he eventually decided to form Voitokas instead.[1]

Personal life

H was a close friend of Parker I and Luke of Secundomia. They were involved in many email groups together, often debating politics and sports. H was an avid baseball fan, running a fantasy baseball league that Luke and Parker were both involved in. Like Parker, he was homeschooled. He was the oldest (and most brief) citizen of Secundomia and is credited with introducing Parker to Luke in 2008, setting the political groundwork for the nation.

Micronational life

On 15 December 2009 he was introduced to micronationalism by Parker I.[2] He expressed interest in designing flags and currency for a new micronation and received an invite to the primordial country that would soon be known as the Republic of Secundomia. He accepted and founded the state of Halstopia consisting of his bedroom and announced "plans to expand."[3] He suggested the name Paidetopia for the nation as a whole.

His membership in Secundomia was short lived, after American citizens in Halstopia disapproved of the nation and lead a coup d'état against the state. He was forcibly removed from the country and barred from citizenship.[2] He hoped to still make contributions to Secundomian society afterward. As a non-citizen, he announced his intent to run for President of Secundomia under his newly founded Eutopian Party.[3] His bid failed after the co-consuls Parker and Spencer decided to limit the presidency to solely Secundomian citizens[4]


After his presidential bid failed, H decided to form his own micronation. In January 2010, he drafted the constitution of the Republic of Voitokas, a strictly simulationist micronation also known as a "pseudo-republic."[5] Luke and Seth I were dual citizens of the nation, with only Luke disclosing this to the Secundomian Government through the Secundomian Intelligence Agency.[6] Further investigations showed that despite some initial activity, the nation "never got off the ground" and was disestablished in 2010.[6] This marked H's departure from micronationalism.


H is a progressive liberal. During the early period of Secundomia, he had an outlook towards moderation and liberal democracy, supporting the 2008 campaign of Hillary Clinton. This put him at odds politically with the leadership of Secundomia, which was largely conservative. This sparked intense debates which eventually resulted in H blocking Parker's email.


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