District 12

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District 12
Languages spoken English
Date founded June 12, 2010
Population approx. 5 (1 Secundomian)
Demonym Districtian
Governor President Snow

District 12 was a Secundomian Military District led by President Snow. It was made up of two parts, District 12 South, and District 12 North. The military districts were primarily utilized in 2010. By mid-2011, the district had fallen into disrepair and was absorbed back into the Republic of Secundomia.

The district is not referenced in any existing documents concerning it's incorporation within the Eran Federation, nor by any of Secundomia's successors, the RKOS, Third Kingdom, Democratic Republic of Secundomia, or the FSSR. The plots of land formerly associated with District 12 are now part of the Socialist Republic of Secundomia, a constituent part of the FSSR.


District 12 North

District 12 North was a constituent county of the broader military district. It was the primary military base of Secundomia, the command center for the military and residence for Secundomian troops. An attempt to build a larger military installation in this region was met with construction difficulties and more land was sought by the military for training and building an arsenal.

District 12 South

District 12 South was the second constituent county of the military district. It incorporated an island in the middle of the Secundomian River. It was located to the South of District 12 North and to the southeast of Middle Secundomia, the country's capital. The island was discovered in an expedition by President Snow and Spencer I. Access to the island via the bridge is dependent on earlier rainfall, as the area is prone to flooding. The island is uninhabited, but human activity and use of the island for various purposes is apparent. It is heavily wooded and features diverse wildlife, including deer.

Man-made Features

District 12 Fort

D12 South featured the District 12 Fort, which overlooked the northern passage of the Secundomian River. It was made up of collected debris from around the island. President Snow was the chief architect in the project. It is unknown what remains from the fort in modern times, although soil erosion likely has not been kind to the fort.

Stone Bridge

The Stone bridge is made up of the same rocks as Snow Point (see below). The creators of the bridge are unknown, although it was probably created by residents of the United States. Stone Bridge was probably created as a dam, to prevent the Western River from forming. However the bridge constantly leaks, and its only known use is to provide access to the island. Large rainfalls can cause the bridge to become partially submerged, as was seen on June 13, 2010. When this happens, access to the island is restricted. The bridge still stands as of 2018.

Natural Features

Snow Point

Snow Point is located where the Eastern River and the Western River collide. It is made up of large white boulders.


2 rivers surround D12 South, the Secundomian River (which passes on the north and eastern sides) and the Western River, a tributary of the larger river. The rivers have flooded once. The Western River was only recently formed as D12 South used to be only a peninsula. Many attempts have been made to dam up Western River by United States officials.


Orgins of the Island

D12 South began as a peninsula when the Secundomian River meandered around it. Sometime in 2009, the Western river was formed, and the peninsula was cut off from the mainland.

Attempts to dam the Western River

After the Western River was formed, it is speculated that residents of the USA or even USA Government officials attempted to dam the Western River. The reasons for speculation are many plastic fences within the Western River, and Stone Bridge, which acts as a dam between the Northern River and the Western.

Discovery by President Snow

During Secundomia's infancy, President Snow discovered the island, as it is not far from a biking trail. Snow began to search around the island. He discovered debris blown all over the island, fragments of glass bottles, and bottlecaps, possible evidence that teenagers had drunk alcoholic substances illegally on the island. Snow proceeded to build a fort overlooking the Northern River. Although he was a citizen of Secundomia at the time, he didn't think to introduce the island to Secundomia.

District 12 becomes Secundomian Territory

After President Snow decided to create his own Secundomian State, he announced it would include the island as well as his house, which would serve as the capital. He named it District Twelve, after a location in the popular book, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. The state was approved on June 12, 2010.

District 12 under Secundomian Governance

Plans have been made to create a National Park on District 12 South. The State has been visited several times by prominent Secundomian figures, such as Spencer I and Parker I (though he has not actually set foot on the island because of recent floods).

District Twelve becomes Military District

During July 2010, District Twelve transitioned from State to Military District.

List of Governors

Name Political Party Date Notes
President Snow (pseudonym) None (considered Moderate) June 12, 2009 – Present



District 12 is primarily Caucasian and Christian.