Secundomian Liberal Party

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SLP refers to the Secundomian Liberal Party. This is not to be confused with the Secundomian Libertarian Party (SSAPSA).

Secundomian Liberal Party
FounderSeth I
FoundedFebruary 6th, 2009
DissolvedApril 18th, 2010
Preceded byIndependents
Succeeded byAnti-Sloth Party
Membership (2010)0
IdeologyLiberalism, Social Democracy
Coloursblue, white

The Secundomian Liberal Party (SLP) was a short-lived center-left political party in Secundomia. Despite its short life and lack of electoral success, the SLP was a significant voice for liberals in the country that left a staggering political void and a long period of political domination by its rival, the Secundomian Conservative Party.


The Liberal party was founded by Seth I governor of Leospecsia. He was the only member.[1] The SLP had been largely inactive during its early days. They did not nominated a candidate for president of Secundomia until March. Seth I says he would rather "other people lead", but he did not want to "join the conservatives."

Logo of the Secundomian Liberal Party

March 2010 Elections

The SLP nominated Seth I for president and Citizens Council in the March 2010 Secundomian Elections. His presidential campaign was largely hamstrung by his bid for Citizens Council and struggled to gain traction. He successfully ran for Citizens Council and assumed his office shortly after, making him the first and only candidate elected to national office for the Liberal Party.

Cabinet Crisis

The leadership of the SLP was strongly opposed to the partisan fights in the April Cabinet Crisis. The liberals had no representation in the national Cabinet and the crisis was largely an internal affair for the Conservatives. The SLP did not see any opportunity from this, however and viewed Secundomia as largely irredeemable.[2] Seth I left his position on the Citizens Council and as leader of the SLP.

Liberalism in Secundomia

All major political parties in Secundomia prior to the rise of the Third Kingdom largely shared a liberal political outlook. After Seth I left Secundomia a large gap was left for independent liberals who were not members of the party. Most liberals either joined the Conservative Party or remained independent (and largely politically inactive). Voter rolls showed that a large percentage of liberal independents did not turn out to vote in Secundomia's elections, and those who did usually voted for the Conservative nominee.

Rough Political Compass graph of Secundomian Political Parties. The SLP is identified near the center.

As Secundomia fell into inactivity, most of the independent liberals left the country. With the founding of the Democratic Republic of Secundomia dominated by the far-left Worker's Party, the leading liberal voice was left to the social democratic Anti-Sloth Party lead by Brennan I. The influence of liberals gradually waned and Secundomia became a single-party state lead by the MWPS.

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