Secundomian Liberal Party

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Secundomian Liberal Party
Liberal Party
Founder Seth I
Founded February 6th, 2009
Dissolved April 18th, 2010
Preceded by Preceded by: Independent Liberals of Secundomia
Succeeded by Succeeded by: Independent Liberals of Secundomia
Headquarters Leospecsia
Membership  (2010) 0
Ideology Liberal Democracy
Official colours blue, white

The Secundomian Liberal Party (SLP) was the only Left-Wing political party in Secundomia.


The Liberal party was founded by Seth I governor of Leospecsia. He was the only member.

Early Days

The SLP had been largely inactive during its early days. They did not nominated a candidate for president of Secundomia until March. Seth I says he would rather "other people lead", but he did not want to "join the conservatives."

New Era

The SLP nominated Seth I for president and Citizens Council in the March 2010 Secundomian Elections.


When Seth I left Secundomia, he left the SLP behind. As he was the only member, the SLP dissolved in his absence.

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Republic of Secundomia