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Cupball (also known as "Chiefs' Cupball" or "Kansas City Cupball") is a sport invented in the Republic of Secundomia by Parker I and Spencer I.


Cupball involves throwing a small dodgeball at two plastic cups, both emblazoned with Kansas City Chiefs logos. The position of the cups is determined by the performance of the Kansas City Chiefs in the previous game. If the Chiefs have won, then the cups are placed in the normal fashion. If the Chiefs have lost, then the cups are placed upside down. One player must bounce the dodgeball on the throwing board, then spike it at the two cups, positioned across a second board, usually in front of a sandbox. The player on the opposite side must defend these cups against the ball, using any means possible while positioned closer to the cups than the other player. If the attacking player loses possession of the ball after the bounce, then they register one fault. Three faults results in a turnover. If the first team fails to knock over a post, then they must run after the ball for a chance to maintain possession. Whichever team falls on the ball first gets possession. If the first team knocks over the post, then they must place the cups in the right position before chasing after the ball.


Cupball was invented in November 2011, after a brutal Kansas City Chiefs loss. Parker I soon picked it up for the 2011 Thanksgiving Sport Tournament as part of the middle secundomian segment.