E of Sterling

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E of Sterling is a former private citizen of Secundomia and Sterling. He was involved in both nations as a citizen, but abstained largely from the micronational politics of the country.

Personal life

E was noted in Secundomia for his musical proficiency. He was lead guitarist in the Secundomian band The Frontrunners, playing alongside fellow Secundomian citizens Parker I and Spencer I. Also involved in the band was his brother J of Sterling, who served as protector of the Colony of Sterling.


E of Sterling was largely uninvolved with the politics of Secundomia. Although a citizen through much of its existence (originally in Upper Secundomia territory and later in Lower Secundomia), he did not vote in a single election. He confined himself to his private life early on in his micronational career.


E was an avid player of the videogame Minecraft while a citizen of Secundomia. He played a minor role in the international Secundomian Griefing incident on the Wyvernian Minecraft server. He was added as a player on the private server alongside his brother J and contributed to various buildings throughout the Secundomian section of the server. Phineas Snow was also breifly active on the server. These three players kept largely to themselves, rarely playing during peak hours or using chat. However, they were prolific builders in the "Calder City" area on the server.

E was briefly caught up in the Griefing incident. Most of the griefing on the server was done by Parker I and Spencer I (with Parker conducting PvP griefing and Spencer doing physical griefing and stealing from other players). An investigation done by Wyvern found he and J were not active in the griefing process, although they were aware of Spencer's efforts to rob the Egtavian players. Parker and Spencer were banned from the server. E and J decided not to play on the server anymore, and, at the behest of Parker, E created a server for Secundomians to play on. This became E's largest contribution to Secundomia as his technical expertise became widely appreciated amongst the citizenry.