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Languages spoken English
Date founded Feb. 26th, 2010
Population ~7 (2 Secundomian)
Demonym Merenneitojan
Governor Luke of Secundomia

Merenneitoja [mɛrɪnaɪtoʊhʌ] was a Secundomian state founded by Luke of Secundomia on Feb. 26th, 2010.[1] As of May 13, 2015 it is not considered a part of the Third Kingdom of Secundomia, and thus remains independently dormant.


Merenneitoja was named after the Finnish word for mermaid.[2] This was a joke enacted by it's founder. The name was difficult for Secundomians to spell, with even its founder often misspelling it "Merreneitoja" [sic].[2] Searches through the Secundomian email server reveal that spelling the state with two "r"s instead of two "n"s was actually a more common, despite its inaccuracy.[3]


Merenneitoja was founded by Luke of Secundomia. The area that would become the state was previously organized as Luke's Territory[1] On Feb 26 2010, Luke decided to organize part of the territory into a state. He christened the state Merenneitoja, a name he had previously considered for the Finland Project[2]

The territory was expanded after Luke, then President of Secundomia, signed Council Resolution #9 into law, which expanded the state to solidify its territorial zoning.[4] Luke was still the sole member of the territory until Brett I joined the nation. Brett's state of Bu Ocajin failed to conduct elections in September 2009 and was absorbed into Merenneitoja[5]

Merenneitoja continued to operate as a core state in Secundomia throughout 2011. It was not mentioned when the Republic became part of Eran, but it continued to be shown on Secundomian maps. After Parker I reinstated the Kingdom of Secundomia, the state was no longer considered a part of the nation.

List of Governors

Name Political Party Date Notes
Luke of Secundomia Secundomian Conservative Party Feb. 26th, 2009 - Unknown



Merenneitoja originally consisted of Governor Luke's house, front and back yard.[1] After Council Resolution 9 expanded the state and the later absorption of Bu Ocajin, Merenneitoja was the second largest state in the country by population (behind Middle Secundomia) and largest by area. The state was the westernmost in Secundomia, bordering the nation of Voitokas and the central state of Middle Secundomia along its eastern edge.

City of Merenneitoja

The City of Merenneitoja is the Capitol city of Merreneitoja, it consists of the governor's house and yard, the original territory of the state. The city contained one Secundomian, Luke.

City of Bu Ocajin

The City of Bu Ocajin is located slightly east of Merreneitoja, it was the former capitol of Bu Ocajin. The city contained Brett I, the oldest citizen of Secundomia.


Merenneitoja was predominantly Caucasian and Christian. The state was divided evenly in political registration between the Moderate and Conservative parties, although the Conservative party won every election contested in the state.


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