Secundomian National Soccer Team

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Secundomian NST
Full Name: Secundomian National Soccer Team
Nicknames: SNST

The Secundomian National Soccer Team or SNST is an Association Football club that represented the Republic of Secundomia in virtual association football matches. The team continued to represent Secundomia while they were subject to Eran and post-independence. The team also competed as Riverstone national football team in matches on Micras.



Secundomia took part in the 2011 VSML Season. In the preliminary round, the SNST won their first match against Dallingrad at home, 3-0. They then easily dispatched with the struggling Pristinia 8 goals to 1, securing at a minimum advancement to Divsion 1. However, the team still required at least a draw at the New Roman Republic in the final match of the round. They did one better, defeating the hosts 1-0. Secundomia ultimately won their group, 5 points clear of the next competition. Unfortunately, records of their participation in the main round of competition are lost.


In 2012, Secundomia were ranked 26th in the world by the Virtual Micronational Soccer Board. Secundomia was defeated 3-2 by Westsylvania in its first match during the 2012 MicroWiki cup qualification process. Secundomia failed to return a victory in the second leg (and first home attempt), drawing with Westsylvania 1-1. Secundomia was thus eliminated in the first round. Kasey Benson, Alex Brookes and Jakob Lang all provided goals during the attempt.

Under the Riverstone flag, the SNST had even less success. During 2012 FMF World Cup qualification, Riverstone were only able to salvage one point in a draw with Taeland. Riverstone lost all their remaining matches including a loss to Taeland and two losses each against the Nordic Union, Passas and New Vaduz. The team only scored goals against Passas and Taeland, overall being outscored 16-3.[1]


The SNST's second attempt at qualification to the MicroWiki cup progressed better. With North America shifting to a group model, Secundomia was able to put in consistent performances. The SNST registered its first intermicronational victory in October 2013, defeating Aetos 3-0, and their first victory as visitors 1-0 over Natu. Yurtyzstan handed Secundomia their first loss of 2013 2-0 in November, but Secundomia secured qualification with a 0-0 draw with group victors Theodia.

Secundomia was placed in Pot 4 for the 2013 MicroWiki cup draw. They were drawn to Group F with Koss, Danland and New Persia.


1 GK Mitchell Luxor

2 MF James Peter

3 DF Jianti Miller

4 DF Peter Kameron

5 DF Parker I

6 MF Jakob Lang

7 MF Kasey Benson

8 MF Holland Jacobsen

9 FW Alex Brookes

10 FW Kyi Suudna

11 DF Benn Peterson

12 GK Ben Joquin

13 MF Cameron Patraaios

14 MF Peter Jackson

15 FW Bryan Baker

16 FW Han Baxter