Anti-Sloth Party

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The Anti-Sloth Party (ASP) is a Secundomian political party lead by Brennan I. It is a Social Democratic and Democratic Socialist party. Although it stands on the left wing of the broader political spectrum, it is relatively moderate compared to the Worker's Party (WPS) which currently leads the nation of Secundomia. The party favors a democratic transition to socialism, and opposes the radical and authoritarian tendencies of the WPS, which ascribes to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.


In addition to it's opposition to violence, the ASP is strongly against both sloth (as in Laziness) and sloths (as in the mammal.) The reason for this opposition is unknown, and is criticized in Worker's Party circles as supporting liberal notions of productivity. This position, among other less radical positions such as opposing violence, totalitarianism and Maoist thought create the notion of the ASP as the moderate wing of the revolutionary movement in Secundomia.