Eutopian Party

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Eutopian Party
LeaderH of Halstopia
Founded16 December 2009
Dissolvedunofficial by 2010
HeadquartersRuins of Halstopia, United States of America
Membership (2009)1
IdeologyProgressivism, Neoliberalism
Political positionCenter-left
ColoursLight blue

The Eutopian Party was a Secundomian and Voitokan political party founded by H of Halstopia to support a presidential bid in the December 2009 Secundomian elections. The Eutopian party was the first political party in Secundomia, all other candidates in the 2009 election process ran as independents.


The "Eutopian Party" is a mix of "Europe" and "Utopian," meant to reflect the party's commitment to European-style progressive values and achieving utopia in micronationalism. H revealed that Eutopia was a name also considered for the defunct state of Halstopia.


After the Halstopian Coup d'état, H was barred by American forces from joining Secundomia as a citizen. H decided he would run for the Secudomian presidency anyway as a non-citizen, thus becoming the first candidate for the December 2009 Secundomian elections. At the time Secundomia had not settled on a name so he announced his candidacy for president of Secundomia-Skillz for the "newly formed Eutopian Party." [1] H also claimed to have picked a running mate but didn't reveal their name to the public.[2]

Rough Political Compass graph of Secundomian Political Parties. The EP is identified near the center.

One week after the founding of the Eutopian Party, co-consuls Parker I and Spencer I released the final draft of the Secundomian Constitution. This document limited Secundomian presidency to only citizens of the micronation, thus eliminating H's bid to run for president unless he submitted another application for citizenship.[3] H was unable to apply, fearing retaliation from the mercenaries who conducted the Halstopian coup.

After discovering news of his ineligibility, H blocked Parker's email and covertly started the nation of Voitokas, hiding the micronation from both Secundomia and the American mercenaries. H remained a member of the Eutopian Party in Voitokas, becoming the dominant political force in the nation.[4]


The Eutopian Party never officially release a policy platform but rather was a vehicle for the political ambitions of H of Halstopia. H was a committed progressive liberal and was a noted supporter of the Obama administration in the United States.[5] The Eutopian Party thus represented a progressive version of neoliberal politics and was similar to the Democratic Party in the US. The Eutopian Party was both a forerunner for and was allied with the Secundomian Liberal Party. Although Liberal Party leader Seth I was never a member of the Eutopian Party in Secundomia, he was a member of the Voitokan branch.[6]


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