Republic of Skillz

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"Skillz" redirects here. This article is about the Secundomian Sector micronation which is not to be confused with the Republic of Skill, a micronation in the Oak Sector.

Republic of Secundomia

December 2009 — May 2012


Eastern Kansas, United States of America.
Capital citySkillz Playground
Official language(s)English, Turkish
Short nameSkillz
GovernmentPresidential Republic
- PresidentSpencer I
- Vice PresidentNate I
- GeneralPhineas I
Area claimedUndefined, mostly localized to the playground
Population3-6 (approximate, true figures not known)
CurrencyUSD ($)
Time zoneUTC -6

The Republic of Skillz was a short-lived 6th world micronation that was created on December 14, 2009. The government collapsed on December 15, 2009, and its remnants merged with the First Kingdom of Secundomia to create the Republic of Secundomia.



The Republic of Skillz traces its origins to just one day before its creation. On December 13, 2009 Parker I and Spencer I discussed the founding of a micronation after researching them online. Both resolved to create a micronation, and Spencer did the next day.


Spencer I, in elementary school at the time, spoke to his friends on the playground about the creation of a micronation on December 14, 2009. They banded together to form a rudimentary government. Future Secundomian citizens were involved in the original government. Spencer I was quickly elected president, and Nate I was elected vice president. Future Secundomian Director of Architecture Phineas I was elected to the Department of Defense. Other citizens were involved, but their names have been forgotten, along with their positions.

War and Collapse

After he returned home, Spencer and Parker spoke about the government of the micronation, a short dispute over Spencer's presidency lead Parker I to create the Kingdom of Secundomia on the next day. The Kingdom declared war on Skillz, although Skillz did not yet respond, as the government was going through a crisis. Disinterest grounded many of the citizens of Skillz, and many of the original citizens, including Phineas I, left Skillz. Only Spencer I and Nate I remained in the nation. A truce was quickly reached with the Kingdom of Secundomia.


Spencer I and Nate I were the lone members of the Skillz Remnants. Without a citizenry or an official government, they went on seeking for others to join a future nation. The Kingdom of Secundomia and Spencer I entered negotiations, and resolved to create an unnamed "Micronation Republic" that ultimately became the Republic of Secundomia. The initial members were Nate, Spencer and Parker, leaving many to claim that Nate was a founder of Secundomia, although he was not involved in negotiations.


The Republic of Skillz had an unstable government that quickly collapsed. The government was doomed to failure by disinterest of the citizenry. Spencer I was the nation's president, with Nate I as the vice president. The led the nation with a council of citizens respective to them, each with their own job. Although much of the council's names were lost to time, one is known to be future Secundomian architect Phineas I who took on the position of the Department of Defense.