First Kingdom of Secundomia

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The Kingdom of Secundomia

December 15, 2009 — December 16, 2009

Secundus Domus
Eastern Kansas, United States of America.
Capital citySecundomia City (later Middle Secundomia City)
Largest citySecundomia City
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)No official religion
Short nameSecundomia
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
- KingParker I
Area claimedSmall part of a backyard.
Currencyde facto USD ($)
Time zoneUTC -6

The First Kingdom of Secundomia was a micronaton created on the 15th of December 2009. The Kingdom was later reformed into the Republic of Secundomia after merging with the Republic of Skillz on the 16th of December 2009.


The First Kingdom was a short-lived iteration of Secundomia. It did go through some massive changes in its early infancy, however.


The Kingdom of Secundomia grew out of the desire to create a nation by the brothers Parker I and Spencer I of Secundomia. After researching micronations online, the two resolved to create a nation in the 13th of December 2009. This left the Secundomian sector a breeding ground for short lived micronations. With the founding of the Republic of Skillz by Spencer I, Parker I felt pressure to create his own nation, in what was effectively a grab for power.

Creation, War and Merger

On the 15th of December 2009, Parker I founded the Kingdom of Secundomia. In a rush for power over the Secundomian sector, he declared himself king. He quickly declared war on the nearby Republic of Skillz, at which point the government of Skillz broke apart, leaving only a few remnants. A truce was reached, and the two brothers agreed to merge the remnants of the nation with the Kingdom of Secundomia to form "a micronational republic." The name for the republic was undecided, but was later agreed to be the Secundomia.


The Secundomian name came from a w:neologism of two w:Latin words, "secundus" and "domus." These words roughly translate to "behind/secondary to" and "house/home." The name was created when Parker I founded the nation to represent the location of the nation, in his backyard.


The Kingdom of Secundomia lasted a very short time, but long enough to establish a rudimentary system of government. The government was declared an absolute monarchy by Parker I, which led to a dispute with Spencer, who wished to maintain democracy throughout the sector. A constitution was not established and reins were not implemented on the King's power. The only King of Secundomia was Parker I, who ruled from December 15–16, 2009 when the merger was put into place, and Parker stepped down to a "consul" position.