Name of Secundomia

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Name of Secundomia in Secundomian and English.

The Name of Secundomia arose from the foundation of the First Kingdom of Secundomia in 2009. The name grew to refer to a range of concepts, including the most established version of the micronation, the Republic of Secundomia.


The word "Secundomia" is a neologism of two Latin words, Secundus and Domus. These two words roughly translate to "behind the house." This name was picked by the Kingdom of Secundomia's founder, Parker I. The words were picked to represent Secundomia's status as a backyard nation, as the territorial boundaries of the Kingdom were limited to the backyard of Parker I.

Naming of the Republic

The Republic of Secundomia was not named as such immediately after its foundation. After the merger of the Kingdom of Secundomia with the Republic of Skillz the nation was nicknamed the "Micronational Republic" until a name was voted upon by Secundomia's citizenry. Multiple names were suggested, including the Republic of Kansas, Pædetopia and Coverla. Secundomia was the most popular after an election amongst the citizenry.



The word Secundomia was adopted in several ways. The official demonym of the Republic of Secundomia was Secundomian. The word Secundomian is also used to refer to the Secundomian People, as well as the Secundomian language. A secondary demonym, without widespread use, derived from the word Secundomian is the term "Seco."


The name Secundomia can refer to multiple different nations, including the defunct Kingdom of Secundomia, Republic of Secundomia, and Eranian Secundomia. The word is sometimes used to refer to the modern Federation of Secundomian Socialist Republics, although it is more accurately confined to the Socialist Republic of Secundomia exclusively.