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Secundomian alphabet

The Secundomian language (ǂƿǂ፥ˠ፥Ꮩƪ, romanized as Ccund'umya) is a language developed for speech in the Republic of Secundomia. The language is currently under intense development by the culture branch of the Secundomian government. The language is the only major project in Secundomia for months.


Letters of the Secundomian Language
ǂʖⱠ፥ǂ፥ (Secundomian) Ccaluccu (Romanized) IPA English equivalent
ǂ cc ksch
ˠ nd' ɳt ngdt
θ th θ th (that)
Ƹ dg dg/j (judge)
ƪ ya (iː)jɛ (ee)ye (yes)
Ƿ e ɛ e (pet)
u oo (stool)
m m m (him)
ʖ a æ a (cat)
ր pb mpb mpb
l l l (lick)
ɤ n- ɳh nghh


The grammar of Secundomian is modeled closely off of Latin grammar.


Romanized Secundomian

Under development

Romanized Secundomian is the same as Secundomian, however, the secundomian letters are not included, and are replaced by romanized symbols from the English alphabet. Due to the complex nature of Secundomian grammar and few differing sounds in the language, Romanized Secundomian often results in words appearing extremely long and cumbersome. For example, the accusative plural form of the word "Person" appears as such: pbluuma. While this word appears extremely long at first glance, there are only 6 letters involved in the full word when converted into Secundomian (րⱠ፥፥Ꮩʖ), thus making it just as long as the English word.