Maoist-Worker's Party of Secundomia

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This article is about the modern Maoist-Worker's Party of Secundomia founded in 2016. It should not be confused with its predecessor, the Worker's Party of Secundomia.

Maoist-Worker's Party of Secundomia
ChairpersonParker I
FoundedApril 30, 2016
HeadquartersEastern Secundomia (2016)
Blue Hills District (2017)
Hyde (2018-19)
Hanover (2020)
Political positionFar-left
Official coloursDark Red

The Maoist-Worker's Party of Secundomia or MWPS is the vanguard political party of the Federation of Secundomian Socialist Republics, as single-party state. The MWPS was created in early 2016 as a takeover and split from the Worker's Party of Secundomia which had succumbed to inactivity. Parker I spearheaded the takeover and also the creation of the FSSR under the newly christened Maoist-Worker's Party.