Socialist Republic of Secundomia

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Socialist Republic of Secundomia
Motto: Secundus Domus
File:Kansas City metropolitan area, Kansas and Missouri, United States of America
CapitalHanover (since summer 2020)
Largest cityMiddle Secundomia
Official languagesEnglish, Secundomian
EstablishmentApril 30, 2016
• Census
CurrencyUSD ($)
Time zoneUTC−06:00
Preceded by
Democratic Republic of Secundomia

The Socialist Republic of Secundomia (also known as the Third Republic) is a constituent republic within the Secundomian Federation. It is a single-party socialist state that is the current iteration of the Secundomian micronation. As a member of the FSSR, it is a single party socialist state lead by the Maoist-Worker's Party of Secundomia. SR Secundomia forms the core of the FSSR and acts as its capital.


The name of Secundomia is a neologism of two Latin words "Secundus" and "Domus," roughly meaning "behind the house." The name originates from the First Kingdom which was entirely located in Parker I's backyard. It was selected as part of a vote of citizens in the First Republic to name the whole country and the name stuck.


Politics and government

Geography and climate