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The History of Secundomia dates back to 2009 when brothers Parker I and Spencer I became interested in micronationalism. After a boom in interest amongst their friend groups, the Republic of Secundomia became the largest and most active nation in the sector. A member of the MicroWiki Community for several years, the First Republic was the most active iteration of the nation. Since that era, Secundomia has gone through a variety of iterations in varying shades of activity.

Pre-Micronational Era

The land of the Secundomian sector had been through much change before it's micronational inception. Originally the land was controlled by native american tribes in the great plains. The area was passed through the hands of multiple european countries before becoming part of the United States of America. The land was reassigned into the Territory of Kansas, which eventually became the State of Kansas. The Secundomian Sector land area was fought over in the Civil War between Kansas and Missouri. Kansas won over the area. With Kansas controlling the area, one of the first micronations was reported operating in Johnson County in January 2009. The Kingdom of Coleraine (hUlaidh Thair Nhua) is the first micronation reported operating in the area, besides Uantir in Leavenworth County. In a peroid approximately in the middle of 2009 Parker I, who would become the founder of the Kingdom of Secundomia, first read of micronations on wikipedia. He did not consider too deep into the venture, however.

Pre-Presidential Era

The era preceding the adoption of presidents was an era of chaos in the Republic of Secundomia. It began with the decision to found micronations.

Decision Period (December 12–13, 2009)

Secundomia was inspired by the Aerican Empire

The idea for Secundomia began on December 13, 2009, when Parker I and Spencer I were inspired after reading about micronations such as the Conch Republic, Molossia, and the Aerican Empire. At first they planned on joining Aerica, but Spencer suggested that they create their own micronation.

Pre-Republic Period December 14–15, 2009

The Pre-Republic period is the first time Secundomian Sector micronations began to appear. These two nations, the Republic of Skillz and the Kingdom of Secundomia, were both formed by Spencer I and Parker I.

Spencer was the first to found a nation, the Republic of Skillz, on December 14, 2009. Spencer founded Skillz on the playground of his elementary school. Spencer I was quickly made president and at its peak, it had six citizens.

Parker I was not told of its existence until the next day, shortly before the founding of the Kingdom of Secundomia on December 15.Parker I founded Secundomia as a reaction to the Republic of Skillz, and planned to declare war on Skillz. Parker had planned to found Secundomia with Spencer on December 13, however, he was waiting until he had come up with a suitable name. War was declared on the 15th before Spencer had returned from school. When Spencer returned, Parker was informed of Skillz's collapse.

Merger Period December 15–17, 2009

The Republic of Skillz collapsed on December 15 and its two remaining citizens merged with the Kingdom of Secundomia, to form the Republic of Secundomia the next day. Secundomia grew to a population of six but the state of Halstopia left the nation on December 18 with all its members. American lead was restored shortly after in Halstopia.

Post Merger Period December 17–31, 2009

After the fall of Halstopia, rivals Parker I and Luke of Secundomia struggled for power and Secundomia was caught in the middle.

A rough sketch of the Atlan Flag.

As a result of this struggle, the Empire of Atlan seceded from Secundomia on December 28. Secundomia fully recognized Atlan's independence and attempted to open diplomatic relations with the nation. However, Atlan quickly lapsed into dormancy.

Early Republic Era

Split Presidential Period January 2010

After huge fights during the first elections of Secundomia, Luke and Parker I decided to split presidency, and became co-presidents. In the January 2010 Secundomian elections, the fight between Parker I and Luke grew stronger, as Skillz founder Spencer I and Parker ran on a joint ticket for co-presidency. Luke fought a tough battle claiming that Spencer and Parker were attempting to run a dictatorship but to no avail as Parker I and Spencer I won the elections. Luke alleged that this was simply because Secundomia was full of Spencer's friends but the new presidents denied the claim.

Brothers Period January 31st, 2010-February 25th

During this period, both Parker I and Spencer I ran the nation. Amid disputes from Luke as to who was the actual leader, they were able to pass a large amount of legislation due to their close correspondence. Parker I lead most of the discussions in the nation, while Spencer provided a balance between his side of the nation and Parker's, which before were in conflict. Midway in February Luke and Parker formed an alliance, thereby unifying all three branches of the nation. A resolution was signed by the two presidents of Secundomia stating that after the next elections, only one president would be allowed power. Spencer I and Parker I both ran for president in these elections. According to Spencer, Parker I had lost favor due to being president for a long time. Spencer's voting block heavily weighed in upon Spencer, despite a possible schism as Ibrahim I ran Independent. Spencer was declared victor.

Golden Days (Late Brothers Period) February 25th 2010-March 4th 2010

The official flag of Secundomia, as created by Nate I.

After the elections, Secundomia went through almost complete dormancy, however this was viewed as a positive outcome compared to the past struggles that came before. After the third elections which Spencer I won and before the inauguration, Secundomia experienced a surge of activity between February 25, 2010 and March 4, 2010, a period that became known as the Golden Days. Secundomia regained Atlan on February 25, and two other states were formed. Nate I also announced the formation of Lower Secundomia and the next day, Luke announced the formation of Merenneitoja prior to Luke's Territory becoming the New Territory, governed by Spencer I. Parker I and Spencer I approved the first official flag, designed by Nate I, governor of Lower Secundomia. In such a short period of time, this activity brought much to the nation of Secundomia.

Restructuring Era March–April 2010

Spencerian Period March 2010

The Secundomian Congress Building, artist's depiction

In an attempt to give back power to much of Secundomia after one president was elected, Parker I proposed numerous laws to Spencer designed for restructuring the nation. Spencer signed many of these laws into action. Among these was the appointment of the first ever Cabinet, and the creation of the Secundomian Congress. After a short dispute with the leader of Atlan, Atlan was redefined as a separate nation, geographically and culturally distinct from the Republic of Secundomia. Another yet-to-be-named state was put in it's place for the leader of Atlan to maintain presence in Secundomia. As a presidential collaboration with Parker I, Middle Secundomia annexed Pine County, Long County, Snow Hill County and Backwoods County, located to the south of Middle Secundomia city. The March elections took place, and the formerly loyal Spencerian voting block split it's votes among Luke and Parker I. The reasons for this may have been public disapproval of Spencer I's policies. Ultimately, Parker I received the most votes from every voting block, and took power in April.

Cabinet Crisis April 2010

Parker I announces his cabinet choices. (artist's depiction)

The Cabinet Crisis was a trying event in Secundomian History. It began when President Parker I appointed his Cabinet and ended with the temporary exile of Rahim I from Secundomia.

When Parker I appointed his presidential cabinet, he caused unsettlement among citizens about his choices. Eventually, Parker I was pressured into changing the decisions but some citizens, including Ibrahim I, were still not content. Ibrahim's protests got violent, and allegedly violated Secundomian Law. Parker I prosecuted Ibrahim, and put him on trial, the first trial in Secundomian history.

Ibrahim I is tried. (artist's depiction)

Parker I presided over the trial, and a jury was appointed. The Defense Attorney was Nate I, and the prosecutor was Parker I. Shortly after the trial began, protests rang out over Secundomia, accusing Parker I of being a dictator, and being corrupt. After it was clear he could not continue prosecuting Ibrahim, he ruled in Ibrahim's favor, but did not give in to Ibrahim's original protests. During the trial, Seth I left Secundomia due to the nature of recent conversations. This drew criticism of the president; Ibrahim I said Seth left because, "you (Parker I) are being a jerk."

After the trial of Ibrahim I, an inactive citizen, the Empress of Atlan, returned to activity and defended the President. The Protest Group began harassing her. Many of Protest sympathizers began to grow distrustful of the Protest Group. These sympathizers now aligned themselves with the president. They included Spencer I and Luke of Secundomia. The Protest Group began targeting them as well.

As the harassment began to grow worse, many of Secundomia's citizens, including the President and Citizen's Council, voted to exile Protest leader Rahim I temporarily. Ibrahim I was given a warning. Soon Ibrahim and Rahim both apologized.

Mid-Republic Era June 2010-December 2010

During the second half of 2010 conflict calmed down in Secundomia, unfortunately, with that came dormancy, which threatened the existence of the micronation. Many attempts were made to resolve this issue from within, and although Secundomia remained active internationally, these attempts were made in vain.

Shadows of April: May–June 16, 2010

After the Cabinet Crisis, a relative peace overcame Secundomia. However, the political process soon threatened the newfound peace. The May 2010 Election primaries resulted in clear winners, however independent candidates lead to controversy during the election. This resulted in the election's postponment into June, after the supposed president should've been sworn in. Spencer became interim president between then and June 8. The elections were once again postponed after a tie. Ibrahim I proposed that Rahim I should be able to choose the President because he was expelled from Secundomia before the Elections, though the proposal was soundly rejected by the interim president. The office of president was officially vacant between June 8 and June 16 as a result of further election difficulties. Eventually Parker I won the final runoffs and assumed the office in the 16th.

Dormancy and Revivial: Summer 2010

St. Louis
The Gravois Naval Base.

Secundomia struggled with dormancy in late June 2010. In July, Parker I started a project to revive Secundomia which succeeded. The July Elections ended with Luke's election as President (which would be his first term in office since January). Parker I, Spencer I, and future President Luke, the so-called Big Three of Secundomia, met during July at the Gravois Naval Base. Parker I and Spencer I then traveled to St. Louis, Missouri, on a political embassy to the United States.

During the late summer, Luke appointed his cabinet, and other government positions. Unfortunately, after he did, Secundomia once again slipped into inactivity.

International Honor: September 2010

In September 2010, Secundomia was honored in a Slinky Air Show, and began developing a language, but most of the nation remained dormant. Elections were conducted and in the Conservative Primaries four candidates were nominaetd - Skillz founder Spencer I, infamous Protest Group Leader Ibrahim I, Kingdom founder Parker I, and then-President Luke - and the primaries ended in a victory for Luke with Ibrahim I conceding defeat. However, Spencer decided to form his own party, Spencer's Super Awesome Party of Super Awesomeness or the "Libertarian Party", and Parker I decided to run as an Independent. Parker I experienced a surge of votes from liberal voters, unhappy with the distant Conservative Party candidate, and subsequently won the election. During the September Elections, Lower Secundomia was merged with Middle Secundomia due to it's failure to conduct gubernatorial elections. Bu Ocajin also collapsed and reorganized into Merreneitoja while Southern Cipania became a territory.

2010 Micronational Olympics logo.

Soon after the September Elections, the 2010 Micronational Olympics became the center of Secundomian attention as the nation had been picked to host the Olympics in August 2010. President and Facilitator Parker I started developing the Olympics, and all athletes finished signing up in October. On November 1, the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics were held, and Parker I officially announced the beginning of the 2010 Micronational Olympics.

Dormancy Again: November–December 2010

In the very late months of 2010, Secundomia went through a period of inactivity. First the Olympics were cancelled, due to technichal issues and low participation level. Secundomia was soon upon it's 1 year anniversary. Unfortunately, it was not celebrated largely, due to inactivity of citizens. It was this inactivity that Parker I wanted to destroy, and he did in the next period.

Late Republic Era 2011-2012

The Secundomian Republic was on the downturn in 2011, as a result of lack of activity from it's members, and failing leadership, however the year began with promise.

Space Program: Early January 2011

In late 2010, Parker I resolved to "inject"activity into Secundomia. Soon he proposed a two step plan to fulfill his resolve. Activity skyrocketed in Secundomia, especially with the Space Program. Project Dove was under intense development, and Project Eagle launched one rocket already, with another waiting for launch. The Second Eagle remains waiting for launch to this day, and inactivity unfortunately continues.

The Eagle I.

Political Breakdown: Early 2011

Soon the January 2011 elections were on the rise. These elections were a harsh competition between incumbent Parker I (seeking his last term before a break), and challenger Spencer I. Support in Secundomia had shifted upon Spencer I, so the elections would be tough again. Parker attempted to gain voters across the Conservative-Liberal border, while Spencer attempted to rally his support away. Eventually it came down to political activity. The votes were held over the weekend on the last day of January, however, only two citizens officially registered their vote. The vote was split, one supporting Parker, the other Spencer. Spencer then contested the validity of the election, claiming his vote had not been counted. The Election committee maintained that Spencer had not officially registered his vote, beyond claiming his intent. Spencer argued that he announced his intent during the weekend, and that the election committee had ignored him. This controversy continued into early February. As the elections had not been resolved, and Parker I's term had ended, Secundomia was officially without presidency, and lead only by the incomplete congress. The Congress, however, did not vote upon any interim president. A vote was shortly held. Parker managed to rally enough active citizens to vote, and won the election 3-1.

End of the Republic: Mid 2011-2012

The short active period was followed by more inactivity. Internal activity was not restored for a long period. Parker I seized power in June 2011 after the senate and cabinet were dissolved as inactive. He was not met with much resistance. External activity in international relations was still booming, as Parker maintained a level of activity on that front.

2012 brought little in the way of activity, at least internally. The Republic of Secundomia officially ended in May 2012 and became a part of the Eran Federation in order to potentially foster activity.

Eranian Era: May–December 2012

Secundomia joined Eran in May 2012 to restructure and reinvigorate the nation. This failed, as even Parker I found himself drifting away from the micronational community. It also became clear to many in the Federation that their goals were not being reached, and that the disintegration of the Federation was inevitable. Secundomia withdrew in December.

Silent Era: December 2012-May 2015

Secundomia had been entirely run out of options and abandoned by it's former leaders. Parker I remained the only member of an unorganized nation.

Limbo: December 2012-August 2014

After Eran, Secundomia was left with no support, and essentially ceased to exist. No projects or interest were carried out during this period of almost two years.

Second Kingdom: August 2014-May 2015

In 2014 an attempt was made to re-establish the nation of Secundomia into a Kingdom. This was short lived, and failed. Parker I was unable to establish the nation out of the ashes, and it returned to dormancy for another year.

Rebirth Era: May 2015-Present

Several attempts were made between 2015-2016 to re-establish Secundomia. The nation went through whiplash between a nationalist Third Kingdom and the socialist Second Republic and Federation of Secundomian Socialist Republics.

Third Kingdom: May 2015-August 2015

The Third Kingdom was a nationalist attempt for revival, in order to preserve the culture and history of Secundomia. However, once again this attempt was jettisoned quickly.

Second Republic: August 2015-2016

The Democratic Republic of Secundomia was formed as a result of the abdication of King Parker I and the coalition of two new revolutionary political parties which aimed to establish a transitional, socialist government. Jaedon and Antonia formed the Worker's Party of Secundomia approached the King as new citizens demanding a shift in government from a monarchy to a socialist state. After negotiations, Parker abdicated the throne and joined the party as chairperson. The far-left party entered a Revolutionary Coalition with the more moderate Anti-Sloth Party. After only a few weeks of government, the new members of both the WPS and ASP went into inactivity.

Federation of Secundomian Socialist Republics: 2016-Present

A year after the failure of the Worker's Party, Parker I again seized control with under the banner of the Maoist-Worker's Party. This constituted the Second August Revolution. Parker sought to unite the entire Secundomian Sector, and the MWPS took control over the Principality of Sterling and the Principality of Tergumterra which were refounded as the Socialist Republic of Sterling-Charcot and the Socialist Republic of Tergumterra respectively. Secundomia itself was transitioned into the Socialist Republic of Secundomia, a constituent part of the broader Federation of Secundomian Socialist Republics. Due to its distance from the core republic, the state of Gravois was granted autonomy under the federation as the Socialist Republic of Gravois.

Although activity was much sparser under the MWPS, the FSSR was much more stable than in previous iterations. The FSSR becomes active occasionally, mostly through historical efforts to discover and curate discussions and artifacts from Secundomia's political history. Between 2017-2020 the Socialist Republic of Gravois went through significant upheaval and eventually was relinquished from FSSR control in the fall of 2020. Tergumterra, Sterling-Charcot and Secundomia remain a part of the FSSR as of January 2021.