Eran Federation

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Eran redirects here. For the King of Florenia, see Eran of Florenia.
Eran Federation
Motto: "Once United We Shall Never Fall"
Anthem: Eran, My Home
Largest cityLivingston Island(virtual), Rabul(actual residents)
Official languagesEnglish, Bulgarian, Dutch, ǂƿǂ፥ˠ፥Ꮩƪ (Secundomian)
GovernmentFederal presidential republic
• Supreme Chancellor
Adam Smith
• Prime Minister
Rafi II
• Courtmaster
Martin I
LegislatureFederal Assembly
EstablishmentMay 23, 2012
• Census
Currency1 Eran Simoleon = 100 Eran Shekels
Time zone(UTC-5)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Kingdom of Rafghanistan
Republic of Secundomia
Post-Eran Secundomia
Kingdom of Rafghanistan
Member of GUM

The Eran Federation (English: [ɛɹɒn] Secundomian: Ƿʖɤ[ɛæɳh]) is a transcontinental micronation located in North America, Antarctica, and Europe. It is a federal presidential republic composed of many different types of micronations, termed "states". Eran is a medium sized micronation, claiming private property and other areas across the globe. The Eran Federation aims to increase the activity of member-states and provide a growing, functioning environment for them as well.


The name Eran comes from the word era, as the founder wanted to spark a new era in the micronational community. The sound of the word was originally pronounced Eran with a long e but has since been dropped.



The Eran Federation was created on May 23, 2012, although an earlier version, the Byzantine Federation, existed briefly before. The first major event in the history of the Federation was the inclusion of the Kingdom of Rafghanistan. Following soon after Apeland and Adrianople joined bringing the membership up to five. The next day, in an unexpected turn, veteran micronation Secundomia joined as the federation's sixth member. This move brought more activity to Eran and provided a stable platform from which to grow. After a few more days of steady growth and the creation of the national newspaper, the Eranian Herald, a new protectorate, New Yugoslavia, was added as the country's seventh territory. A few days later, the Eranian Stock Exchange was created and Kapsladriik joined as the country's fourth protectorate. On June 14, the day before the elections were announced, Kinsovea joined as the fourth member-state. Soon after, the government issued reforms to the Supreme Chancellor position, making the term electable among other things.

First Elections

On June 16 the election results were announced, with Parker I of Secundomia becoming the first Prime Minister and Rafi II of the Kingdom of Rafghanistan becoming the first Courtmaster. This was preceding the first meeting of the Federal Assembly, which was held on June 21, 2012. The meeting was relatively successful, with key points being adding Apeland as a full member and the creation of political parties and military. A few days later, Eran was accepted as a provisional member of the GUM. Following soon after was the construction of the first national monument of Eran, located in the Kingdom of Rafghanistan. Then, on June 28, the Kingdom of New America joined as a protectorate. On the same day the three Fronts of Eran concluded their party leader elections. The next month, New America became a full member, while Apeland was put back as a protectorate. Pretty soon after, the Zacharian International Zone joined as the second ever Government District.

Situation America

On August 3, 2012, the Kingdom of New America invaded the Zacharian International Zone and seceded from Eran to form the Eranian Free State. The nation turned into a crisis, however a mere few hours after the invasion, New America and Zacharia rejoined Eran, a key citizen of New America, Cooper of Coopery was arrested and Zach I, King of New America, was exiled from Eran for a period of three days. The major uprising had been quashed in a matter of less than a day. This conflict led to Zach I resigning as King and replacing himself with Thomas I, head of Knoll Island. Zach still remained, however, part of New America. This transition lasted about two days before Zach gave most of New America to Thomas and became Head of a new state, New Berlin. After following a period of instability, New Berlin left the federation to join the Cruzen Commonwealth. This wasn't seen as a surprise from the general body of Eran as New Berlin had long been unstable politically. In September, during attempts to become more strict and vigilant, the Eranian Police Force was created, after agreeing to become a subdivision of the military. Also during these reforms, New Yugoslavia and Kapsladriik were removed to due inactivity.

Government and Politics

Eran is a federal republic with a Supreme Chancellor as the Head of State and a Prime Minister as the Head of Government. Each member-state may have their own leader, such as a monarch or president, but when discussing matters of the federation, leaders must follow the legislature of the Eran Federation.


Executive authority is vested in the Supreme Chancellor of the Eran Federation. The Supreme Chancellor acts as a president-like figure and decides the overall direction of the Federation's domestic and foreign policy and is also the commander-in-chief of the military. He oversees the general welfare of the Federation and has a say in the Federal Assembly. This position is decided with elections every year for a one year term of service. The current Supreme Chancellor of the Federation is Adam Smith, head of the Kinsovea.


Legislative authority is vested in the Federal Assembly of Eran. The assembly contains one house, the House of Royals. The Federal Assembly has the right to declare war and pass laws, and propose ideas for the country. All affairs relating to the Federation are decided here, such as economics, defense, technology, foreign and social affairs, culture, and propaganda. The head of the Federal Assembly is the Prime Minister. All government officials in the Federal Assembly are leaders of member-states and protectorates or very influential citizens in their respective micronations. Currently, the Federal Assembly meets once a month to discuss matters of national importance. The current Prime Minister is Parker I of Secundomia.

Political Parties

There were three main political fronts in Eran. They provide stable platforms from which members of the same ideology can discuss matters of Eran from the same persepective:

Party Founded Number of Parties Head

National Democratic Front
2012 5 Martin I

Conservative-Libertarian Alliance
2012 6 Parker I

Socialist Front of Eran
2012 4 Adrian I


Judicial authority is vested in the Courtmaster of Eran. He or she deals with all matters of law in the Federation, from appointing court officials for a case to having the final verdict. He also has a say in the Federal Assembly making him the third most influential person in the Federation. The Courtmaster of Eran also enforces the constitution of Eran to its full extent and passes laws regarding the judicial aspect of Eran. The current Courtmaster is Rafi II of the Kingdom of Rafghanistan.


Most of the economy of the Federation is handled by the member-states within Eran, as they take care of their own economy. However, there is one organ of the economy headed on a federational level, and that is the Eranian Stock Exchange. Similar to other stock exchanges, this is the sole federational economical organ in Eran. It currently has nine companies registered in it.


This is an image of the Butterfly Monument in the Kingdom of Rafghanistan.

The geography of Eran has the utmost diversity. Fauna is very diverse as is flora, and climate zones range from Arctic tundra to temperate to tropical. In Apeland, there is a tree known as the Deucthlander Tree, which is original to the territorial confines of Apeland. In NAPI, arctic ice covers 99% of all land, but there is some vegetation on Renaud Island. In Secundomia, the major climate zone is highlands, and hills dominate the landscape and territory. In the Kingdom of Rafghanistan, Eran's only national monument, the Butterfly Monument, stands. It is a statue of the national animal, the butterfly, and it symbolizes a new era in micronationalism.


The military of Eran is the professional government force that protects Eran in times of crisis. Members of the military can be from any member-state or protectorate, and can serve until needed or resignation. Ranks of the military of Eran are similar to the US Military system, however they have different numerical values. The current Commander of the Army is Adam Smith of Kinsovea. The largest regiment of the military is the Rafghanistani unit, consisting of thirteen members total.


Eran, despite its name, is in fact a federal presidential republic, constisting of various regional entities. The regional entities are divided in kingdoms, grand duchies, capital districts and republics.

The following is a list of territories in Eran:

Governement District: A government district is a place in Eran with a low degree of autonomy that has a government function, but cannot be classified as a member-state.

Government District Joined Leader Type Capital City Citizens
Byzantine Capital District May 23, 2012 Prime Minister Parker I Capital District Byzantium 1

Member-State: A member-state is a nation with full autonomy within Eran that makes up the main part of the Federation. Member-States have most of the legislative power, and they follow all of national Eran regulations.

Member-State Joined Leader Type Capital City Citizens
Grand Duchy of the North Antarctic Peninsular Islands May 23, 2012 Grand Duke Martin I Grand Duchy Livingston Island 21
Kingdom of Rafghanistan May 23, 2012 King Rafi II Kingdom Rabul 33
Republic of Kinsovea June 14, 2012 President Adam Smith Republic Kinsovo 8


Eran experiences many diverse cultures due to its spread of micronations across the world. In the Grand Duchy of the North Antarctic Peninsular Islands, and most other territories, football is the most common sport. However, there is a large following of american football in Secundomia. The national animal is the butterfly, as it signals a change in time for the people of Eran. Since Eran is a collectivity of micronations, different cultures are prominent such as the steampunk culture in Rafghanistan, and the more conservative culture of Secundomia.

Eranian Cup

The Eranian Cup is the premier football competition in Eran. It faces all the teams in Eran against each other. The winner is decided in knockout format. The first competition will take place in August 2012.

Foreign Relations

As a federation, Eran allows its member-states to maintain their own foreign affairs. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Eran considers to have relations with any nation that a member-state of the confederation has relations with. Only Eran executives decide what the foreign relations should be, due to the fact that this is one of the factors that brings Eranians together.

Currently, the nations with whom the Federation has official relations are as follows, in no particular order:

Empire of New Winterdown

Republic of Gerenia