Eran of Florenia

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Eran's personal cipher
King of Florenia
Reign22 April 2011 – present
PredecessorThrone established
Prime MinisterThe Prince Nathan
ConsortLady Jane
IssueThe Prince Nathan
The Prince Henry
The Prince Zachary
FamilyFlorenian royal family
FatherPrince Ron, Duke of Southbury
MotherPrincess Yona, Duchess of Southbury
Royal Family of Florenia
Royal coat of arms of Florenia

HM The King
HM The Queen

HRH The Duchess of Southbury

  • HRH The Duke of Wolcott
    HRH The Duchess of Wolcott
    • HRH Prince Noah of Wolcott
  • HRH The Duchess of Milton
    HRH The Duke of Milton
    • HRH Prince Daniel of Milton
    • HRH Princess Nina of Milton
      HRH Prince Richard of Milton

Eran is the reigning constitutional King of Florenia. He ascended to the throne upon the foundation of Florenia on 22 April 2011 and ruled as the largely ceremonial head of state until November 2016. On 25 November, he issued a decree claiming temporary powers and instructing the Prime Minister to put in place plans to reform the government.

Eran was proclaimed King by Prince Nathan of Florenia upon Florenian independence from the United States. As such, he has reigned throughout Florenia's entire history, granting royal assent to nearly fifty Acts of Parliament. As the role of Monarch evolved, Eran received more personal responsibility and prerogative, and oversaw a general growth in his powers culminating in his November decree.

Eran is married to Queen Jane of Florenia and is the father of three sons, Nathan, the incumbent Prime Minister, Henry, and Zachary.

Early life

Born in Israel, Eran moved to the United States with his older sister, the now Duchess of Milton, and his parents, now the Duchess and the late Duke of Southbury, at an early age. His father worked as a computer engineer and his mother as a teacher.


Eran is the first and reigning monarch of Florenia. He began his reign upon the supposed date of foundation of Florenia, 22 April 2011. His main role and responsibility as King is to grant royal assent to Acts of Parliament. He signed the constitution in Afula on 5 September 2011, putting into effect officially the initial legal code of the Kingdom. As Florenia's first reigning monarch, Eran's reign has spanned all major Florenian historical events, such as the Florenian Election of 2011 and official creation of the passage of the landmark Parliament Act.

During his reign, Eran and the Florenian government have worked in agreement, with the King giving royal assent to all Acts of Parliament presented to him. There have been no public disagreements between the Prime Minister, his son The Prince Nathan, and Eran, and the King has been notably content to assume a more ceremonial role. Although he leaves most of the governing to the Prime Minister, Cabinet, and Parliament, there are many rights and powers granted to the monarch that Eran has yet to use. Officially, as Monarch, Eran is the nominal Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Florenia, whereas effective military command is exercised by the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Defense.

The Property Act 2013, which was given royal assent on 9 November 2013, affirmed that the majority of the land within the Kingdom was crown property, or property under the ownership of the Monarch. It also set aside approximately 2 acres of Afula as a national park, therefore placing it under the ownership of the government as public property. The park was named Eran National Park after Eran, and is Florenia's only national park.

On 25 November 2016, Eran issued a proclamation - now known as the November Declaration - in which he assumed control of the Kingdom and instructed the government to begin the process of wide scale reform. He also renamed the capital of Florenia, changed his personal style, and suspended Parliament. In addition, he clarified the basis his right to rule, stating that power is vested in the history of the past owners of land that his realm occupies. Under advice of the Prime Minister, Eran began to issue declarations regarding certain aspects of the Florenian government, including ordering the government to resume diplomatic efforts and authorizing the government to manage citizenship of Florenia. He also issued a decree reforming the rank structure of the Armed Forces.

Titles and styles

  • Reference Style: His Majesty
  • Spoken Style: Your Majesty
  • Alternative Style: Sir

  • birth - 22 April 2011: Mr Eran Shalom
  • 22 April 2011 - 5 August 2011: King Eran
  • 5 August 2011 - 25 November 2016: His Royal Majesty The King
  • 25 November 2016 – present: His Majesty The King

Eran also holds the title of Count of Rokytka in the Austenasian nobility, awarded to him by Jonathan I on 21 September 2019 as part of Austenasia's Independence Day honors.

Full title

His Majesty King Eran, King of Florenia, Lord Commander General of the Royal Army, Lord High Admiral of the Royal Navy, Knight Companion of Honor, Knight Commander of the Florenian National Order, Knight Commander of the Order of the Founder, Officer of the Austenasian Order

Regnal number

Until November 2016, it had been the practice of both the monarchy and government to use the regnal number of "the first" for Eran, and to affix the roman numeral "I" after his name. This is how his name appeared in nearly all government business, including Acts of Parliament and letters patent. Seeing as he is the first Florenian monarch and therefore has not succeeded any previous monarchs named Eran, the current policy is to omit any use of a regnal number from Eran's name and style.