Palace of State

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Palace of State
Logo of the Palace of State depicting the original front facade
General information
Architectural styleColonial
LocationDominion of Afula,
Kingdom of Florenia
Current tenantsEran of Florenia,
Government of Florenia
OwnerThe Crown

The Palace of State is the highest-ranking official residence of the Monarch of the Kingdom of Florenia and is the official headquarters of the Florenian government. Located in the Dominion of Afula, Florenia's capital, the special status of the Palace of State was created by a royal decree issued by Eran of Florenia on 9 February 2017. The Palace is owned by the Crown, and is the largest building in Florenia.

Initially built in 1786, the Palace of State was the farmhouse built by the original owners of the land that now comprises Afula. When Afula was bought by the Crown in 1999, the farmhouse became a weekend residence for Eran, Queen Jane, and their children. In 2009, the house underwent massive renovations that drastically altered its layout and design as well as added an entire wing to the building. The original farmhouse was maintained and largely unaltered, while previous additions to the structure were also retained. Renovations were completed after about one year of construction.

The Palace of State was informally known as the Royal Palace since the foundation of Florenia until the issue of the declaration in February 2017. It also served as a workspace for Florenia's government, a status which has now been formalized. The Palace is one of two royal residences and government workspaces, the other being Lexington House in the Dominion of Lexington. While Lexington House serves as the primary home of the royal family in an official capacity, the Palace of State is the Monarch's official seat of authority and residence of highest status.

Layout and design

The Palace of State is a Colonial style house that was built towards the end of the eighteenth century. It consists of two main areas. The original wing is the section of the house that already existed in 1999 when the royal family purchased the home. The North wing of the house consists of the additions made by the royal family in and around 2009.

The Palace consists of five bedrooms (not including rooms that can be used as additional sleeping quarters), three sitting rooms or lounges, a dining room, a kitchen, four bathrooms, and two entryways, along with many closets and a few hallways.