Lord John, 1st Earl Fialko

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Earl Fialko, Baron Exeter
Grand Duke of Florenia
Tenure20 December 2011 – 24 October 2012
SpouseJune (d. 2008)
IssueLady June
Lady Deborah, Baroness of Plymouth
John Jr.
Lord Daniel, 2nd Earl Fialko
Lord Jeffery
Queen Jane of Florenia

Lord John, 1st Earl Fialko KH was a peer in the Kingdom of Florenia, father of Queen Consort of Florenia Jane, and grandfather of Prince Nathan, Prince Henry, and Prince Zachary. He held the courtesy title of Grand Duke of Florenia from late 2011 until late 2012. He was the first holder of the titles Earl Fialko and Baron Exeter, the latter of which is used as a courtesy title by the heir to the peerage. He died in late 2018.

Born in 1929 in Pennsylvania, he was the youngest of seven siblings. His father died in a coal mining accident months before his birth, and his mother while he was a teenager. He married around June 1949, and remained married until his wife's death in 2008. He and June had seven children, including Queen Jane of Florenia and the incumbent Minister of Education Lady Deborah, Baroness of Plymouth.

At the time of his death, Lord John was ninth in the line of succession to the Throne of Florenia and was the highest person in the line of succession who is not related by blood to Eran. His descendants are included in the Florenian succession due to the fact that Jane was already married to Eran at the time of Florenia's establishment. He was also the oldest person to ever occupy a position in line of succession and was Florenia's oldest ever peer.