Public holidays in Florenia

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Florenian law defines national holidays as days "created with the purpose of relieving individuals of duties that they may otherwise hold for one day so that they may celebrate on the important day," in the National Days Act 2013. This act defines nine different national holidays, each marking an important event or appreciation of a certain individual. National Holidays are meant to be celebrated by all Florenian citizens, and no religious holidays are currently included.

Days of National Mourning were also created in the National Days Act, and are declared for particular days; they are not annual like National Holidays. They can be declared by the Monarch with the agreement of the Prime Minister, or vice versa. Days of National Mourning are to be declared on a tragedy, to mark an anniversary of a tragedy, or upon the death of an important individual.

The following is a list national holidays in Florenia.

Holiday Date Information
HM The King's birthday March 1 Date of birth of the reigning Monarch, Eran of Florenia
Holocaust Rememberance Day March 25 Day of remembrance for all who perished in the Holocaust.
Independence Day April 22 Celebrates Florenian independence from the United States.
Mother's Day Second sunday of May Day for celebrating and appreciating Mothers.
Father's Day Third sunday of June Day for celebrating and appreciating Fathers.
Remembrance Day July 12 Day of remembrance, on the date of birth of the late sister of Eran.
Marriage Day August 20 Day celebrating marriage, on the date of a royal marriage that took place in Afula.
Constitution Day September 5 Anniversary of the signing of the Constitution in 2011.
Thanksgiving Fourth thursday in November Day for giving thanks, a traditional holiday in the United States.